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ASP S32A Two Stroke Glow Engine

ASP S32A Two Stroke Glow Engine
ASP S32A Two Stroke Glow Engine

Tired of all those electric planes infesting your local club?
This high-rpm huge power glow engine can swing a 10x6 prop with ease. No need to worry about expensive batteries here. Just re-fuel and youre off.
Scream through the sky all day with our 32 size 2-stroke glow engine.
ABC construction, Aluminum piston with Brass liner thats Chrome plated
Dual ball bearing-supported crankshaft
Dual needle valve carburetor with remote High Speed Needle Valve
Dual bushing-supported connecting rod

Displacement: 5.26
Bore: 19.50mm
Stroke: 17.60mm
Suggested prop: 10x6
RPM: 2,000 ~ 18,000
Weight: 325g

PRODUCT ID: 129000003

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 Customer rated
Total of 22 discussions.
adriano  1 points - 8/5/2016
Can you send it to brazil?
Grey Ham  2 points - 12/1/2014
My son wants to know it's the Brownie from saambr, cheers Graham.
Winibald  7 points - 4/14/2014
So, do these engines come with a remote needle valve like stated in the description, or do they come with a front mounted needle like in the pictures? I'm shopping for an engine for an ExtremeFlight Outlaw...Ireally need a remote needle...
 Strangeengine 78 points
Don't think this one does or there would be a bracket shown in the photos
 Brownie 17 points
Front Carb/needle valv e - where does it say remote Needle valve??
 Brendan 2 points
in the info above
 Brownie 17 points
It comes as pictured, the 'remote needle' is attached to the side of the carby as pictured. I've purchased about about six of these over a couple of years up to a couple of months ago including the Australian WH and they are all the same - no Remote needle, Carby mounted needle as pictured
 solentlife 195 points
Go back ti general ASP engine listing and look at one with Remote needle in title. The text here is a copy and paste error. This is side needle only
AndrĂ© Brazil  5 points - 2/27/2014
Qual vela pode-se usar com combustivel 10-18/ ou 10-20, a 800 metros do ní*vel do mar? Grato.
 Schnozzer 1153 points
HobbyKing #4 plug.
walter  2 points - 12/12/2013
? shipping cost to Alberta CA.
Customer Reviews
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I've had one of these motors for two years now and have nothing but praise for it. Powerful, tractable and never falters - even from a long tickover. It hauls a 'Sonic' (heavy, 1.5m span low wing trainer) all over the sky like a sports jobbie. Use a 'hot' plug and 10pcnt nitro - it'll last for years. I've just bought another one and its bigger brother - the .52 - to match up into a tri-motor model. Buy ASP - you know it makes sense!!

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Overall Rating
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Great 2 strokes from asp.Needle valves/carb a little unpredictable for the first few tanks but settle down and behave very well after the running in period. I would suggest tha you run them in on the ground. All in all fantastic at this price!

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Overall Rating
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Got one of these to put into my combat Spad, runs nice and solid, constant slow idle, revs out without hesitation, great motor, my first ASP after years of putting up with other unreliable big brands, will buy again.

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I just ordered two of these and will put them in my new hobbico twinstar. should be a good setup. I will post more when they arrive and I get a flight in.

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Overall Rating
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I own two of these and converted them for U/C by adding a venturi and needle valve. Great engines and excellaent value for the money!

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