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metal universal coupling for boat 22mm x 10mm x 4mm Shaft

metal universal coupling for boat 22mm x 10mm x 4mm Shaft

metal universal coupling for boat 22mm x 10mm x 4mm Shaft

PRODUCT ID: 017000085

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Adrien  1 points - 7/17/2016
Hello everybody !!! Just a question ... I have a The H-King Marine Hydrotek and i want to say if this mé*tal coupling are good for my boat ? Product id : 9215000035-0 Thank you
OlliWeb  41 points - 11/25/2015
Hello, I've motor shaft 2mm it's good for this? Because 2mm Shaft i don't find in catalog
alı  2 points - 4/3/2015
Hi, two as shown in the product image? If we ordered only one future I strongly request that you provide the information. Other products because these products are sold sold 4.35 USD 3.65 USD. 4.35 USD You said that the products sold in two parts specified in this product. respects.
Hitesh Kher  11 points - 8/28/2014
Hello everyone , I like to home made rc boat but some confusion in mechanism motor to prop , so please help me, which parts required on this mechanism please inform me all parts. Thank you.
 mathew 32 points
you will need first a motor, a coupling, a rigid or flexible drive shaft, and a propeller
 Hitesh Kher 11 points
Thank you!
 ERKAN 1 points
In addition of them you need ecs and servo for directing and stoping
FrenchCricri  1 points - 3/12/2014
Hello Be carrefull I had bought the "PRODUCT ID: 17000211-0" HK says "Shaft Size: 4mm " but it's WRONG, one end is 4 and the other is 3.17mm So i don't know if it is the same thing here ...
 Mosa 98 776 points
this one is 4mm to 4mm, but if the other is 4-3.17 that's great, I've been trying to find one like that for ages!
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Szcs Zoltan
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Megéri az árát,de kár hogy nincs más méretben.

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bought these to replace the ones on my Traxxass outdrives - they are shorter overall, so I will have to rig something up as a spacer, otherwise they look pretty nice, may work in the NDQ. They are nice and small.

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This one is machined quite well, maybe a bit loose fit on a 4mm shaft. the problem with this thing is the lubrication, the materials dont like dry running. In my case, some 30k rpm boat setup and just spraying grease on it let it run for only 20 times approx. it can take a lot of torque, for sure, so ill try an oil bath maybe, but on the next boat i wont use it anymore.

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molto belle ottimo materialeplusplusplusplusplusplusplus

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