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Extra Large EPP Quadcopter Frame 450mm (835mm total width)

Extra Large EPP Quadcopter Frame 450mm (835mm total width)
Extra Large EPP Quadcopter Frame 450mm (835mm total width)

This EPP quadcopter frame is a great way to get into large multi-rotor aircraft without breaking the bank! With its lightweight EPP foam, plywood and glass fiber construction, only a low current-draw power system is required. This keeps component costs down, and offers long flight times.

Don't be fooled by the 450mm width, this is only the measurement from motor shaft to motor shaft (which are centrally located). The actual overall width of this frame is a huge 835mm! It's seriously large offering a great presence in the air.

The best feature of this frame is the foam propeller guards that are integrated into the design. This protects your props when bumping into walls or other obstacles.

Width: 835mm (450mm motor shaft to motor shaft)
Height: 90mm
Weight: 330g (without electronics)

4 x 2208 1200KV or 2212 1000KV brushless motor
4 x 10~20A ESC
4 x 8~10 inch propeller (2CW and 2CCW rotation)
Multi-rotor control board
1300~1800mAh 3S lipoly battery

PRODUCT ID: 094000001

Weight: 1264g
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Price  $22.49

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Total of 63 discussions.
gammelman  69 points - 6/30/2015
Hi I have to ask where the hell do you put your batteries on this thing i can`t seam to find a good spot i have a whole bunch of 2200mAh 3S lipos That I thought would do Thanks
 Poppy Ann 183 points
I put mine under the top wooden plate as i mounted my electronics on the top i just fitted 4 4 mm studs in the corners and then use wing nuts to hold the top on. what does yours weigh with battery fitted mine came out at 1030 grams using a 2200mah 3s battery. hope this helps Regards Poppy Ann.
 gammelman 69 points
i ended up with 979 Grams all up flying weight ~2200mah 3S Q Brain 25a esc 2210-1400Kv Motors turning 10" props naza gps and few led,s for orientation Thangks
 Poppy Ann 183 points
Hi there, I am thinking of fitting a set of wings and a tail to it so once it is in the air i will be able to change it over from a quad to a plane that way I should get a longer time in the air but that is in the future as yet I have not had it in the air which I am hoping to do this afternoon, if i ever manage it then I hope to fit led's to it as well I have plenty but just have never bothered. Regards Poppy Ann.
RonRC  4224 points - 1/22/2015
If you want something tough and you are a beginner, this is what you should get. Also, If you are a multirotor pilot and want to train someone, this is the best thing to train them on. It can withstand a fall from just about any altitude because it catches so much air. Keep in mind, I have light components on mine and that should be a consideration too if you want durable.
Joel George  11 points - 12/9/2014
plz give the link of motors that could be used which fits in the beam space.
 RonRC 4224 points
Hi Reji, The motor platforms for this quad are made of plywood so you can mount just about any type of motor you want by drilling out holes to match your motor mounts. Hope this helps and Happy flying!
Eduardo  9 points - 7/14/2014
Hi. I am trying to build a quad that is safer to fly near (not above) people. Could this frame accomodate a gimbal for gopro hero camera? Thanks!
 RonRC 4224 points
Eduardo, It most likely could depending on your setup, but where to mount it would be the issue. This design is great to learn on and train others on as a flyer because it can take a beating and keep on flying. I suppose if you had powerful enough motors, you could mount a gimbal between and under the front two props while counter balancing with a battery or batteries between the back two. Hope this helps and Happy flying!
 Eduardo 9 points
Thank you very much Ron. I appreciate taking the time to respond.
Pinak  16 points - 6/22/2014
And very safe outdoors too :-)
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Like it?
Fun flyer! KK2 does great once fine tuned. Pretty durable. Nice to have defacto prop guard - already saved a prop or two, and a door ding /:O Quite susceptible to wind though! Doesn't get any more basic, and may well be a good novice UAV platform. Hoping to add super simple gimbal (SSG) soon. Looking for a SSG template or pre-made kit.

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Overall Rating
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Love this frame. I've crashed it in ways that already put a DJI 450 into pieces, but this just kept on flying. It's slow, stable and responsive with KK2, maybe overpowered with 1200 KV & 10.4 props, but a nice stable platform for a fun flyer. I'd like to mod one into an H frame, or see a hex or Octo version. Just plain fun for daily flyer, and durable. I've still got the original set of props on it despite numerous crashes. Using HK power dist board & KK2. Found great settings on web that make it nice and 'fluffy' to float around, auto level feature of KK2 working great. Strapped a little web cam on it, and it worked out great! Good fun, durable design, and I would highly recommend. I used to fly a Blade MQx for daily fun-flying, but this took it's place. Used plenty of hot glue & foam safe CA to reinforce. Using SimonK 30A Afro ESC's, and I couldn't be happier with their performance. I modded a 1" stand up basswood border around the center to give me some more space, and that really helped when I had a complete 180 degree nose dive from 40-50' on a windy day, and it survived in-tact. Although, from an aerodynamic standpoint, it is quite a bit more affected by wind than other un-shielded prop designs.

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Overall Rating
Captain P2A
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Very very nice beginner quad. this is my first multicopter and I have learned to tame this one without breaking a single prop so far. My setup was done using a KK2.1 board Inside its foam, 3s 2200mah battery, Qbrain 4x integrated esc. Assembly of the polystyren frame was done Under an hour using hot-glue gun. Rest of the assembly (gluing of motors stand painting, motor, electrical and electronic installation) took an extra 3 hours. Fine tuneup took around 10 flights Very much recommended if you want to get into the multirotor business without breaking the piggy bank

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Overall Rating
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This is a really cool idea, as it is pretty tough, it floats, and is safer to fly in areas where there are people as it won't hurt nearly as much as a normal quad if it were to fall out of the sky and hit somebody. The frame itself is pretty easy to build and is well designed, but the motor mounts are pure crap. Little wooden boxes that you epoxy onto the rods is a very poor design. A couple of clamps and a glass fiber plate to mount the motors would be way better, and would be very easy to do. In fact, this is something I'm going to have to do to mine soon. If you buy this, I highly recommend getting some clamps and drilling some holes in a blank glass fiber sheet.

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