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RMILEC TS4047 10CH 2.5W UHF Module System w/Receiver (JR module)

RMILEC TS4047 10CH 2.5W UHF Module System w/Receiver (JR module)
RMILEC TS4047 10CH 2.5W UHF Module System w/Receiver (JR module)

The RMILEC TS4047 10CH 2.5W UHF Module System offers the ultimate in range for your FPV model. It can be used with any JR style module transmitter. This package includes the TS4047 UHF transmitting module, RD4047P UHF 10CH receiver and all necessary hardware.

Included in box:
TS4047 transmitter module (JR style)
RD4047P 10CH receiver
Transmitter module antenna
Antenna rack
All necessary hardware/wire leads

TS4047 Module Specifications:

Hardware frequency Range: 400MHz to 470MHz
Frequency stability: 2.5ppm
Output low-pass Filter: NONE
- Band 1
Frequency Range: 415Mhz-445Mhz
Step frequency: 480Khz
Channel : 70
- Band 2
Frequency Range: 433.05MHz -434.79MHz
Step frequency: 30Khz
Channel: 70
Low Output Power: 30DB -31DB Peak  (0.9W-1.2W)
High Output Power: 33DB -34DB Peak (1.9W-2.5W)
Low rate: 40Hz @10Kbps
High rate: 66Hz @15Kbps
RF interface impedance: 50 Ohm
Supply Voltage: 8.4V to 16V
Reverse battery protection: NONE
Logic Voltage: 3-12V
330mA/520mA (@50 Ohm load,12V Supply Voltage)
250mA/440mA (@No-load,12V Supply Voltage)
950mA/1.6A (@RF Short circuit,12V Supply Voltage)
Temperature: 50 to 70 Degrees Celsius

RD4047P Receiver Specifications:
Frequency Range: 400MHz to 470MHz
Sensitivity :    
-112 DBM @0.1EBR(40Hz Refresh rate)(10Kbps low rate )
-111 DBM @0.1EBR(50Hz Refresh rate)
-110 DBM @0.1EBR(66Hz Refresh rate) (15Kbps high rate)
-108 DBM @0.1EBR(90Hz Refresh rate)
-104 DBM @0.1EBR(125Hz Refresh rate)
-104 DBM @0.1EBR(166Hz Refresh rate)
-101 DBM @0.1EBR(250Hz Refresh rate)
F/S turn on condition: >0.99EBR
Antenna gain: 2.15DBM
- Low rate mode
Refresh rate: 40Hz
Hopping rate: 40Hz
Hopping cycle: 13Hz
Recover time: 77mS
- High rate mode
Refresh rate: 66Hz
Hopping rate: 66Hz
Hopping cycle: 22Hz
Recover time: 45mS
Response Time: 4mS to 25mS
PWM Output accuracy: 0.5uS step ERROR<20PPM
PWM Output range: 0.5mS-2.5mS
PWM output cycle: 55Hz  @Normal mode / 192Hz @Fast mode
PPM Output accuracy: 0.5uS step ERROR<20PPM
PPM Output range: 0.5mS-2.5mS Each channel
PPM output cycle:
50Hz@Normal mode & 1mS to 2mS Output
42Hz to 50Hz  @Normal mode & 0.5mS to 2.5mS Output
50Hz to 83Hz  @Fast mode   & 1mS to 2mS Output 
42Hz to 125Hz @Fast mode   & 0.5mS to 2.5mS
PPM sync pulse width:
4mS to 16mS  Automatic adjust @Normal mode / 4mS unchanging @Fast mode
RSSI output range: 0-3.3V (RF signal weak <0.8V)
Recommend Supply Voltage: 3.5V to 8.4V
Shutdown voltage: 3 V
Damage voltage: >15V
Reverse breakdown voltage: >-15V
Output ports withstand voltage: >12V
Normal Current: <60mA
Operating Temperature: –40 to +80 °C
Low frequency Power supply noise filter: Include
High frequency noise filter: Include

PRODUCT ID: 362000001

Weight: 264g
International Warehouse
Price  HKD1,156.16

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 Customer rated
Total of 176 discussions.
Navarro  21 points - 12/20/2014
When this product will be IN STOCK?
George  18 points - 11/8/2014
No FailSafe Setting?
Denis  2 points - 11/3/2014
When this product will be IN STOCK, please. What the ETA?
SERHAN  7 points - 10/6/2014
hi. please tell me that how can i make this modul 10 ch with turnigy 9xr .??? turnigy 9xr has 10 ch and when i complete binding via ppm i cant use cn9 and ch 10 what can i do _?
Ivan Valerevich  1 points - 9/28/2014
hey guys, is this module has a lost packet indicator???
 BrianB192 1543 points
Depends .you mean beep when range Is Low. Aparently. All wil do that if diversity, As thats what makes Indication when 1 side drops. the cheaper duel areals do. So why wouldnt this, stock Is with 18ch above this,
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
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I bought this a 8 months ago from foxtech,paid twice as much but still don't regret it.I have flown at least 8km and have never had a glitch it snaps right into the 9x no problem.the tx module puts out alot of power so dont stand to close to your ground station or you will get noise on the video.I use my 900mhz video with 5.8ghz on my ground station to my 5.8ghz fatsharks so no wires and I can stand away from the ground station.I have a video under the movies tab,it was one of my first flights with rmilec and I went 4km out it worked like a champ.

21 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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This team of RX, TX is realmetne sensancional, I've flown over 4 km and only 20 meters from the ground and never any problems, I have it mounted on Turnigy 9x with fantastic software ER9x.

2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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Everyone is going to be disappointed when they find out that you can't use all ten channels without a ppm encoder board. You only have 8 usable channels as it comes from HK. Come on HK do your homework first. Where is the manual?

2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Like it?
This system works very well. I have a couple of pointers for anyone wanting to try it. 1) Always keep the rx antennas at 90 degress to each other, one vertical and one horizontal. 2)Keep the tx antenna vertical 3) dont sit too close to your video reciever with the tx as it will affect the video quality 4)Bind the rx with all equipment switched on vtx etc.

Good sytem and good price - nice one !

2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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Muito bom recomendo. Funciona muito bem com radio turnigy 9x só precisa tirar a antena de 2.4. facil de bindar e com bastante alcance. Ja voei a 4km sem ruidos. O f/S funciona muito bem mas não pode esquecer de habilitar a chave no modulo.

5 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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