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ASP S46A Two Stroke Glow Engine

ASP S46A Two Stroke Glow Engine
ASP S46A Two Stroke Glow Engine

Tired of all those electric planes infesting your local club?
This high-rpm huge power glow engine can swing a 10x6 prop with ease. No need to worry about expensive batteries here. Just re-fuel and youre off.
Scream through the sky all day with our 46 size 2-stroke glow engine.
ABC construction, Aluminum piston with Brass liner thats Chrome plated
Dual ball bearing-supported crankshaft
Dual needle valve carburetor with remote High Speed Needle Valve
Dual bushing-supported connecting rod

Displacement: 7.45
Bore: 22.00mm
Stroke: 19.60mm
Suggested prop: 10x6
RPM: 2,000 ~ 18,000
Weight: 450g

PRODUCT ID: 129000004

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 Customer rated
Total of 39 discussions.
daday(brazil)  7 points - 9/20/2016
Does anyone know the engine thrust Asp 46? How much weight he pulls?
ALLARY  4 points - 2/13/2016
this model is it equipped the remote rear High Speed Needle Valve? As the ASP model S46AII Thank you
 wan man 1 points
No, this is direct needle. The S46AII is with remote
rcflyr8632  82 points - 10/21/2015
hey guys, do any of you know what thread is on the main shaft? i would like to get this for a project im building but i need to know what size thread is on this. thanks
 Schnozzer 1153 points
 Kaushal(India) 64 points
With all proper Assembly, I cant get my engine to start easily. It needs too many check stick spins. Why so ? Could any expert guide please ?
 rcflyr8632 82 points
hi Kaushal, can you go into detail about what exactly is happening please?
 Kaushal(India) 64 points
Sorry for not mentioning the problem clearly before, my apologies. The issue here is that my Engine needs too many starting propeller spins via a Chicken stick, I use. After about 10-15 times rotating the propeller, then the engine starts. All the other review tell the engine should start with a single flick only. I really beg your kind help and suggestion.
 rcflyr8632 82 points
ok make sure that the fuel has gone through the fuel tube, and made it to the carburetter and a bit has gone into the engine (priming the engine), then it should start on 1 flick once the engine is WARM. if the engine is cold, it may take a few turns, and if the engine is HOT, it may take a few more than 1 flick. but if the engine is WARM it should be fine. and it also depends if your engine is tuned properly, and depends on the fuel to oil mixture, and depends if you use nitro
 Kaushal(India) 64 points
Thank you really, I understood the basics now by your explanation. I use 15% Nitro. I wanted to know about what should be the perfect Needle valve setting. Thank you for your favor, I will be indebted to you.
Danny  1 points - 10/2/2015
I just bought a asp .46 and there was no instruction's on how to break in. Please help. Don't want to ruin motor.
 Kaushal(India) 64 points
Have you referred to the attached PDF manual in the Files section here.
palnka  92 points - 4/10/2015
Good morning I have recently purchased the ASP .46 engine, but wanted to ask because to my surprise I found that have changed the crankcase of this. The question is whether this new design does not change the performance of the old motor. Thank You. Attached picture.
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Overall Rating
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Very good motor with plenty of grunt. peforms beautifully

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Overall Rating
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What a great motor. Easiest I have ever come across for for setting up. Piston very tight at top of stroke but a squirt of fuel down the plug hole did the trick, Fitted an old glow plug from the odds and ends box and mounted it on the trusty B&D Workmate and hey presto it came alive at first flick. 2 tanks of fuel later it idles reliably and max rpm is starting to climb. Not running too lean yet. Silencer is also very effective and is much easier on the ears than my older (30 years) engines. It is just the right weight for the Soar balsa sports kit it was purchased for. C of G is achievable without any need for lead at either end.

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Overall Rating
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What a cracker of a motor, fantastic motor for price, my first glow engine for planes, i have had experience with car nitro engines, arrived from the overseas store no worries, quite quick actually only 14 days standard postage to australia, well packaged and boxed, even got some instructions. I downloaded the full instructions form the files section and this gave me detailed instructions on mounting and breaking the motor in, using a 10x6 prop, so easy to setup and very reliable for the price, mine fired up on the first flick, and idled no worries, put a few tanks of fuel through it slowly winding in the high speed needle 1/4 turn till i got good top speed, then off to the flying field for a run, the motor is mounted in my 40 size trainer, took it easy for the first few flights and only 10 minute flights till i had some more tanks of fuel through it, plenty of power and short takeoffs, after that it was as good as gold, hasn't missed a beat and starts so easy, i would really reccomend these motors for a good budget sports flyer. They are that good im gonna grab another one,

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Overall Rating
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Excellent motor!! I have 2 and I have never had problems. I recommend to use thread locker in carburetor screws

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Overall Rating
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the Connecting rod broke after few flies and don't work now. buy os engine and enjoy. don't will buy again.

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