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Turnigy Receiver Pack 2300mAh 6.0v NiMH

Turnigy Receiver Pack 2300mAh 6.0v NiMH

This 5 cell 6.0V 2300mAh Ni-MH receiver pack offers long life in between charges and extremely long cycle life. Perfect for any model requiring a 6.0V rechargeable receiver pack.

Low-Self-Discharge Ni-MH batteries are a new technology that prevent the battery from slowly losing it's charge over time. In fact these LSD batteries can stay charged for over a year without losing more than 30% of their charge. Normal NiMH batteries would lose nearly 100% of their charge over 12 months.
Category: Rechargeable Ni-MH
Capacity: 2300mAh
Voltage: 6.0V
Chemistry: NiMH Low Self Discharge
Weight: 148g
Dimensions: 72x52x15mm
Discharge plug: JR
We guarantee our cells are true to their capacity!
Sadly battery marketing is an evil game, with overstated capacity being the industry norm. Generally speaking, battery factories will suggest vendors to overstate the capacity by at least 30%, marking 1800mAh cells with 2300mAh labels or more!
While this might work for toy stores, such marketing tactics wouldnt survive 1 week in our store with customer feedbacks and reviews, and thats why we guarantee our TURNIGY 2300mAh NiMH cells to be at least 2300mAh!

PRODUCT ID: 9169000008

Capacity(mAh) 2300
Config (s) 5
Discharge (c) 0
Weight (g) 148
Max Charge Rate (C) 0
Length-A(mm) 72
Height-B(mm) 52
Width-C(mm) 15
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Weight: 175g
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Price  $7.49

  • Futaba Plug to Banana Plug Charge Lead Adapter

    Combo Price: $1.30   IN STOCK

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Lawrence  1 points - 11/17/2015
I am looking for a backup battery for my futaba 14SG Could this I use this battery? target=_blank>
Lawrence  1 points - 11/17/2015
I am looking for a backup battery for my Futaba 14SG Radio - *******www3.****************/cgi-bin/WTI0001P?I=LXCV
RB&P=8 Could
I use this battery?
Slamn SAMMY  60 points - 9/15/2015
Angelo, You can charge them at 2.3Amps, BuT! l like to charge toem at 1.5Amps to keep them from over heatting.
Trent  1 points - 8/25/2015
HI, was hoping someone could tell me what the correct charge rate is on these batterie? I have a Swallow charger and thinking it should be around the 0.4 amp setting? If not what is the best charge setting and for how long? Thanks
 Zachry 68 points
General rule of thumb is 1c, so 2.3 amps. If you charge a nimh batt too slow the peak detection won't dtect properly, and will result in an overcharge.
 Zachry 68 points
Sorry, if your not using a peak detection charger, I would charge at 1amp.
 Slamn SAMMY 60 points
l have a bunch of thes battery's and l fast charg them at 1.5Amps. l don't like to go over this. They tend to get hot fast. I'm using a Hitch H1 chager. l also use the Hobbyco fast feald charger l use it a lot, just hook it up and punch "CHARGE" and it does the rest. It's (AUTOMATIC). Will not over charge the battery's. (DO NOT) ues the charger that comes with the radio! and it's best to brake in the batterys with a cycler, three times for the best, longest life. I also cycle with my H1 too.
victor  1 points - 8/7/2015
nimah batteries to canada how do i get nimah battery packs shipped to canada as I used to do last yesr when i go to finish order it rejects the order
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80 med fragt det er jo 1/2 pris. F... dansk moms

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Overall Rating
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Wow! Hobby King care!

VERY useful in rc sailboats..

See shipshapercDOTcom for all sialboat ideas, fixes, reviews etc.

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great 6v for this price, what else do you need

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nette accu voor een nette prijs, raadzaam om de aansluitdraden te vervangen voor eigen draad/aansluiting, soldeer werk was slecht, bij een van de accu's waren niet alle koperdraden doorgesoldeerd.
aansluitdraden zijn erg dun uitgevoerd.
gebruik al lange tijd HK lsd ni-mh 2300 cellen- doen wat beloofd is: extreem lage zelfontlading.

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I now have three of these packs - they are excellent value for money - using them in RC sailboats (Hurricane, Surmount and Discovery) they provide plenty of capacity for all day sailing in any conditions

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