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Rover 5 Tracked Robot Chassis

Rover 5 Tracked Robot Chassis
Rover 5 Tracked Robot Chassis

The Rover 5 is a new breed of tracked robot chassis designed specifically for students and hobbyist. Unlike conventional tracked chassis's the clearance can be adjusted by rotating the gearboxes in 5-degree increments. “Stretchy” rubber treads maintain tension as the clearance is raised.

This robot chassis is designed to carry a PCB board of your choice and can be outfitted with any components that you choose. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

*Note: This version includes two motors and two encoders.

• All-terrain "stretchy" rubber tracks
• Rotating gearboxes adjustable in 5-degree increments
• Arrives pre-assembled

Length: 235mm (As in photo)
Height: 90mm (As in photo)
Width: 220mm
Motor rated voltage: 7.2V
Motor stall current: 2.5A
Output shaft stall torque: 10Kg/cm
Gearbox ratio: 86.8:1
Encoder type: Quadrature
Encoder resolution: 1000 state changes per 3 wheel rotations
Speed: 1Km/hr

PRODUCT ID: 385000026

Weight: 1220g
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Price  $36.92

  • Turnigy Rechargeable Battery AA 2400mAh NiMH

    Combo Price: $1.55   IN STOCK

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Larkin  18 points - 3/3/2015
Larkin  18 points - 10/21/2014
Review... What's in the box?....... j4&list=UU-
palukuri  14 points - 9/25/2014
what is encoder and what do it does
Issam  2 points - 7/2/2014
Can i pay throught a friend's bank account, and i would like to know the delevery time to get the Rover5 in Morocco and what about the delevery fees? I also would like to order some modules for arduino ,
William  1 points - 3/23/2014
Hi I have the rover 5 track robot Tell me what to buy to operate it Is time out Bill todd
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I bought this platform from another vendor and was disappointed with the quality. One of the "arms" that contains the encoder, motor and wheel was cracked open out of the box, and the wiring is flimsy. It is usable, but I was overall disappointed with it.

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I purchased this from HK , Great price, until you find out the shipping, More than the price of the item, some parts were cracked the rubber tracks had splits in them, HK don't have parts, Live chat, ( which are useless) told me to take pics or return it, which would cost way to much only to be refunded of the cost of the item only, HK seem to just want to rip off its customers

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