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4WD Robot Chassis (KIT)

4WD Robot Chassis (KIT)
4WD Robot Chassis (KIT)

This 4WD Chassis is simple yet versatile robot chassis designed specifically for students and hobbyist. Featuring large size chassis plates cut from acrylic and designed with numerous holes and mounting points, providing plenty of space to carry a PCB board and any additional components that you choose. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

This kit includes all of the parts needed to assemble the chassis as well as a 4xAA battery holder and
four gear motors with 65mm wheels. 

*Note: This kit does not include any control circuit

Length: 180mm
Height: 80mm
Width: 155mm
Motor rated voltage: 3V
Motor stall current: 170mA

PRODUCT ID: 385000004

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Chris  1 points - 9/4/2016
Good morning. What Lipo battery would you recommend for the 4wd chassis? 2S or 1S?
Cheuk Lai  25 points - 6/9/2016
THONAIN  35 points - 3/4/2016
THONAIN  35 points - 3/4/2016 wonderf
V  1 points - 12/17/2015
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Customer Reviews
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Great kit for the price, everything included. Rubber tyres are great, not hard plastic like I've got from another wendor on eBay. The only drawback - no encoder. But like they say - "The possibilities are only limited by your imagination."

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Overall Rating
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very good for assembly of prototypes.

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Overall Rating
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Just received this in the mail a few days ago, took quite a while to get here but for the price I could def wait. upon opening it everything was very nicely packaged. I currently have mine hooked up to a arduino uno and seeeduino motor shield, FINALLY a small affordable base for beginners and advance hobbyists, the only thing that sucked was while building this i had 2 of the 4 long spacers come with the product unthreaded so i had to replace them with second hand ones and lastly 2 out of the 4 motors work actually only one works at 100pcnt the other one works when it wants to, maybe i had a bad batch but i'd like to see if hobby king can replace the motors, over def worth every penny

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Overall Rating
Erkko S
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Excellent platform for DIY robotics. Four wheels give stability, robustness and nice differential steering. Smart structure with interlocking motor/wheel sets, fast to assemble and repair if needed. Not really durable, broke one by dropping from table. This kit is so cheap, one can have another for spares. Smart design for battery location between the chassis plates frees a lot of space and mounting holes for sensors/actuators/whatever. The best product of its kind IMHO at the moment of writing. 4 cells is not enough if you want to use Adafruit Motor shield and NiMh's. The regulator drops off 1.5V so you are left with 4.5 or less - no good. Double the number of cells to 8 and you have power to play. Tried with very good results. Have more duration too. Highly recommended for basic robotics.

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