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Turnigy™ TGY-306G-HV Ultra Fast/High Torque DS/MG/HV Alloy Case 3.7kg / 0.05sec / 21g

Turnigy™ TGY-306G-HV Ultra Fast/High Torque DS/MG/HV Alloy Case 3.7kg / 0.05sec / 21g
Turnigy™ TGY-306G-HV Ultra Fast/High Torque DS/MG/HV Alloy Case 3.7kg / 0.05sec / 21g

TGY-306G-HV High Voltage Ultra Fast/High Torque MG Digital Alloy Cased Servo  3.7kg / 0.05sec / 21g - Excellent 450 Heli & 3D servo.

Model: TGY-306G-HV
Operating Voltage: 4.8V / 6V / 7.2V
Operating Speed: 0.07sec.60º/ 0.06sec.60º/ 0.05sec.60º
 Stall Torque: / /
Size: 22.9X12.1X27.3mm
Weight: 21g
Motor: 12mm Coreless
Potentiometer: indirect Drive
Ball bearing: 2 Ball Bearing
Gear: Metal
Case: Aluminum
Connector wire: 220mm
Plug: JR/Universal

PRODUCT ID: 9355000003

Weight (g) 21
Torque (kg) 3.7
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.05
A(mm) 31
B(mm) 23
C(mm) 27
D(mm) 12
E(mm) 32
F(mm) 20
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PlaneKrazyToo  58 points - 9/10/2016
HK please have someone spec the splines and threads. With calipers or micrometer get ID OD and spline counts on ALL servos, horns and Gimbal thread sizes. These are long term problems. Aggravating to customers and causing displeasure and returns costing way more than these overlooked task. Results could be added to the item specs allowing customers to mate items. A web table of links and groupings showing all viable combinations you sell. Or a "Finder application" to display matches for both servos and Gimbal tips. FrSky gimbal threads are not specified. I have to take my Taranis, JR, Spectrum, and Futabas to the Hardware to match threads. Once I have these ID I will publish them.
Colin  2 points - 8/12/2016
These are fantastic servos! Reliable and fast. Best value for money.
roger2  447 points - 8/5/2016
I stripped gears in mine..where to get new?
helliboj  1 points - 6/23/2016
Frequenz 120 hz or 200hz dis servo ????????????
helliboj  1 points - 6/23/2016
120 hz oder 200 hz
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I love this servo! I just received mine in the mail yesterday and immediately put it through my series of tests that I do to all new servos. I ran it on my servo tester at 6.65 volts. Here is what I have found about this servo.

- Consistently cycled 60 degrees at 0.066 seconds.
- Consistently centered with no visible "bounce."
- There is zero slop in the gear train of this servo.
- The servo is very quiet and does not chatter.
- It is somewhat heavy for its class of servo but not too much to make it unusable.
- I ran highspeed no-load cycles at full speed for 10 minutes. The servo worked perfectly and the case was reasonably warm to the touch.
- The quality of craftsmanship is excellent.
- The servo wire is very flexible and plenty long when compared with other servos in the same class.
- My only dislike would be with the servo arms. I would guess that the splines in the arms would strip during an impact rendering the arms useless. That is probably a good thing, though, as the arm is a good place to serve as the "weak link" that absorbs any stress rather than the geartrain and case.

* I would highly recommend this servo for high speed/performance planes AND jets or for the cyclic and tail controls of a 450 class heli. This servo is simply amazing! I will surely be buying more of these!


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Bought 2 of these, they are very fast #1 - 0.051sec #2 - 0.049sec No jitter on #1, jitter disappeared after testing a bit on #2, no deadband, after 10 mins of cycling they were warm but quieter. Disassembled and ground down the connection leads (aluminum case and ugly solder is a bad combo) Going into a large flying wing, the small size will be nice for a thin airfoil. I'll likely buy more in the future.

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So far pretty good servo, using it in Hobbyking Slick. Planning to use it all around in Rex 450PRO.

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these servos are purely awesome, fast, strong, easy to the eyes and had a crash this weekend and they didn't get any damages, I recommend them, they make extremely good servos for the swatch mix and they could easily be used for the tail as well will buy some more for sure

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I bought two of these servos. They looked nice until all the stickers came off and I noticed they were just covering the motors inside. Yes the motors are a tad larger than the case so they protrude to both sides of the case. They are fine, but I thought that was weird. Stickers felt like they had oil instead of glue. They do feel nice but you do have to add tape/foam tape or hot glue to the bottom of the case to prevent any shorts. One feels nice and quick, the second one doesn't feel quite right. It feels slow for some reason, but it's on a flybarless setup. Flybar 450 feels great though. Oh you have to use the short star shaped arm. The others I found to rub/hit the boom. So still not sure how well these will be since one is pretty good and the other not so good. Will update as I find out more. Hopefully HK can go a bit lower, will definitely get one or two more then. It's a job thing not that I'm cheap.

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