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ImmersionRC EzUHF 8-channel Diversity Receiver

ImmersionRC EzUHF 8-channel Diversity Receiver
ImmersionRC EzUHF 8-channel Diversity Receiver

The EzUHF 8 channel diversity receiver  is a compact 8CH receiver for use with the ImmersionRC EzUHF system. It can provide long range control of your FPV model with the robust interference rejection that diversity antennas provide.

Compact Long-Range R/C Receiver
Ideal companion to the EzUHF transmitter. Sensitive receiver, with twin antenna inputs, in a diversity configuration. Fits the most slender of glider fuselages.

Interference Rejection
Each antenna input contains a 7-section ceramic low-pass filter, which silences interference from nearby high-power video transmitters on 900/1.2/2.4/… bands. Attenuation at 900MHz is > 40dB, at 2.4GHz > 75dB, right at the antenna input.

Mikrokopter Compatibility
Programmable MK mode, emits raw PPM on a chosen channel. The EzUHF Rx is an ideal receiver to use on Mikrokopters used for longer-range flights.

The ceramic filtering is a huge benefit on a small MK frame, which has a Video Tx antenna nearby.

EzLink connection to an EzOSD

No more guessing! the EzLink cable connects the EzUHF to an EzOSD on-screen display. All critical parameters are sent to the OSD, which displays them live on the display and downlinks them along with the antenna-tracking telemetry.

A ground-based EzAntennaTracker displays the parameters on its LCD display, and the ImmersionPlayer application plots them on its Google-Earth™ overlay.

* Why ‘Bi-directional ready’?: The EzUHF Transmitter is a full transceiver, i.e. it includes both transmitter, and receiver hardware. The 8 Channel receiver is also a transceiver, so both are capable of bi-directional communications. Firmware to take advantage of these capabilities will available in the near future, both are field-upgradable using a std. USB cable.
EzUHF Long-Range R/C Receiver, 8 Channel Compact, Sensitive, Diversity…

• Reliable FHSS Link (Frequency Hopping, Spread Spectrum)
• 433MHz/70cm Ham band operation
• -112dBm Sensitivity
• Bi-directional ready * (contains onboard transmitter)
• Diversity Antenna configuration
• Ceramic filtered inputs, eliminates nearby high-power video Tx interference
• Mikrokopter mode, emits PPM on a chosen channel
• Vehicle mode, couples two chosen channels (ideal for coupling steering servos on monster trucks)
• USB Connection for easy firmware upgrades, and advanced configuration
• EzLink connection to a EzOSD, providing in-flight display, and telemetry down-linked parameters:
 -RSSI Ant. 1, Ant 2
 -Frequency Error
 -SNR for each freq. bin
 -Link Quality
• Standard SMA antenna connectors, compatibility with standard 433/70cm band antennas
• 8 standard servo connectors
• Failsafe, preset by button on the EzUHF transmitter

Power Requirements: 4.8~6V, 35mA (Rx mode), 95mA (Tx mode)
Dimensions: 70x28x18mm
Weight: 19g

PRODUCT ID: 277000002

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Weight: 59g
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Price  $124.00

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men68  1 points - 2/25/2015
I am a platinum customer and shipping was not free even with other items in the cart (
robert  2 points - 12/8/2014
I am a gold customer and shipping was not free even with other items in the cart
 naxos 98 points
you must be a platinum customer *)
Glen  5 points - 10/18/2014
This item is shipped for free to Standard Customers when purchased with any other item. ????????????...IF This is not so , take this offer down from this page...
Juanes  59 points - 10/15/2014
Hello, does it work with eztracker??
 stewjw 841 points
I'm sure you found the answer to this already but you need the EZOSD or if using another OSD their TinyTelemetry moddule to transmit the telemetry data down an audio channel of any video transmitter (vTx), it has nothing to do with the radio receiver. But I've never used a tracking device. On the other hand this is a very good long range receiver its just a shame about the price even at HKs reduced price. But it is a genuine diversity receiver with two receiver boards.
Michael  19 points - 8/25/2014
Could someone please explain the main difference between this and the lite version?
 steve 31 points
its lighter ?
 Chrisjon 139 points
This receiver has diversity, meaning 2 antenna's. In this case the antenna receiving the best signal at the time will be used to receive the signal. For example, if u bank ur plane to the left, the right antenna will receive the best signal because it will be upright matching the orientation of the TX antenna. The idea is to mount the antennas in a V pattern, This is suppose to work the best. When antennas are not in the same orientation loss of polarization occurs which means less range and less receiving strength. The lite version only has one antenna so no diversity. It still has great range though. I have both receivers
 Michael 19 points
Thank you very much, much better answer than the retard above.
 steve 31 points
thanks micheal thought as most people thinking about buying this system have half a brain would understand what diversity is ?? obviously you are more retarded than most and also lack a sense of humour :)
 Michael 19 points
At least I can spell my name right.
 steve 31 points
congratulations you must be so proud
 Michael 2 points
your not allowed to say retarded anymore because someone will be offended
 steve 31 points
then you trully are as you mentioned it first ?lol
 Michael 19 points
Different Michael bro...look at the number of points.
 steve 31 points
sorry michael my mistake
 Michael 19 points
Why did the chicken cross the road?
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Overall Rating
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the antennas that come with this unit are bent in the box, not a big issue but would have liked them straight. apart from that works great and the spectrum analyser feature is really handy for trouble shooting noisy electronics.

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Overall Rating
fpc roo
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Very good Receiver! Had 7km so far on 200mw (low) with selfbuilt antennas. Have 2 of them, only downside of this Receiver was the built quality of one of them. The capacitor inside got loose and randomly my quad was violently pulling to the left. After I noticed that it is loose I sent it in to the vendor and he replaced it.

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Overall Rating

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parfait niveau porte et livre avec les antennes en plus

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Overall Rating
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This is a diversity receiver which works together with EzUHF transmitter. Completed system gives you not only more range compared to 2.4GHz, but also ability to fly low and behind obstacles like trees, bushes e.t.c.

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Overall Rating12/31/2014
Like it?
Great tool for my 2nd FPV model. I'm very happy of using it. ImmersionRC is making very good stuff.

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