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HobbyKing Q-BOT Quadcopter (Mode 2) (RTF)

HobbyKing Q-BOT Quadcopter (Mode 2)  (RTF)
HobbyKing Q-BOT Quadcopter (Mode 2)  (RTF)

The Q-BOT Quad features an advanced 3-axis gyro stabilization system making it quite stable yet aerobatic as well.

Normally, building and setting up of a quadcopter requires lots of time, tuning and having to choose your own power system/components. The Q-BOT Quad takes away all of the complicated setup and makes it as easy as opening the box, charging the batteries and flying!

Q-BOT is very capable with plenty of power to spare. It offers four different flight modes (selectable by transmitter) - 20%, 40%, 60% and 100%. In 20% mode, it's super stable flight characteristics make it stress-free for the less experienced/beginner quad pilot. Switch it up through the higher percentage modes and it becomes more and more responsive. Finally, at 100%, it is highly aerobatic and very responsive for those looking to push it to it's limits. When in 100% mode, the responsiveness is greatly increased which allows for tight flips, rolls and loops to be performed!

Q-BOT comes completely ready to fly with a 2.4gHz transmitter included. The transmitter features an easy to read backlit LCD display. This package also includes the flight battery, battery charger and spare propellers.

 From basic flying to amazing quad aerobatics, Q-BOT can handle it all and it's small enough to fly inside the comfort of your home!

• 3-axis gyro stabilization system
• Ultra stable flight characteristics
• Four selectable flight modes to suit your flying ability/preference
• Aerobatic flight mode allowing for flips, rolls and loops
• Compact and lightweight design
• Ready to fly including 2.4gHz transmitter, flight battery and charger

Width: 220mm
Height: 55mm
Weight: 63g
Transmitter mode: Mode 2 (throttle on LEFT stick)

Included in box:
Q-BOT Quadcopter
2.4gHz transmitter with backlit LCD display (Mode 2)
3.7V 500mAh LiPoly battery
Battery charger
Spare propellers (2 x Black, 2 x Red)
User manual

4 x AA batteries for transmitter

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Total of 131 discussions.
Radovan  1 points - 4/19/2014
How weight this quad elevate (Camera)
BuddyG  1 points - 3/27/2014
I have a small 2 sell I want to try will the controller take it? Low C count on pack
BuddyG  1 points - 3/26/2014
I just got one kick ass little whirle bird!! Only issue is throttle/rudder stick to stiff every time I make rudder corrections I increase throttle lol. Is there away to soften it up? Like to know before I disect transmitter. Or should I just deal with it . Also some times it just dropps signal??? No harm though its a blast to fly
david  1 points - 3/25/2014
The price is good but I find it to be highly unstable and hard to fly. It is impossible to land normally and will dive and flip when it gets close to landing. When throttling down, some of the props quit turning.
daniel  7 points - 3/23/2014
This an amazing quad for anyone. With the 40% you really get to take your time because 60% give you a hole new experience. It can take a beating too!! I've even mounted a keychain camera on it and it will haul the load and still give about as long flight time as without camera. Beginners really get to learn how difficult multi-rotors can be to fly, but catch on fast because this thing stands the crashes. After 3 days, you start to really get the thumb movements to really get this thing doing some amazing things!!! I love this Quad!!
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I received mine today and promptly turned it up to 100pcnt and was doing flips in the living room. A few were actually successfully completed, but many ended in hitting table legs, walls or family members. Its not broken yet! I also have a 550mm size hexa and was actually wishing I could get it to fly with as much stability as this little quad. Just remember to buy extra batteries with it

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Overall Rating
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I think this quad is great for learning how to fly quad copters. I started flying with this one and I've crashed it multiple times into everything in the house from the ceiling to the chairs and it keeps on flying. I would buy extra batteries and perhaps a charger that can charge multiple batteries at a time. I'm planning on throwing a small transmitter on it just to see if it can take the weight. I'll update in the discussion forum.

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Overall Rating
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My first quad, it´s simple amazing! The remote control can smooth your moves or make a 3D-mode. No doubt this is the best you can get to learn how to fly a quadcopter. Remeber to buy spare batteries.

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Overall Rating
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Arrived yesterday in perfect shape and good package!.. Flied just out of the box!!!!! ROCK SOLID stable and full controllable!!... My 7 years old son had no difficulty to fly it! And i was surprised when i got into 100pcnt menu and tried flips!!... This is a 5 star product value for money!!! I am just wondering if there are spare parts except propellers, like motors & gears as i think i will worn them from the flight hours!!!! It will give much joy!!

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Overall Rating
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Amazing quad for the money, Same size as a MQX but at a third the price. Mine flies great and it uses the same batteries as my Blade SR120 so I have about 15 batteries. The length of fly time I get out of a battery is impressive, About 10 minutes flying at 60 setting. I wish there was an 80 setting tho because I would like to throw it around a bit faster but avoid the flips. Otherwise It is a great little quad for in the house or outside on completely still days. Does not handle wind to well.

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