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Skywalker Sirius FPV EPO 1500mm

Skywalker Sirius FPV EPO 1500mm
Skywalker Sirius FPV EPO 1500mm

After a much anticipated release in 2011 the Sirius has proven to be an extremely reliable and popular FPV model for the amateur FPV'er.

This airframe has a thoroughly thought out design and a few clever inclusions such as the external ESC mount, removable electronics tray and external FPV transmitter mount on the tail boom.There are provisions for a fixed nose mounted camera but many FPV users are using the supplied plywood canopy support as a camera mount for added flexibility.

Constructed entirely from EPO with a carbon tube in the rear fuselage section and a carbon wing spar - ensuring rigidity where it counts. Being EPO, the budding FPV pilot can relax and concentrate on learning their orientation without fear, this model will take a lot of knocks and keep asking for more!!

The wing halves are a simple plug in affair, allowing easy transport and quick set up at the field.
In flight the model is stable and forgiving - another plus for the budding FPV'er!

Length: 940mm
Wing Area: 24.8dm2
Maximum Weight: 1100g

CG: 58mm from the leading edge

4ch Radio
4 x 9g servos servos
2200-4400mAh 3S or 4S Lipo Battery
Motor: 2212-2218 KV1400kv
Propeller: 7x4-7x6
ESC: 25-35A

PRODUCT ID: 304000006

4 Channel 1500mm (59.06in) 980mm (38.58in) 1100g (2.42lb)

Weight: 1724g
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Price  $49.92

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Total of 20 discussions.
kenpappas  16 points - 2/4/2014
On its second flight with NO wind, this planes main carbon fiber spar snapped in half and my plane fell from 400 feet, dead fall. I have sent a note to HK since this plane is NEW and under warranty. I am now waiting on HK to send me a replacement carbon fiber rod. Let's see how good their customer service really is. Capt. Ken
 kenpappas 16 points
I am STILL waiting for Hobby King to respond. Since the carbon fiber rod failed and I damaged my plane I do hope they just ship me a replacement fast. I am grounded till then.
 kenpappas 16 points
Well after I told these idiots that the plane was flying at 400' and we all saw the wings break off in flight, this is what HK idiots responded with. "We have verified that this may be a crash issue. Please be advised that under any circumstances, we do not warrant items that have been crashed and modified which includes cutting and opening of a product." Are there KIDS working for this company? Can they not read?? Unless they change their minds and start reading what customers are saying, I can take my business elsewhere.
 John 26 points
Youll pay a lot more else where. The thing with buying HK stuff is researching it first. Ie most people would reinforce this plane more before flying it. If you want super service you need to pay more for it. You could have bought this plane else where for more but you bought it here. Your rant here will achieve zero beyond possibly making yourself feel better.
 kenpappas 16 points
So your telling me this is a **** company that does not stand behind it's products and does not care about it's customers. Other companies that I have seen this with DO go out of business. What we have at HK is a bunch of idiots that don't know anything about running a business and most likely a bunch of uneducated Chinese people that dont have a clue about customer service and quality. Paying a little less does not mean you can give people **** quality. No pride here at HK for sure! Yes, I am ranting.
 Dangerman 194 points
Sounds like you pulled too many Gs. A carbon fibre rod will not snap by itself and will only fail under tension (or compression). You could have also damaged the rod without realising at some point and the flight was the straw that broke the camels back. Another thing that could have happened is your glue delaminated and allow the wing and spar to fall out of the plane. Since the plane was not damaged on arrival there is no way Hobbyking can prevent this damage and is not covered under any warranty, implied or stated, no matter where you live and what implied warranty laws your country has. And honestly, the fact that you are ranting does not allow you act like a racist bigot and will not accomplish anything, let alone win yourself this absurd implied warranty case.
 kenpappas 16 points
It was level flight Dangerman. It was very strange watching the wings just break off. All the guys at the flight club could not believe it. It was clear that the carbon fiber rod just snapped right in the middle. Wont buy another and will recommend to others not to purchase, even with HK not standing behind their product.
 teknokraze 193 points
It was level flight when it broke Ken, but how were you flying it before? Did you pull any loops or high G maneuvers, sharp, steep angled banks? You have to keep in mind the Sirius is essentially a powered glider and even though it has a carbon tube wing spar it's not engineered for any kind of aggressive aerobatics, otherwise the carbon tube would be bigger and/or thicker. So it could be that in a previous maneuver you compromised the spar and it just so happened to give out at the point you were flying nice and level. Did you reply to HK that any damage resulting was not due to the crash but in fact the crash was a result of component failure? Any chance someone at the club was recording it on cellphone or otherwise? Was there much damage when it came down? If not, there are many sources for carbon tubes. Bit of glue, new wing spar and you should be good to go. This is why I love these epo planes, cheap and easy to fix!
 Jose 73 points
Hi kenpappas I have also learned the hard way we my bixler 2 (looks very similar to this one and its replacements may fit your plane) it was the same story and it has nothing to do with high g manuver, it is a quality issue , the stock cf spar is just to thin, always reinforce with thinner cf spars inside (5 mm then 3mm or 6 mm then 4mm,), but good luck with hk customer service I think you should in sins with your point
 kenpappas 16 points
This was pretty much it's maden flight where we were triming it out going rather slow then all of a sudden the wings looked like they folded back and broke off. I was at an AMA field where everyone saw it and we all agreed that we experienced a failed carbon fiber rod snap. I reported to HK and they kept responding that they don't warranty 'crashes'. This is the dumbest set of people I have ever worked with. I will try to source my planes and parts elsewhere whenever I can. I've told everyone about HK support and advised them to buy elsewhere.
Dangerman  194 points - 11/16/2013
What is an appropriate paint for this model? Would standard spray paints eat the foam ot are they safe in light coats? I am not planing intricate designs just large patches of colour for higher visibility then white.
 Ross 17 points
A water based paint would work fine. I have used Faskolor water based paints on EPO, EPOR, EPP, ELAPOR and all other kinds of foam with no damage. Go for it! Won't be as nice as others, but do a prime coat first then choose your colours.
 kenpappas 16 points
Dont paint it because its going to fall apart on you anyways.
crazycarmaniac  515 points - 5/1/2013
is there a pnf and rtf version of this . dont wont to build plane that all
 red25 149 points
nope not this plane.
 Jake 13 points
A bixler 2 is nelly the same plane
Philipp  11 points - 4/12/2013
is the flying weight from 1100g with the plane includet, or i can put in 1100g??
 justincredibleg 132 points
1100g AUW or total weight of plane and everything you put in it.
Len  2 points - 3/22/2013
Does this model come with landing gear? The parts pic does not show it.
 Gary49 3987 points
Yes it does.
 kenpappas 16 points
The only way this landing gear works is on pavement. The wheels are two small to run on grass.
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Fast shipping, no damage at all, easy built, decal are not efficient and hard to keep in place ( i will remove them all and paint it), funny look ( my wife call it : fish head ), the landing gear hold the weight, easy flyer, forgive a lot, but very stable flight for video, it bis not small plane, similar size as the bixler2, not the best EPO Foam but for this price it is a really good deal. This plane can be a good plane for FPV beginner with small budget. Good job HK

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mine arrived with the fuselage is two halves need to glue them together other than that the plane flies and handle weight of my FPV gear. flies very good with two 3s 2200mah

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