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AX-2810Q-750KV Brushless Quadcopter Motor

AX-2810Q-750KV Brushless Quadcopter Motor
AX-2810Q-750KV Brushless Quadcopter Motor

If you're serious about your quadcopter's performance, look no further than the AX-2810Q.
Built with high-end 45SH magnets, a high pole count and custom motor mount, this motor is designed purely for multi-rotor applications.

The AX-2810Q includes an integrated prop adaptor for use with many different style props featuring a 4mm shaft and adaptor sleeves for 5mm/6mm props. It  also has an in-built aluminum mount for quick and easy installation on your quadcopter frame.

This is not a modified airplane outrunner. It was designed from the ground up specifically for multi-rotor applications.

Kv: 750rpm/v
Can size: 34.5mm
Shaft: 4mm (includes 5mm and 6mm adaptor sleeves)
Suggested ESC: 35A
Rated Watts: 444W @ 18.5V, 333W @ 11.1V
Weight: 70g
Cell count: 3~4S Lipoly

PRODUCT ID: 047000004

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Kv(rpm/v) 750
Weight (g) 70
Max Current(A) 30
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 15
Power(W) 444
Shaft A (mm) 4
Length B (mm) 26
Diameter C (mm) 35
Can Length (mm) 14
Total Length E (mm) 46
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Nelson Dias  4 points - 9/27/2014
What type of screw do i need for this motor?
 kaptondave 537 points
The thread is M3-0.5. Some are pretty tight when new. Just be careful that the screw is going in straight.
HighFlight2K2  11 points - 9/14/2014
It's been asked with no responses. I'm giving it try again. Does anyone know a suitable shaft replacement? Thanks.
 bigfoot3387 3 points
i use 4mm 450 heli shafts mostly align on all my motors, use one screw in bottom and and cut what linth you need
Evgeniy  5 points - 9/12/2014
Does anyone know what is the distance between mounting holes?
 kaptondave 537 points
16mm and 19mm
 Evgeniy 5 points
Are you mean that there are different distances between holes in two pairs?
 the bat 11 points
Yeah they are different and thats fairly standard practice on quad and airplane motors the DJI arm have this same offset.
 kaptondave 537 points
Yes, that is what I mean. Most models have pre-drilled holes that will match one or both pairs, If yo are lucky the wires will be facing in the right direction.
E-Tech Todd  30 points - 9/12/2014
does anyone know what would be a good replacement spinner for this motor? I lost one in tall grass during a small crash
 kaptondave 537 points
It is an M4 thread. Do a Google search for "M4 Cone Nut" Meanwhile you can use a regular M4 nut or lock-nut.
 E-Tech Todd 30 points
Hey Dave! Thanks for the reply. Do you know if there is a suitable replacement here on the HK site?
 kaptondave 537 points
No HK replacement that I know of. I think they should offer them, along with the steel shaft bushings. How about it HK?
Ricardo [PT]  230 points - 9/10/2014
with a 4s 4500mah with all the FPV gear, landing gear, what is the best prop for my HEXA? 11x4.7 carbon or 10x4.7 carbon? or 10x5.5 carbon?
 kaptondave 537 points
Haven't we done this already? My tests show that the 11x4.7 will give you best thrust and efficiency. I measured almost 1200 grams (1198 grams) thrust at 17.4 amps. That was with plastic props. You should get about the same thrust but at a little better efficiency with carbon fiber.
 kaptondave 537 points
The test results stated above were with the use of a freshly charged battery at WOT. Thrust will of course drop as the battery discharges. I also did eCalc runs on your configuration. You did not specify all-up weight so I assumed 2 kg. eCalc confirmed that the 11x4.7 out-performed the 10x4.7. I did not have a 10x5.5 to test but eCalc showed that it was not as good as the 11x4.7.
Customer Reviews
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Got my today, nice motors just made little test run. With 12x38 prop on 3s lot of power on 4s it get a little hot so maybe 10-11prop is better. Im happy with this :)

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First realy flight today with my quad,unbeliwe motors 12x3.8 props 3s 3000ma nenotech battery Fly time 12 min the power is so good my quad is 1200g with no battery i just wait to try it with 4s ;)

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before using, you have to check the motor in the following manner: 1. you have to disassemble, and see if any winding are falling off the teeth. If they do, you should put a drop of glue or something to keep the winding from coming off. 2. not all bearings are lubricated! be aware. you can remove the bearing shield and put some oil inside. I've used a "high speed bearing oil" from HK in the car's section. otherwise the motor is very good for my octo! I'm using it with F-60A ESC (flashed with SimonK firmware) - works great! these motors are very good for the money! will buy more of these... essentially these are as effective as re-winded DT750 - with APC 12x3.8 or 13x6.5, 4S battery this motor pulls 1000g with just around 10A and at approximately 50-60pcnt of the stick. - after about 2 min - it is still cool to touch.

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Pretty impressive motor unit. Delivers gobs of power on a HK Turnigy 2200 20-30 Lipo and GemFan Carbon Nylon 11x4.7 Props. Finishing is great, installed it on a Reptile 500V2 frame and flying on a APM2.5 FC. Great value for such a high performance motor.

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Overall Rating
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I have bought several pieces of this motor. I have found some quality issues. 4 of 10 motors was missing the main shaft screw and two motors came with loose bottom bearing. The motor itself is high quality. Just look for missing screws or loose bearing. If you are planning to use over 1.3kg multi rotor and 10" props, use 4s battery, or change for 12" propeller. With a 1.6kg quad/3s/10x4.5 props it hovers in 60-65pcnt. In a hex a/2kg/10x4.5/3s it hovers with a little bit over 55pcnt, but its power hungry (10min with 5000mhA 3s) and is a little bit sluggish. So, in my opinion, 4s is mandatory with 10" propeller and multirotor over 1.3kg, or just try to use 12" props. All tests I did motors came down pretty cool. Highly recommended.

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