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Quanum Toxic Nitro 1/10th 4wd Racing Buggy (ARR)

Quanum Toxic Nitro 1/10th 4wd Racing Buggy (ARR)
Quanum Toxic Nitro 1/10th 4wd Racing Buggy (ARR)

The Toxic Nitro is the latest Quanum 1/10th Rally Cross Nitro Buggy. With high speed performance and off road capabilities the Toxic Nitro is a must for all budding 1/10th drivers. The Toxic Nitro is the next generation in 1/10th scale Buggy racing, supplied with a two speed
automatic gearbox, a powerful .18 engine and tough, oil filled shock absorbers.

Quanum Radio Controlled Nitro Cars are supplied with powerful SH Racing Engines. The simplified rotary Carb has only two tuning Needles which makes it far easier to tune without sacrificing power.

• 1/10 Scale Nitro Powered Car
• 4WD Shaft Drive System
• Fully Ballraced System
• SH .18 Size Pull Start Engine
• Oil-Filled Shocks
• Two Speed Automatic Gear Box
• Front And Rear Bevel Differentials
• 75CC Fuel Tank
• Metal Disc Brake System
• Pre-Painted And Cut Body Shell
• Sealed Box For Protecting Receiver System
• Anti-Roll Bars Pre-Installed
• Steel Clutch Bell For Better Durability

Height: 170mm
Length: 430mm
Wheelbase: 280mm
Track F/R: 250mm
Ground Clearance: 27mm
Engine: SH .18 Nitro
Cubic Capacity: 2.74cc
Bore: 15.90mm
Stroke: 14.70mm
R.P.M: 29000
Power: 1.0hp
Weight: 2.02kg

Your Own 2 channel Radio System
4 x AA Batteries
Glow Driver
Nitro Fuel

PRODUCT ID: 9249000117

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Weight: 2980g
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Price  $116.20

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aheng  1 points - 7/26/2015
please reastock
Roders  26 points - 6/22/2015
When is this item back in stock?
Jayden  2 points - 6/14/2015
Does it come with tools?
Jayden  2 points - 6/14/2015
What's there email
Martino  2 points - 5/9/2015
Hey guys, I just received my Quanum Toxic Nitro in the mail today! I opened it up and it looks awesome! I cant wait to run it. I will do an after run review on it too.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Andrew V.
Like it?
awesome car runs great , engine sounds like it is a little bit angry , the only thing i dont like is the placement of the pull start as it is a bit in the way , but all over a great car that is immensely fast and great performance extremely happy abut my purchase

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Overall Rating
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Yesterday i received it, with some little adjustments and mods. today i can maiden. Factory adjustments are quite good and all screws and bolts are well tightened. İ run with pcnt 10 nitro fuel and change the plug with N5 original plug is N3 and if you use more than pcnt10 nitro it could run good too. İts structural quality is very good for chines brand. İ only add dust cover on on/off switch for water . Changed the steering servo with proper 6kg metal geared one (Original one is no brand and it wont center well ),put turnigy fuel filter in fuel line and add turnigy cheap steering gyro for proper drift .İts engine run smooth,quite and little rich. After 5th tank of fuel i tightened the mixture to 4.5 turn to poor now it goes 90 km in second gear and do perfect donuts. But AWD ratio is pcnt50 pcnt50 and it wont has 2. slippery diff, it could over-steer easily. İll change shocks oil with tick one and change the tires for more front grip. i hope my review will help you

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Great buggy but, i broke the front bulkheads after two weeks. No parts available on the parts page. It was fun while it lasted.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Bought this as my first car and it's very cheap. I was attracted by the SH engine and the two speed gear box. Even though it is not as good as the higher brands but the spare parts are really cheap. the break in was very easy and so was the tuning.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
My buggy arrived today and I am really happy with it, Iam using 20 percent nitro and the standard N5 glow plug that came with the kit. after priming it I started it. I could not believe the engine started first pull which i was not ready for haha. so far I have driven around my garden (at half throttle) and am happy with the servos and the way it steers. So far Im am very happy with my buggy and would recommend it to friends

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