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Quanum E-Guana 1/10 Brushless 2WD Desert Racing Buggy (ARR)

Quanum E-Guana 1/10 Brushless 2WD Desert Racing Buggy (ARR)
Quanum E-Guana 1/10 Brushless 2WD Desert Racing Buggy (ARR)

Equipped with a 35A brushless power system, oil filled shocks, and fully adjustable suspension, this 1/10 2WD "Baja style" Race Buggy is ready to tear up your local track or hit the sand dunes!

The Quanum E-Guana performs just as good as it looks. Its 3300KV brushless motor provides plenty of torque, and an impressive top speed. On a 2S lipo, it will pull the front wheels off the ground easily when running on pavement, but this machine really shows its capabilities off-road, tearing through the corners and soaring over jumps.

The E-Guana not only features a wickedly cool color scheme, it even has working LED spotlights for running at night...just like the real thing!

The Quanum E-Guana comes almost ready to run, just add a 2S lipo battery, 2CH radio system, and you are set to go!

• Powerful 35A brushless power system pre-installed
• High torque steering servo pre-installed
• Wickedly cool race-inspired paint scheme
• Functional LED spotlights
• Full metal gear transmission
• Adjustable slipper clutch
• Oil filled shocks
• Fully adjustable suspension

Motor: Brushless Inrunner 3300KV (3650 size)
ESC: 35A Brushless (35A Constant, 190A Burst, w/reverse) (HXT 4mm discharge plug installed)
Battery: 2~3S Lipo (2S recommended) [Required]
Length: 465mm
Width: 290mm
Height: 170mm
Battery Tray Dimensions: 188x27x49mm

2S 4000~5000mAh LiPo
2CH Radio System (Rx/Tx)

PRODUCT ID: 9249000123

Weight: 2860g
International Warehouse
Price HKD994.83

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  • Ball Stud B (10Pc/Bag) - A2016T, A2030, A2031, A2032 and A2033

    Combo Price: HKD14.59   IN STOCK

  • Shock Shaft (2Pc/Bag) - A2016T, A2030, A2031, A2032 and A2033

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  • Cross Head Screw 3x15mm (10pcs/bag) - A2030, A2032 and A2033

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  • M3x10mm Set Screw (5pcs/bag) - A2030, A2031, A2032 and A2033

    Combo Price: HKD7.37   IN STOCK

  • Hex Socket Screws M3x25mm (4pcs/bag) - A2030, A2031, A2032 and A2033

    Combo Price: HKD3.88   IN STOCK

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Marc  5 points - 10/25/2014
hello, i am searching for a new motor shaft for the standard motor. Mine is broken.which one fits for the standard motor?I can´*t find anything. Greetings Marc
 Aprilia998 19 points
I think the only option is to buy a new motor.....
Ritchie101  110 points - 10/11/2014
Still enjoying this car. The only thing it broke down was when I hit a tree at full throttle. Put some upgrade parts on it, and a bigger motor pinion. Great fun.
Ghost114179  27 points - 9/8/2014
I am looking into this and another car, but can't decide which one to get, it is between this and the "1/10 Quanum Vandal 4WD Electric Racing Buggy (ARR)." The main reason it seems I am stuck has to do with the 4wd vs 2wd and the full metal gear transmission on this one and the other transmission. If anyone has a suggestion of which to get, please feel free to let me know what you think.
 mohag 59 points
The vandal has stock, if that is a major consideration... Not sure how it ended up cheaper, it also seems like quite a capable performer... This likely has less parts to break and there are spares listed, which I do not see as obviously for the Vandal... (A search finds quite a few though)
Ghost114179  27 points - 8/25/2014
I was looking into this buggy as well as the "Turnigy 1/10 Brushless 2WD Desert Racing Buggy ARR" (Product ID: A2030T), but I wanted to get some opinions on what I should choose, if anyone has had good or bad things with either, I'd love to hear them to get the better car! Thanks!
 Christian 5 points
the esc was broken 2 times but the good hobby king team has replaced otherwise it looks good. I write to you then as he drives
Diogenes  42 points - 8/14/2014
Why not a kit version ?? You guys at HK should know that we are crazy, and want to change everything in the cars, so why not all the replacement parts listed, and kit versions on small boxes? * )
 Christian 5 points
Wä*hre a good idea. A kit as a spare part donor
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Carro show, boa dirigibilidade, grafismo incrível e respostas rápidas do motor a qualquer hora

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Overall Rating
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Today I got this model. The quality of performance of the product is good at first glance. The model is very big! The wheels just huge! I would like to draw the attention of the manufacturer of the fact that: 1. Uncomfortable implemented cap that is attached to the 4 terminals. It is very difficult to remove and put on. It would be enough to do it in two fixtures to make it easier to get to the battery. 2. Also, almost impossible to get to the power button. And this is very important. When modelku stopped, you need to turn off the power, and it is very difficult to do in this model, because the button is in a very awkward place. Everything else seemed fine. What's next, we'll see after I get more radio control. Would like to know whether such a scale model released with 4 WD? And yet, I would like to receive instructions on setting up and maintenance of the model, as I beginners.Thank you!

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Overall Rating
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This is a great product value great quality pritty good.I pluge in my hk 310 but my third channel the aux will not respond the lights on the e guana just stay on but this product
great thanks again hobbyking

2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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I fell in love at first drive! It can do wheelies very easily on 2S, nice speed on 2S lipos and good handling. Very fun to drive. I'm using Turnigy 2S 40C 5000mAh hardcase packs. Run time is around 30 minutes. I broke the rear pivot block after a few runs, as many other say, its a weak part. I went to a machine shop and the guy made an exact copy in aluminum for 5 bucks. It will most likely never break but I purchased the original aluminum upgrade anyways. I'm using Jato 3.3 shocks in the front. Fitted perfectly and it looks awesome. Handles a lot better than the stock shocks. I'll post some pictures in the files section. The pinion and spur gear are NOT the same of the Turnigy Desert Buggy. They have the same size but has a bigger pitch and made from a different material. It looks a lot stronger than the stock gears on the Turnigy DB. There are pictures on the files section. Overall, for the price, its a very good deal. Very fun to drive.

No comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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For the price its a pretty good product,however,I did a first run of about 15 mins & it ran great! A little later,I took it out to run again & it wasn't running...turned out to be the differential wasn't working. see if I can get a new part,or buy something else!

2 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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