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Turnigy Talon Tricopter (V1.0) Carbon Fiber Frame

Turnigy Talon Tricopter (V1.0) Carbon Fiber Frame
Turnigy Talon Tricopter (V1.0) Carbon Fiber Frame

The Turnigy Talon Tricopter is a high quality multi-rotor frame like no other. Designed from the ground-up by our own engineering team, the Talon Tricopter is a culmination of months of design, testing and material sourcing to provide you with the ultimate in quality, design and value. Every component was weighed and measured shaving mere grams where possible to achieve a light weight yet extremely rigid frame. We didn't allow any compromises and neither should you. 

With its genuine, high quality carbon fiber and aluminum construction, the Talon is not just your average multi-rotor frame. This is a frame that looks as good as it performs. The integrated tail servo mount is constructed of carbon fiber as well, allowing you to mount your favorite micro/mini tail servo for yaw control. The rear motor mount pivots on a dual ball bearing supported shaft providing super smooth and precise movement. As a result, the yaw control is locked-in and very precise while flying.

Another unique feature integrated into the design is the adjustable arm position. The two front arms offer 3 different mounting positions adjustable by a spring loaded locking system. This allows you to quickly and easily adjust the position of the arms to suit your preference (see photos for different front arm positions).

All this attention to detail has resulted in the elegant simplicity that is the Talon Tricopter, a Tri frame that we are as proud to put our name behind as you will be to own.

We offer a full line of quality multi-rotor electronics such as multi-rotor control board, ESC, motors and more, so there is no need to compromise on your electronics setup either!

Weight: 350g (w/out electronics)
Boom Length (from boom base to motor shaft center):
Front Booms: 250mm
Rear Boom: 265mm
Motor Bolt Holes: 16/19/25mm

28-XX or 35-XX brushless outrunner motor x 3
18~25A brushless ESC x 3
High speed micro/mini servo for the tail x 1
8x4~10x4.7 propeller x 3 (2 standard/1 reverse rotation)
Multi-rotor control board
1800~2200mAh 11.1V lipoly
4CH Transmitter & Receiver

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Weight: 665g
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Price  $79.99

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Total of 208 discussions.
SDODD  14 points - 3/17/2015
Yes one arm sand the rear arm went in with considerable pressure. But the other arm had to be tapped in with an implemnet. This prevented the one arm from rotating with the spring system. But it will still work.
SDODD  14 points - 3/14/2015
My Talon Tricopter just arrived. I am assembling it. But nothing I can do will let me push the tubes into the bracket at the hub. They are just too large. Does anyone have a suggestion on this. thanks, S
 sean 12 points
i had the same problem, they are a very tight fit. just had to tap them in
geraldzito  6 points - 3/4/2015
I see where the spring attaches to the arm with the release knobs. I can't figure out where the otther end of the spring attaches.
 Traggart 3 points
The other end attach to the pivot screw
SDODD  14 points - 3/1/2015
Hi, I built an Anycopter tri. KKv2.1. It worked out but was not very robust. I am thinking of moving to a new frame. Would this frame do well with my existing Turnigy Multistar 2209-980Kv 14Pole Multi-Rotor Outrunners, Afro 20a. ESCs? Thanks
 sean 12 points
i found it to be a rather heavy frame.
 SDODD 14 points
Yes, I moved from an Anycopter. It is heavier. But the Anycopter wooden arms split at the screws under the least pressure. As I took it apart to place the parts on the Talon I had an insight into the connections. I counted up 53 electrical connections with bullets, clips and wire extensions. This time I am going for solder connections whenever possible. This may reduce a tiny amount of weight. But I just can't imagine 53 connections always working and not one of them failing every flight. So I expect the Talon to be a cleaner machine.
Mike  1 points - 12/9/2014
Does anyone know if the motor mounts for the tri-copter are the same as the quad Talon v2? They look the same at least! Rephrasing the question, are the boom diameters the same? Thanks in advance for any input...
 MrMotocross23 2 points
They are I bought some and they are the same they didn't have them in stock anywhere else for the actual tricopter.
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Overall it's an amazing kit! Take your time on the build and use loctite on almost everything. It took me a few hours to build the kit and the quality seems top notch. You may want to sand the ends of the booms for a bit more grip and allow them to slip on with little force. The folding is great but takes some practice to get good at. The tail movement is smooth with a tiny bit of slop. Watch your RX position because this is real carbon and will effect your 2.4ghz transmission. Satellite RX recommended! Search UvNJzlkpG1Q on youtube for a detailed video.

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(¯`'•.¸ 5 stars on ALL points 100pcnt PERFECT!! ¸.•'´¯)
(¯`'•.¸ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! ¸.•'´¯)
(¯`'•.¸TOP QUALITY ITEM !!! ¸.•'´¯)
(¯`'•.¸10/10 MANY THANKS! ¸.•'´¯)
(¯`'•.¸ITEMS FROM A TOP SELLER!!!¸.•'´¯)

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Hi all Got my Talon Tricopter yesterday and i have assembly it. finished it flown it.i found no issues with The arms (Carbon Fibre Tube) and the14 mm holes of the Pivot Plat Mounts (Blocks). The arms must slide in fully into the mount so that the Spring reaches the pivot step screw. just give them a tap in with a soft peace of wood ,also just line the slot in the arm perthect before driving them home and i must say it flys grate with my Rabbit Flight Controller ill do a vid soon for you all

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Overall Rating
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awesome frame. strongly recommend it for use with drones.

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Overall Rating
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This is a great frame. Very strong and the quality is the best you can get on any multi-copter frame out there. Do youself a favor and take the time to run the wires thru the booms. It makes this frame even look more solid. I love the reviews and use a lot of his suggestions from "dhdsracer" but he should take more time on building them and making them look like there suppose too instead of just rushing his builds just to get the reviews out. Take your time building this and you won't regret it. It's awesome TriCopter Frame.

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