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Soldering Station with Adjustable Heat Range with US Plug

Soldering Station with Adjustable Heat Range with US Plug

Soldering Station with Adjustable Heat Range

Specs Power Supply:
Power Consumption: 60W
Input Voltage: 110v
Output Voltage: 24v AC
Dimensions: 170mmx93mmx20mm
Temperature Range: 200c~480c/392F~896F

Specs Soldering Iron:
Power Consumption: 24v Ac-50w
Heating Element: Ceramic
Cord Length: 1.2m


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  • Phenolic Soldering Jig for Bullet Connectors

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Brett  3 points - 2/23/2016
The Yihua handle appears to use a 132A ceramic heating element, AND NOT THE A1321 Hakko element. Further, the 132A ceramic element seems to use a therocouple (with a positive and negative polarity) for the heat sensor, and the Hakko A1321 seems to use a thermo-resistor. Further, the 132A heating element also seems to be referred to as an AT936b. Atten also seems to refer to the AT936b - 132A element. This is all quite confusing, but if I attempt to use the Hakko A1321 element, the Yihua stations stays on, until the burnout of the A1321 element. Comments?
Brian  2 points - 2/4/2016
used mine 2 times and it ****ped out!
 Brett 3 points
Change out your controller with this one: use this Hakko handle (the Yihua handle looks the same, but is there after, use the Hakko replacement elements, why yours burns
 Brett 3 points
Sorry, they won't allow me to put links to other sellers. So, search on e-b-a-y for: HAKKO 936 Soldering Iron Station Controller DIY for 907 A1321 Heating Core then: ATTEN AT937b AT936b SOLDER IRON CERAMIC HEATER HEATING ELEMENT then: Heating Element for HAKKO Soldering Station Iron A1321 936 937 ... and replace what parts you need. Making sure to use the atten at936b element if using the Yihua controller dashboard, or the A1321 hakko element if using the Hakko controller dashboard.
Christian  1 points - 11/12/2015
Shipping from USA to Canada is FexEx only. The shipping cost is prohibitive, 25$ shipping for a 15$ item. USPS is cheaper, no brokerage fees and as reliable.. Why don't you also offer USPS?
 Frontedge 9 points
Even at $40 this is still a great soldering station.
CPCP.  20 points - 10/6/2015
Been back order for long.... *(
lotaloi  24 points - 3/21/2015
Folks, Wish to know what if the tip is needed in the future? Does HK sell spare tip for this ? Thanks March/21/2015
 Nemo33 59 points
 GatorTroutDog 12 points
I got a new tip from the Shack. Part number 6400208.
 StressLess 67 points
This uses the standard 900M tips, such as for Hakko, Aoyue, etc. You can get a 10 pack of different tips from eBay for less than $5.
Customer Reviews
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So nice, and a fantastic value! Now I can solder with precision, and not get the iron so hot that the flux burns away, like the standard soldering irons do. I also like the iron holder, much better than the usual wire stand. A must for working on circuit boards and with small components. I would have gotten it from the US warehouse and saved $15 on shipping, but they were out of stock. Now they're back in stock. Just get one of these, you won't go wrong. One of HobbyKing's best values.

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Mine works awesome so far (with a proper tip attached) The one it comes with is way too thin if you're trying to solder anything other than super fine stuff and I imagine that's why the review below was negative...not using a proper tip. Mine heats up super hot in under 1 minute. This is a great unit and is comparable to any other...really it's a super buy even with high shipping due to its weight.

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Overall Rating
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great soldering base, the heat adjustment helps a lot for good and nice soldering jobs

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Much better than the soldering station I purchased at R@d10 Sch@ck some years ago. Replacement tips available on ebay really add versatility to this unit

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I wrote this long review, it was great, but my session timed out and I lost it. In any case, this is a good product. I am comparing it to hobby grade irons, like the 25w Weller, or 60w Hobbico. The included tip is only useful for PCB work, so you want to order a selection of tips for this iron. Hobby King, you should carry a set, or at least include a larger conical tip and chisel tip with this iron. Charge an extra couple of dollars, and include a couple of extra tips. It heats up very fast, soldering in under a minute. The temperature control is great, and solid. I used it to solder on four pin headers (3 x 6 headers) on to controller boards, and it was much easier and did a better job than my old Weller. This is a great purchase. If you get one and it doesn't work great, talk to Hobby King, because it should work great.

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