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Turnigy AA LSD 2400mAh Low Self Discharge (ready to use)

Turnigy AA LSD 2400mAh Low Self Discharge (ready to use)

Low self discharge AA NiMH battery. Great for transmitters, fuel pumps, glow starters or other low discharge electronics that you want to use over several months or years without having to recharge.
Low-Self-Discharge NiMH batteries are a new technology that prevent the battery from slowly losing it's charge over time. In fact these LSD batteries can stay charged for over a year without losing more than 30% of their charge. Normal NiMH batteries would lose nearly 100% of their charge over 12 months.
Category: AA batteries
Capacity: 2400mAH
Voltage: 1.2V
Chemistry: NiMH
Weight: 29g
Dimensions: 51x14mm
We guarantee our cells are true to their capacity!
Sadly battery marketing is an evil game, with overstated capacity being the industry norm. Generally speaking, battery factories will suggest vendors to overstate the capacity by at least 30%, marking 1800mAh cells with 2300mAh labels or more!
While this might work for toy stores, such marketing tactics wouldnt survive 1 week in our store with customer feedbacks and reviews, and thats why we guarantee our TURNIGY 2400mAh NiMH cells to be at least 2400mAh!

PRODUCT ID: 9169000001

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Capacity(mAh) 2400
Config (s) 1
Discharge (c) 0
Weight (g) 29
Max Charge Rate (C) 0
Length-A(mm) 51
Height-B(mm) 14
Width-C(mm) 14
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Weight: 35g
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Price $1.61

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Zaikin  2 points - 10/4/2014
Okay, I'll try to ask the question differently. There are currently delivery the goods without the tracking (without track number)? This type of delivery was earlier, it is much cheaper.
 HobbyShun 123 points
Shipping batteries is not an easy task now. Many mail services either refuse to ship batteries at all or charge extra, so some shipping methods may be good for parcel with no battery , but will not be available if you want to send batteries.
Zaikin  2 points - 10/2/2014
In chate- "Support" well have said me: I must have Order Number and report it. I was doing all this, before asking a question on the forum. To have the Order Number, I need to make payment for the goods. Total pay - more then 50EU. I want to know whether there is a delivery at a lower cost, and not only more than 50 €*? I'm not an idiot, to pay for shipping 4 batteries that kind of money!
Zaikin  2 points - 9/30/2014
Hey there! I have 10 units these batteries. I wanted to buy 4 more units: EU 4.96, weight 140 g Delivery to Ukraine - EU 50 worth? Total to pay EU 54-56, can not remember exactly. Trying to get clarification in the "Support" to nothing came. Where can I find information about the delivery? Previously this service was.
 LasseK 1580 points
Click on the button LIVE CHAT in the top right corner. This connects you to customer service, just enter your order number and ask away (but prepare to wait quite a while before someone answers). Great service though, even if it's slow. HTH
Dolfie  46 points - 9/18/2014
I've been using these for a while now and and still going strong Yesterday I charged them and put in 2700mAh.,they are true to their capacity .Have a nice day.
BAGR  1 points - 9/5/2014
can be delivered to Ukraine. And how much will it be worth the price?
 HobbyShun 123 points
Add to cart, start checkout, fill in shipping address and next page will show delivery options and charges.
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Otimo produto! Recomendo a compra!

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Mauricio D
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This are awesome batteries I use them with my RCA car transmitter the stay charged like regular alkaline or lithium batteries

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You can only buy one of these batteries unless you pay for registered postage- Makes purchasing them VERY expensive. Postage for 8 batts on their own $14. If you include it with another order going registered almost doubles the postage cost. Even though it's only a NiMH, they still apply the same 3000mah limit they use for lipos.

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Baterias com preço bom. Vantagem por comprar unidades individuais.

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