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Atmel Atmega Socket Firmware Flashing Tool

Atmel Atmega Socket Firmware Flashing Tool
Atmel Atmega Socket Firmware Flashing Tool

This genius tool makes flashing the Atmel Atmega MCU found in many ESCs or other devices using Atmega processors a walk in the park. No need to solder or create cumbersome clip on devices, simply connect the socket flashing tool to a USBasp AVR device and place the socket over the exposed Atmel MCU!

Unique and exclusive to Hobbyking this handy device will become a favorite in your DIY arsenal.

High point precision.
Wide range of applications.
Quick and easy, no soldering required.

Pointing accuracy : ± 0.05 mm
Spring force: [ ±20%]
17.0g(0.593oz) at initial travel
40.0g(1.418oz) at 1.70mm(0.0669) recommended travel
52.0g(1.827oz) at 2.50mm(0.0984) full travel
Socket : Phosphor Bronze / Gold Plated
Plunger : Hardened Beryllium copper / Gold Plated
Barrel : Phosphor Bronze / Gold Plated
Spring : Music Wire / Gold Plated
Housing : LG chem ABS-AF312
Cable length: 420mm

USBasp AVR Programming Device for ATMEL proccessors

Suits the Following MCU:
Atmel Atmega8, Atmega48, Atmega88, Atmega168, Atmega328

PRODUCT ID: 332000007

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Weight: 21g
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Price  $19.99

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Total of 157 discussions.
Jake  1 points - 3/29/2015
Andrius  7 points - 3/28/2015
buddycode 96CA6EE6-3FD6-4792-AFE1-BB9BEA8CCEBD
Harald  28 points - 3/1/2015
Can I use this adapter to flash my Mystery 12A with BlHeli? Did not find any video or manual how to set the BlHeli GUI. Any hint highly appreciated.
 TimJC 12 points
I just flashed my 12A Blue Series to BLHeli on Monday, using this adapter and a USBASP (PRODUCT ID: 381000147). Google "Oscar Liang Blue Series" for more instructions on flashing. He uses an Arduino, instead of a USBASP, but the process is mostly the same. Assuming you are looking to do this for a 250 size miniquad, you just need to change "PWM frequency/damped" to "damped light" after flashing the BLHeli "Multi" firmware.
sascha  3 points - 2/12/2015
i am search a usb adapter fore this cabel THX.
 Fighting31 24 points
I've registered a complaint with HK about the incompatibility between the connectors (ATMEL flashing tool & USBasp) - if others could register annoyance as well, the product might be shipped with the adapter in future.
 JoseG 2 points
Are you meaning both plugs are female? looks that way in pics I'm seeing. Is there an adapter?
Ahmad Ryuma  9 points - 2/3/2015
Is this tool can be used to flash program turnigy multistar 10a esc v1
 RonRC 4068 points
Ahmad, Not sure, you will have to remove the heat shrink from one of the ESCs to see if it is the large Atmel chip or the small one. This tool fits the large Atmel chip but not the small one. Hope this helps and Happy flying!
 Ksk Ev 32 points
Yes i think u can use that on turnigy multistar esc's they use same proccessor i think but u will need a usb tool too
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wow absolutely love this tool makes flashing so much quicker , hold it in place write firmware sorted,wish i had this a while ago

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Very useful tool.... i flashed all my esc's with it

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Works great. Easy to use.

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Alright, this thing is legitimately awesome. A similar setup is gonna run you $160-200 from a renowned international manufacturer. Hint: the group of 3 closely-spaced pins on one corner face *away* from the dot on the ATMega chip. I could otherwise see no alignment features, so I hope this helps. The 10-pin ISP header is rarer nowadays, and I had to make a crossover cable to work with a 6 pin AVR ISPmkII unit. I know it's supposed to work with a USBASP, but I've also no luck getting the damned USBASP to work *at all*.

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I've found this tool to be very useful, saves a lot of time that would have to be spent wiring a port on an ESC that you plan to reprogram. You have to keep firm perpendicular pressure to make sure the connections remain connected.

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