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Micro Camera with LED Lamp 420TVL

Micro Camera with LED Lamp 420TVL

This 420TVL Micro Camera with LED is perfect for FPV applications. The included LED ring provides visibility in dark conditions. This unit is a great low cost option for your FPV model.

Pixel: 400000 
Resolution: 420 lines
Illumination: 0.1 LUX
Lens: 2.78mm
Angle: 62 degrees
Power: 3.5~5V DC
Voltage: 100mA
Red = positive
Black = negative
Yellow = video
White = LED 
Weight: 2g

PRODUCT ID: 381000025

Weight: 13g
International Warehouse
Price  $21.05

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Jacopo  1 points - 2/9/2015
is rgb or bn?
Riotnuts  785 points - 9/10/2014
Lead Wings  370 points - 7/8/2014
Bang Good have these in stock as at July 14
 Riotnuts 785 points
progettoaladino  165 points - 1/25/2014
is compatible with Boscam ts353?
 goatninja 377 points
It is a camera,.. therefore compatible with all AV TX. The only thing you need to worry about is the camera voltage! This camera will work well between 3.3v and 5v. I think that TX you mentioned just passes the input voltage across to the camera plug(dont quote me on that) to test this just use a voltmeter to test voltage on camera plug! If the voltage is roughly the same on the camera power line as battery input,.. you would need to use a step down voltage reg to reg voltage to 5v if you want to use this camera,... I think you would be better off using a camera with a voltage input range between 5v**12v and then run your TX off a little 3S lipo. Hope I been some help!
 Riotnuts 785 points
jason  15 points - 1/24/2014
yes i got one just in time......
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Get this camera yesterday.
Yes, it is very small - the size is 23x7x7mm and its weight is only 1,5g including wires and a connector! So I think it is the only advantage :(
The power consumption is about 100mA. I used a 1 cell LiPO to power it. The field of view lies between 61-65 degrees. Didn't try to run it with LED - have no idea why there are leds on a FPV camera.
The video quality is rather poor. It can take video in dark circumstances but there is a PCB pattern in each frame of the video! It is terrible. You can check the VIDEOS section for the sample.
So buy it if you really need a small camera.

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This is a very interesting camera. Picture is very detailed for its size but quality suffers unless it is used in high lighting environments. In that case, the PCB pattern can barely been seen but of course, it's still there, otherwise, it's causing a lot of artifacts. I do not think this was intended for FPV. I would give it 4 stars for other purposes but for FPV, 3. At 5 volts may get pretty warm so I suggest to use it under 5V. Ideal is 1s li-po or 4.2V. Power consumption at 3.5V was exactly 100mA (no wonder it's getting warm) On the positive side, it's extremely light in weight but I would rather use a Sony CMOS camera (sold here) unless!!! there was a matching (in weight) transmitter. Last word, that pcb pattern has nothing to do with the lens but I believe it's a light enhancement feature of the CMOS chip itself! No wonder this little cam it doing pretty good on low lighting conditions.

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The PCB pattern emerging worked it out so that the webcam put on a black shrink. The ideal would have liked replace the lens, which is not the ideal.

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unforntunaitly this camera is PAL so if you need NTSC do not get this one

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fpc roo
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put black tape around cam otherwise you see the circuit board on the image. This is why 4 stars

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