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Turnigy TrackStar Waterproof 1/8 Brushless Power System 2100KV/120A

Turnigy TrackStar Waterproof 1/8 Brushless Power System 2100KV/120A
Turnigy TrackStar Waterproof 1/8 Brushless Power System 2100KV/120A

An extremely powerful brushless system for any 1/8 scale truck, car or buggy. The Turnigy TrackStar Waterproof series offers top performance, excellent value and waterproof components in an easy to use combo package. With this system, the motor and ESC are matched for best performance which saves you the hassle of choosing separate components yourself. Simply solder on your favorite connectors, install a pinion gear and your ready to run!
Being waterproof, this system allows you to run your model in just about any weather condition including rain and snow! This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your favorite R/C truck, car or buggy.

• Enhanced throttle response, precise throttle linearity, excellent acceleration and strong brakes
• Waterproof for wet weather running
• Programmable with the Turnigy TrackStar programming card to make adjustments. (sold separately)
• Automatically detects the number of cells within the battery pack.
• Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection, over-heat protection, throttle signal loss protection and motor blocked protection.
• Waterproof for wet weather running
• High quality anodized CNC finish
• High purity copper windings
• Powerful sintered neodymium magnet
• High efficiency operation

ESC Specs:
Continuous Current: 120A
Burst Current: 140A
Resistance: 0.00035ohm
Battery: 2-4 cells Lipo (6-14 cells NI-xx)
BEC output: 6V/3A
Motor type: Sensorless brushless motors
Running mode: Forward only or forward with reverse (user programmable mode)
Dimension: 43 x 39 x 33mm
Weight: 141g
Motor Specs:
Model: 4365 Sensorless
Kv: 2100
Cont Current: 80A
Peak Current: 140A
Max Power (15sec): 1680W
Winding: 2.0D
Resistance: 0.0086ohm
Weight: 315g
Diameter: 43mm
Length: 66mm
Shaft Diameter: 5mm

120A Sensorless Brushless ESC
4365 (2100Kv) Brushless Motor

PRODUCT ID: 9192000066

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  • Turnigy TrackStar Turbo and Waterproof ESC Programming Box

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Total of 80 discussions.
Ryan  1 points - 5/3/2016
ESC started on fire after just a week
Dakota  1 points - 4/14/2016
Will THIS motor fit on a rpm traxxas 2wd gearbox
 Robert 1 points
Yes it will with modification. If is a slash rpm transmission case. You must cut the half of the case that does not have the aluminum plate. You cut the part that goes around d the motor. You then have a limited amount of gearing options. I recommend 32p .8 spur and pinion. See my video on you tube rbeez2004. I have this set up in a slash
steverolston@hot  1 points - 2/22/2016
This motor alone is vary powerful, I'm not sure you would want 2 of them on an RC.
Nathan  5 points - 2/22/2016
How would I wire this for a dual motor setup with one battery
 Beamie 12 points
You'll need two (2) of the same ESC for each Motor (being the same as well) making sure you program the each ESC the exact same way. After that you'll need a parallel 'Y' connector to tie two (2) ESC to one (1) Battery that way each ESC will have the same voltage. This is the most popular setup.
steverolston@hot  1 points - 2/22/2016
I just put this motor and ecs on my Traxxas Summit and all I can say is WOW. The install is straightforward* just follow the documents in the “*Files”* section of this site. Get the motor control card, it’*s about £*6 I think but it’*s good to have. I cannot believe how fast my Summit goes now* it is a “*day and night”* experience coming from the old stock brushed motor. Note:- do not set motor to “*high”* performance on the Summit as it’*s just way to quick* leave it a normal and you will have loads of fun. Best upgrade and £*70 spent in a long time.
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wspanialy zestaw wodoszczelny , polecam

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Overall Rating
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at this point i love this setup, i put this system in my 4x4 slash didnt even use program box yet, works like a champ plenty of power , does work with 2s 3s 4s barly gets warm on 2s, 3s gets good an warm, 4s hot but too hot were you cant touch it, i imagine if you ran 4s back to back it would get very hot burning BBQ , i would tell friends about this system. THX Hobby king I probably can get more out of it once i use program card

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This is mounted in a 3.3 Revo using the integy motor mount. I had to grind off the cooling fins to make it fit in the mount (3 places, not all of them) I am running 4s and she pulls wheelies on demand. Runs warm to the touch and throtle is smooth as butter.

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This combo is one of the biggest waste of money I've ever done. Others tried to warn but HK keeps taking the bad reviews or comments off the discussion page. Nice job HK and way to stay true to customers. The main problem with this setup is the Esc, it's trash. They go up in smoke for no apparent reason after only a couple battery packs. I read about here and didn't listen, now all you are really able to see is the great reviews. I, as did others, send in our ESC for warranty only to never hear back from HK. Do yourself a huge favor and buy a HobbyWing ESC.

6 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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