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Aluminum 4WD Robot Chassis - Black (KIT)

Aluminum 4WD Robot Chassis - Black (KIT)
Aluminum 4WD Robot Chassis - Black (KIT)

This Aluminum 4WD Chassis is a simple yet versatile robot chassis designed specifically for students and hobbyist. Featuring a heavy duty anodized aluminum chassis designed with large internal volume, numerous holes and mounting points, providing plenty of space to carry a PCB board and any additional components that you choose. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

This kit contains the following:
Aluminum 4WD Chassis
6x AA Battery Holder
4x Gear Motors
4x 65mm Wheels
8x DC Motor Connect Cable
Battery charge Port
Power Supply Switch

*Note: This kit does not include any control circuit and requires assembling.

Length: 210mm
Height: 66mm
Width: 202mm
Motor rated voltage: 3V
Motor stall current: 160mA


PRODUCT ID: 385000005

Weight: 864g
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Price  $45.22

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Total of 13 discussions.
Pablo  7 points - 11/10/2014
What is the diameter of the shaft of the wheels? I wonder if it could be converted to an omniwheel robot to allow more degrees of movement
Umar  2 points - 3/23/2014
Do I need the arduino motor shield to drive these motors?? How do we connect the gear motors to an arduino? With an H bridge?
highschoolRC  1 points - 12/10/2013
How can I control this without using methods such as arduino? I am thinking of replacing the motors with these
_24S_Brushless_Inrunner_Motor_3860kv.html so
what speed controller and other accessories do I need? I plan on using my spektrum aircraft radio. Thanks in advance!
Mateus  6 points - 5/10/2013
Can someone post a video of THIS chassis?
 gabry1609 21 points
Sure, here is my assembly video:
Gülin  32 points - 3/20/2013
how fast can this chasis go with these motors thanks
 rahulvyas 441 points
I guess these are 150RPM motors.
 gabry1609 21 points
Look at this video, in this rover motors are supplied with 5 volts:
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Yih Tang
Like it?
The chassis is smaller than I thought would be, leaving very little space inside it for electronics such as motor drivers and Arduino. I hook up my receiver to Arduino to control the robot from a transmitter, it works fairly great but there are some issues about the motors. One of the motors I received has a bit of issues, the gear doesn't seem to engage, so I have to buy one myself. The motors are quite weak - I tried supplying 12V to them and they still don't have sufficient torque. The wheels are too soft that it can't grip well to the floor, and thus the robot may have some difficulty moving it a straight line, and turning usually results in a lot of slipping between the floor and the wheels.

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