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1/10 Quanum Vandal 4WD Electric Racing Buggy (KIT)

1/10 Quanum Vandal 4WD Electric Racing Buggy (KIT)
1/10 Quanum Vandal 4WD Electric Racing Buggy (KIT)

Get ready to steal the win at your local dirt track with the all new 1/10 Quanum Vandal 4WD Electric Racing Buggy! It comes pre-assembled and will have you ready to take on the track in no time! You will simply need to add your own power system, steering servo, 2CH transmitter/receiver and lipoly battery.

The Vandal chassis is lightweight yet rigid offering a perfect combination of weight savings and strength. Additionally, it features a robust shaft driven 4WD system providing plenty of torque to both the front and rear wheels, an adjustable slipper clutch to protect the drivetrain and metal gear front/rear differentials. No messy belt drive system requiring routine maintenance with this setup!

This kit includes proper 1/10 buggy wheels, soft compound tires for increased traction and handling, as well as a wickedly styled, pre-painted and trimmed body shell. Also, with features such as fully adjustable suspension, oil filled shocks and adjustable camber/castor, it's easy to fine tune the ride to the conditions of your favorite track or bashing spot.

The Quanum Vandal may be labeled as a thief, but at this price it will be sure to leave some cash in your pocket!

• Adjustable camber, caster and shock mounting positions
• Low center of gravity chassis design
• Shaft driven 4WD system
• Adjustable slipper clutch
• Metal gear front/rear differential
• Oil filled shocks
• Soft compound tires for increased traction
• Pre-painted and trimmed body shell w/decal sheet included


Length: 415mm
Width: 255mm
Height: 142mm
Wheelbase: 275/280mm
Gear Ratio: 11.2:1
Hex Hub Size: 12mm
Battery Tray Dimensions: 142x46x24mm (MAX battery size)

Included in box:
1/10 Quanum Vandal 4WD Electric Racing Buggy (pre-assembled KIT)
17T pinion gear
Motor/servo mounting screws
Antenna tube
User manual

2CH transmitter and receiver
35~60A brushless ESC
3650 size brushless inrunner motor (3000~4000kv recommended)
Standard size high-torque servo (metal gear recommended)
2S 3000~4000MAH lipoly battery

PRODUCT ID: 9382000001

Weight: 2520g
International Warehouse
Price HKD496.56

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  • Rear Shock Body - 1/10 Quanum Vandal 4WD Racing Buggy (2pcs)

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  • Upper Shock Cap - 1/10 Quanum Vandal 4WD Racing Buggy (2sets)

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  • Lower Shock Caps - 1/10 Quanum Vandal 4WD Racing Buggy (2sets)

    Combo Price: HKD12.11   IN STOCK

  • Lower Shock Holder & Adjust Ring - 1/10 Quanum Vandal 4WD Racing Buggy (2sets)

    Combo Price: HKD13.35   IN STOCK

  • Steering Knuckle Arm (2pcs/bag) - 1/10 Quanum Vandal 4WD Racing Buggy

    Combo Price: HKD15.13   BACKORDER

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Total of 214 discussions.
voidspace  2 points - 11/27/2014
some vandal fun
Felipe  1 points - 11/26/2014
I bought this Buggy, this esc (
and this motor (
My question is whether this engine would be small or weak for this car? Thanks.
 Felipe 1 points
notice: I put this motor in a car 1/16, but it not supported the power of motor.
ALITO4684  1 points - 11/17/2014
Thanks for your quick response! I buyed the combo esc motor . 2 months ago, I have programming card . I will configure my esc to low powerful! What's do you think about this servo for this buggy ?
Best regard .
 benn 118 points
They are ok, the thing with most HK and Turnigy servos is they can work flawlessly for a long time or they can die or glitch after a few short runs. Has mixed luck with a few of them, but for the money they are good value. Avoid Towerpro servos tho, they are awful.
ALITO4684  1 points - 11/17/2014
please this combo will work fine with this buggy ?
rushless%5FPower%5FSystem%5F5200KV%5F80A.html thanks

a lot for your help !
 benn 118 points
Yes it will work but that motor is very powerful for a lightweight 4wd. Will be hard to control on dirt and probably wear out the shafts and gears fast. I'd aim for something around the Trackstar 3000kv mark, you can increase the pinion ratio if you want more top speed from it.
Raymond  2 points - 10/30/2014
can any buddy tell me what diff oil inside the diff?
 benn 118 points
Grease, the diffs are not sealed, oil will leak.
 __Keno 11 points
the diffs are sealed you can use oil
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Like it?
This buggy is a smart buy for anyone who have some knowhow with rc cars.
Im going to be listing pro's and cons to this kit.

Pro's: This kit is really cheap! The tires have nice and soft compond.
You can tweak all different things: Camber, shocks, also droop screws in a-arms. Slipper cluch.
The pastic on the shock towers are soft, that means you can actually roll this buggy without breaking them. Wing is also flexible.
I setup this buggy with a 3600kv motor, 60 amp esc and 2s lipo. I also put on a 20tooth pinion gear. (insted of the 14 tooth that is in the kit)
This can handles well, and can handle bumbs.


The A-arm plastic is to stiff. Im afraid that can cause breakage for many people.
The body is nice, but you have limited space under it. So you really have to cram everything in there.
Foam in the tires are a bit soft.
Somehow the motor sticks about 1/2 to 1 mm outside the chassie (in the bottom)

Overall this buggy is a safe bet! You cant go wrong with the price.

I have also made a video in youtube. Just search for: Quanom Vandal, and you should find the video.

12 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Like it?
Mine arrived today, opened it and it seemed alright with the quality, looked like hardened plastics for most of it, but the shock towers did look a bit on the weak side. the tires seem quite soft, but not so soft they would collapse. the shocks look like they are bigger bore than standard 10th scale off roaders, but not sure if they are fully topped up with oil. the diffs didnt feel like they had oil in them, maybe different greases. the rear felt noticeably lighter than the front diff. the battery compartment seemd to fit my 6000mah 65c batteries i pretty much use in everything without a problem, a couple of mm either side, but some foam could prevent it from moving, but you do need to fit the positive terminal with a right angle 4mm plug otherwise you will struggle to plug it in without modifying the chassis. plugged the positive in first, then slid the battery in its compartment. one small problem is there is very little room under the shell for electronics. ideally you'll want a low profile servo, micro reciver and a small ESC otherwise you'll struggle to fit everything. i did give it a quick run down the area near me where i run all my off-roaders, and it felt quite smooth. no notible oversteer or understeer, with leaving the setup 100pcnt stock with a hobbywing 11.5t xcar setup, but i might up it to a 10t setup. will run this during the summer at my local club as my m

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Overall Rating
Like it?
I have found many different copies/versions of this buggy out there and have read a lot about them while I was waiting for my buggy to arrive to me here in the US. This buggy is an updated ftx vantage buggy, as on all the forums the big mod is to put the front shock tower and shocks on the vantage to reduce shock tower breakage. Well when I received my buggy yesterday I went over it very good and have not finished my complete going through of it yet, but I did notice the front and rear shock towers are the same as are the front and rear shocks. Now as far as it having plastic hinge pin holders I know that is a weak spot on a 4wd but aluminum ones are made for the ftx vantage buggy, along with a carbon fiber chassis and top deck, aluminum shocks also as the shock bodies on this car are plastic. For the guys in the United States, Integy makes this buggy also, its version name on integy website is the i10B, its only a rtr that you can buy from them but they do have spare arms, hinge pin holders and such forth for parts as a lot of local hobby shops can get all integy parts as long as you give them the part number. I have yet to hit the track with mine as I don't have any tires that will do good for my local track and I still need to go through the shocks on the buggy as they have a lot of air and feel as if they are only about 3/4 full of oil. So I'm going to get into them a

8 comments. Reply..

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Good design. Fully adjustable caster/camber, front CVDs, slipper, big bore shox, low profile. Excellent value if you are in to club races or just plain ol' bashing.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Receive mine today by surprisingly , box packing well n safe , car look nice and like it very much for this kind of price , is a budget buy for beginner .
Everything look good for me , if compare to high end car this one is good for beginner already , regarding everybody said the tire is soft , and that's is not the problem because there is so many tire on the market so its not a big deal , so far so good for this car , and good work hobby king and look forward for kit only .
Also hope to have others models come out soon , and sorry for the bad English and review , this is the first time to do review : )

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