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MultiWii 328P Flight Controller w/FTDI & DSM2 Port

MultiWii 328P Flight Controller w/FTDI & DSM2 Port
MultiWii 328P Flight Controller w/FTDI & DSM2 Port

The MultiWii 328P is a gyro/accelerometer based flight controller that is loaded with features. This version of the MultiWii supports DSM2 satellite receiver functionality. With expandability options and full programmability, this device can control just about any type of aircraft. This is the ideal flight controller for your multi-rotor aircraft.

• SMD component design with Atmega328P
• ITG3205 Triple Axis Gyro
• BMA180 Accelerometer
• BMP085 Barometer
• HMC5883L Magnetometer
• Servo output for camera pitch and roll control
• Separate 3.3v regulated power supply for the sensors
• On board logic level converter

Dimensions 50x50x12mm
Mounting: Standard Mk style mounting holes 45mm X 45mm
Weight: 13.9g

Package content:
MultiWii 328p FC x 1

More information can be found on the Multiwii Website.

Note: When flashing the MCU with new firmware please remove any connection from AUX2.

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Dominic  15 points - 9/11/2014
anyone know how this plus NEO-6M compares to the Multiwii Pro w/MTK GPS Module for a gps build
Joshua  11 points - 9/9/2014
In multiwii configuration it shows a cycle time of -17000 and the GUI is not very responsive. I am using the hobbyking 328P board option within config H and am using multiwii 2.3 What could I possibly be doing wrong here?
max  8 points - 9/5/2014
Hello everyone, I am building a mini quad mainly for fpv use. I have built one quad before and it was very basic, i used a kk2.1.5 so i didn't have to deal with firmware and such. For this new quad i am building, I hope to do a basic fpv setup. I am using hobbykings long 250 frame, and I was wonderiing what control board i should use. I plan to fly this as an everyday "acrobatic" quad and i want ease of use. My question is, what control board should i buy? I know the mini kk board is easy to use, but does it give the same performance as a naze 32 or this board? thank you for looking, Max
 Moochasas 1584 points
I would suggest a 36mm board not a 50mm board for your mini quad....... I would recommend the Naze 32 acro board and depending on your radio these boards will carry telemetry back to your radio.. any 32 bit board will do well ....... *******
Renato  2 points - 9/1/2014
gasper  6 points - 8/31/2014
Hi, is possible to use the GPS module of the 'mini OSD system w gps module' at the same time for this FC and the OSD? If yes, what do I need and how to connect?
Customer Reviews
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This is a very powerful board for little money. I ended up buying this because the KK2.0 was on back-order and I have not regretted that one second. Yes there is a higher starting threshold then the KK2.0 which is more or less plug and fly but it's worth it. I have uploaded a file for this card here on HK that collects all information i could find about the card. There are some things you should know before you start connecting things and uploading a new MultiWii firmware. First the markings on this board is not 100pcnt correct. AX2, AX3, AX4 is not AUX 2,3,4. BAT is not VBAT, LCD and PWR are not correct either. You can see all this on my picture under files. So with this knowledge we can start the review. 1.) Value **** You get great value for your money, Accelerometer, Gyro, Barometer, Magnetometer and a nice I2C port to which you can connect a I2C bridge and a GPS and get Alt Hold and return to home. You also get an easy card to upgrade thanks to the USB port. It is easy to add an Bluetooth module to this card without soldering (connects to AX2, AX3). This will give you easy access to your PID settings and other neat stuff on your android phone or tablet. Well worth the 5-8 usd extra cost. 2.) Quality *** Yes there are mistakes on this board but these are not anything that will make it a deal breaker. It's more of an inconvenience. First the markings on the board is a l

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so far so good, pretty stable, any problems i encountered were all software based. usb port is mini usb (not micro usb) and pretty solid unlike my other board. seems much more value for money compared to the kk2. will need to solder your own pins if u want to add on the bluetooth module though for on the fly adjusting of pid settings

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It is cheap, open source and very reliable flight controller board with good quality sensors. It gives you a lot of freedom of configuring your multirotor. But barometer sensor is unusable. But for this price this is best buy.

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strong controller buy it from Egypt or Medal East Online store

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This is one of the best boards hobby king has to offer, It has awesome quality of soldering and reasonably good sensors which can provide great flight quality, the onboard FTDI chip is a plus...although the USB port socket should have through holes to make sure that users don't accidentally rip off the usb socket while disconnecting the usb cable...I dont understand why people don't buy this instead of the has more sensors and can offer more flight modes...overall the best board which you can buy for the money...

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