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CL-415 Canadair 1390mm (Red/White) (ARF)

CL-415 Canadair 1390mm (Red/White)  (ARF)
CL-415 Canadair 1390mm (Red/White)  (ARF)

The CL-415 is the only aircraft in the world purpose built as a firefighter, it is literally, a waterbomber. This big model Seaplane can be flown either off water or at your favourite grass flying feild, yet despite it's size, this kit can be completed for very little cost.
The model is very light, meaning little power is needed to get it "unstuck" and into the air, it also features a water steering paddle, connected to the rudder, for steering the model back to shore. If you are not flying from water, simply un-screw the water steering rudder and hand-launch, the Canadair's excellent manners mean a grass landing is a breeze. The kit features a very comprehensive hardware kit, including servo extension leads, 8x3.8SF props, spinners, glue and tools!
Construction: Foam/Ply
Wing Span: 1390mm
Length: 968mm
Dry Weight: 710g
4 Channel (aileron, elevator, throttle, rudder)
Your own 4Ch RX/TX
2 x 24/2210 1400-1500kv Motors
2 x 20A ESC
4 x 9g Servo
2200mAh 3s Lipoly Battery

PRODUCT ID: 098000011

2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 1390mm (54.72in) 968mm (38.11in) 710g (1.562lb)

Weight: 2970g
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Price  $40.30

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Total of 103 discussions.
modeleryang  12 points - 3/25/2015
where can i have a manual for this plane
onur can  103 points - 3/24/2015
hey HK, shipping is killing the deal everytime
dias_se  22 points - 3/19/2015
Here is an unboxing video of this aeroplane: For the prize, this is a real bargin (so far). I need to build it now, -and fly to say for shure. But so far so good. :-)
Héric  8 points - 3/17/2015
I recommend that u do not recommend. The Model aircraft that is in my hands, only flies with 5A and the nozzle. Aeromodeller am to 6 years. I have a lot of experience in construction, pilot jets, drones and do FPV and 3D flight. I know what I'm saying. I do not doubt that your aero fly with 2200. But my, only with 5A is correct with CG ... The CG coming in the manual is not correct !. The HobbyKing never hit the battery or cg their model airplanes. This is common knowledge.
Héric  8 points - 2/19/2015
Excellent plane. Only a correction! Do not use Lipo 2200mAh 3S this aero, use 5000mah. So he will not be with huge tail weight! With Lipo 5.2A I can fly for 20 minutes and the battery still comes with 11.5v. I use 2 engines Turnigy D2830-11 1000kV Brushless Motor and 2 ESC 30A HobbyKing 30A Brushless Speed Controller BlueSeries Very strong, slow flying and very stable. I Use 2 prop 8x45 with 3 blades
 Jan 1 points
I flew it for years (the yellow red one - wich was of much scratch resistance then the cheaped down cracky white one) - I used ALLWAYS 3s 2200mah - and had never to put any leveling weight to it. Recommend not giving such statements - but check your CG is set correctly and the eleveator rudder is 100% level ! By the way - you can easily fly 20min. with 3s 2200mah as well and yor flying picture will be much nicer than with a heavy bomb.
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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Ich liebe die Canadair. Habe schon die gelbe Variante. Fliegt absolut gutmuetig, hat aber auch nichts gegen Loopings und Rollen. Fliege sie mit Lipos 3s 3700 mAh, 30 A Esc blue series, 2818 Brushless Outrunner 1350KV und 8x6x3 Props

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yeu kwang
Like it?
Packaging is good
Have been safely
SE-5a in the form of a very good
Is worth
Can be easily assembled
Doll is the atmosphere contains

GL-415 on order as seaplane called the
EPO wish
Two planes, both planes it interesting
I want good fly

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Just test flown mine today. Wow I love this model. Its overpowered a bit but nice to have in reserve. Have made hinged access hatches in the nacelles for betteraccess to the ESC's and slotted the wing for the wiring, much nicer now. Takesoff from grass in under 10 mtrs flies on less than half throttle, it does have a nosedown flying angle which looks great, touch and goes are so easy. Yet to try water but can't see any problems. Great value for money.

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Overall Rating
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Moteur 22/10 1200kv hélice master airscrew 8x6 vole super bien. Attention au flotteurs un peu fragiles

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Overall Rating
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Absolutely brilliant model, for the price. The foam is delicate, and very light weight. I laminated the entire model. An additional spar is recommended of the wing. Some fiberglass covering was applied to the belly, for additional protection. Set up with 22/14 1450Kv and 25A ESC's, HK 9g sevos. Flies slow and stable. Perfect for a beginner / trainer. Easily hand launched and belly landed. Build was straight forward, manual and most accessories were included.The model is surprisingly quiet, very easy to fly, cruises easily at 1/4 throttle. Highly recommended for relaxed smooth and stable flying, on the water!

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