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DG-1000 Composite Sailplane 2650mm w/Air Brakes/Retracting Main Wheel/Geardoors (ARF)

DG-1000 Composite Sailplane 2650mm w/Air Brakes/Retracting Main Wheel/Geardoors (ARF)
DG-1000 Composite Sailplane 2650mm w/Air Brakes/Retracting Main Wheel/Geardoors (ARF)

This is a superb version of one of the most popular scale model gliders, both the fuselage and flying surface finish is excellent, as is the overall quality of the model, this great looking DG-1000 is practical and is supplied with a comprehensive hardware package.

Nicely Finished GF Fuselage with laquered Waterslide Decals
Removable Plug In Wing for Easy Transport, Secured by Four Screw System
Wing Mounted Air Brakes and Operating System Supplied With Kit
Large Canopy Area
Live Hinge Control Surfaces
Option for Internal Tow Release System
Great Scale Look
Includes Retracting Main Wheel & Gear Doors
Nicely Made Balsa/Ply Flying Surfaces

Wingspan: 2650mm
Length: 1153mm
Flying Weight: 1100g ~ 1200g
Wing Area: 32dm2
Wing Loading: 34g ~ 37.5gdm2
Airfoil: HX83-Nase 3 Modify

Your Own 6 Channel TX/RX
RX Battery
7 High Torque 12g Servo (or 3 x Low Profile & 4 x Mini Servo)

PRODUCT ID: 189000041

6 Channel 2650mm (104.33in) 1153mm (45.39in) 1200g (2.64lb)

This product is no-longer available. CLICK HERE TO SEE A WIDE RANGE OF SIMILAR ITEMS

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 Customer rated
Total of 22 discussions.
paul t f  2 points - 2/16/2013
If you were doing your job scott people wouldn't Have to complain about qc issues .
Frank  12 points - 2/11/2013
Just posted this to HK,let's see how long they take to reply........After trying to fit the servo to the wings,I find that 1 of the wing flaps Is twisted which Is stopping It operating properly,It goes up to It's full extent but In the down position It only travels 4mm because of the twist In the flap and the wing covering Is so tight It cannot operate properly to It's full extent which In turn means that It won't fly properly.I can submit a picture of this If you require It, some thing has to be done about this,and why on earth with all the problems and buyers receiving the Item with missing parts why why why are you still selling this Item ????????????????????????????????????????????????????
on your prompt reply ( which Is a joke by the way 6 days for a reply c'mon Hobbyking get the finger out and do your job)
 H-KING_SCOTT 5356 points
This is simply not the place to tackle QC issues, CS do NOT look at customer comments, they expect you to bring issues to their attention.....not unreasonable. Also, it is the Chinese New Year Holiday right now, my suggestion is to contact CS as soon as the holiday is over and go from there.
 Neil 1 points
All my replies seem to be blocked....awesome!
 Neil 1 points
Hi Scott, I contacted CS both 24 hr and sent the email, before they went on holiday and didn't get any reply, thanks for the tip anyway!
 Neil 1 points
Have been contacted by HK yay! Let's see how we go
Neil  1 points - 2/11/2013
I recieved this "ARF"and although it arrived in good condition, just like Frank below I was missing these parts as follows *No doweling to attach the wing tips (wing tip holes don't even align up properly with the wing). :- No Swivel hinges to attach the rudder. :- No screws to attach the air brake bracket. :- No Set screws to fix the air brake push rod to the bracket. :- No 2mm nuts for attaching control arm to rudder. :- No rod adjuster for landing gear operation. :- No linkage stoppers x 2. 2 fully threaded rods short. 5 Clevis short. 2 Rod adjusters short. To complete this model you will also need to purchase 2x500mm servo lead extensions for the wing servo's. 1x900mm servo lead extension for elevator servo. Epoxy resin.
Comms with HK have had no response to date
 Frank 12 points
Hi there Neil You will also have to snap the piece of ply that Is on the top part of the undercarriage as this Is the only way you can get the undercarriage to fit,the screws for fixing the U/C are also too short when you tighten up 1 side It pulls the other side from the screws. I managed to source some of the parts I needed from my local hobby shop,much more helpful than Hobbyking and I don't know why they are still allowed to sell this Item with all the problems and missing parts,On top of what this cost me $111.00 Postage $65 Import duty $66.24 I have now spent a further $38 on the missing parts and still don't have them all to complete the plane,just wondering If I will ever fly this. Best of luck with your build Neil.
 Neil 1 points
Thanks Frank, built it ,flew it , it's good but the missing parts is still a massive pain in the neck, I contacted them before they went on holiday and have not had a response.
 Neil 1 points
The std u/c I got is not screwed in,it is epoxied in to the slots in the wing formers and held in place by a piece of ply (that was missing BTW). Mine did not have the tray above the u/c that you talk about, I see itin the photo but it's not in my fuse. Re your aileron try twisting then reheating with a hair dryer and letting it cool down, it may fix your problem there ( if you haven't done it already). If you are reading this and considering buying then order a bag of clevises and a length of threaded rod to cover the missing parts, also get a 900 mm servo extension lead for the elevator and 2 x 500 mm extensions for the wings , go for the servo less spoilers , the lack of parts will render the std crank useless, also the fitting of the wings at the field will be so much easier without the spoiler push rods to deal with. Good luck.
 Neil 1 points
Have been contacted by CS :-) lets see how we go.
FRANC0IS  149 points - 2/11/2013
Is this plane good for FPV? I want to put a folding prop on it and would like a plane that stays up for up to 20 min or longer, and be able to handle the weight of the extra FPV gear on board with out issues. If this isn't the one can you suggest one?
david  2 points - 2/6/2013
love this plane but why should I buy from this site if everything I read below is correct/ waiting on your reply Hobbyking
 Frank 12 points
You will wait a while om a reply from hobbyking..I waited 6 days
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veramente una vergogna...concepire un aliante di queste dimensioni con una baionetta di 6mm di diametro realizzata in ferro ..impossibile volare...modello da buttare. GRAZIE HOBBY KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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C'è da lavorare, consigliato a chi ha un minimo di dimestichezza. Qualità accettabilissima considerato il prezzo.
Il pacco è stato molto curato ed è arrivato integro

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Flew my dg 1000 today and right from the word go it flew like a dream , 1st tow got me 10 mins and that was only because I forced it down lol. I'm thinking about setting another up now for spare its that good I'm very happy . Btw I needed to add nearly 200 gr to the nose to balance , which is very common for these models .

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Although it looks great there too many parts missing from the kit,QC not good, needs a fair bit of lead to get cg within recommended range, in std form she's pretty heavy and needs to fly fast ,tip stalls easy at low speed. Winglets are not matched to the wings, wrong angle of vertical fins, winglet dowel holes dont line up in wing tips,clevises and some screws missing, some reinforcing inside the fuse appears to be missing resulting in the possibility of damage if a hard landing occurs. I know, mine nearly broke in half!Get a latch for the canopy at the time of order and also purchase 2 x 500 mm servo lead extensions and 1 x 900 mm extension also, order a bag of clevises there are not enough in the kit and get some threaded rod to make up the missing ones also. No response from HK CS since before their Chinese new year holiday! This is my first kit from HK and not looking good for anymore thanks to the lack of response from their customer support dept

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