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Turnigy AA Ni-ZN 1500mAh High Voltage (ready to use)

Turnigy AA Ni-ZN 1500mAh High Voltage (ready to use)

Turnigy Ni-ZN (Nickel-Zinc) batteries offer high voltage and excellent cycle life when compared with Ni-CD/Ni-MH batteries.

The nominal voltage of these Turnigy Ni-ZN cells is 1.6V compared to that of only 1.2V with Ni-CD/Ni-MH. This means more power for your device and longer usable capacity. Our Ni-ZN cells provide on average 50% more usable capacity per cycle compared to a standard Ni-CD/Ni-MH cell of the same rated capacity.

Category: Rechargeable AA battery
Capacity: 1500mAh
Voltage: 1.6V
Chemistry: Ni-ZN High Voltage
Weight: 25g
Dimensions: 49x14mm

When charging these Ni-ZN cells, set your charger to Ni-CD/Ni-MH mode using CV (constant voltage) charge function. Set the cutoff voltage to 1.9V per cell.

We guarantee our cells are true to their capacity!
Sadly battery marketing is an evil game, with overstated capacity being the industry norm. Generally speaking, battery factories will suggest vendors to overstate the capacity by at least 30%, marking 1800mAh cells with 2300mAh labels or more!
While this might work for toy stores, such marketing tactics wouldnt survive 1 week in our store with customer feedbacks and reviews, and thats why we guarantee our TURNIGY 1500mAh Ni-ZN cells to be at least 1500mAh!

PRODUCT ID: 9169000003

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Capacity(mAh) 1500
Config (s) 1
Discharge (c) 0
Weight (g) 25
Max Charge Rate (C) 0
Length-A(mm) 49
Height-B(mm) 14
Width-C(mm) 14
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Weight: 30g
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Price  $1.46

  • NiZN AA 1.5A Battery Charger

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motherfuckers  8 points - 1/28/2015
Waited a year for these, but I don't want them now. When you force me to unnecessarily pay lipo shipping for them, you can keep them. Maybe you can use them to power the website.
Pingchen  1 points - 1/5/2015
I need 20 of this battery, but it only allow order 5, the shipping is very expensive, I have to order 4 times and pay 4 times of shipping cost????? what's wrong!!!!
 motherfuckers 8 points
They're forcing you to use lipo shipping. Really ****py. I don't want them now. That eliminated their value.
ANGRY TOO  10 points - 1/4/2015
why i can't buy more than 5 of this batteries? i want 8 but it shows 5 after update, it says they have more than 10 in stock.
Andrey  5 points - 10/5/2014
Nice battery but I need 3A NiZn
Daniel  1 points - 9/29/2014
When will the NiZN batteries be available in the US warehouses
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charge NI-ZN with accucell, IMAX, HYPERION, Icharger EASILY: set charger to LI -FE mode, 1 cell life = about 2 cells of NI ZN. build a battery pack of 2-4-6 etc NI ZN cells, charge with half C or 1 C(0,5-1-1,5A) hope the life cycle will be good, wikipedia says about 300 cycles instead of ni-mh 1000 cycles.

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İ just recieved these battaries. İ try on my glow drive it fries O.S number 8 plug in a sec. İts may be over powered for glow plugs or just coincidence. İll use on 2.4 ghz recivers and backup batt for glow drive

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Voltage as stated. Very effective power delivery and charging as a NiMH pack does the job.

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Great product with his

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Отличный аккумулятор,я доволен покупкой.

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