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Mercury Alloy 12 Blade 90mm 1900kv EDF Unit (6s)

Mercury Alloy 12 Blade 90mm 1900kv EDF Unit (6s)
Mercury Alloy 12 Blade 90mm 1900kv EDF Unit (6s)

A result of 3 years in research and development these Taiwanese manufactured 90mm EDF units are on the cutting edge of EDF design.

The duct unit is made from aircraft grade high tensile Aluminum alloy to improve performance and help reduce deformity of the duct during installation. The 12 fan blade is the first in the world to use high tensile aluminum alloy, A result of 18 months of wind-tunnel tests and Computer Aided Evaluation. The fan unit reduces high speed deformation by 90%, compared to a conventional ABS or plastic fan.  
All Moto-turbine parts are manufactured using precision CNC machine tools in Taiwan. CNC machining enables a high level of acuaracy in the manufacturing proccess and ensures strict tolerances can be maintained. Each fan is also factory dynamically balanced.

In conventional ducted fan design, the motor is secured to the stator hub while the fan secured to the motor shaft.  During operation, any imperfection in either the motor or fan will cause both the fan and motor to vibrate at a certain resonance frequency.  The oscillation can cause the blade tip to rub against the shroud of the duct.  Moto-turbine’s 3-bearing system reduces resonance vibration by 90%.

Motor: 4090-1900kv High Performance EDF Brushless
EDF Unit: 90mm
Battery: 22.2v (6s)
AMP Draw: 95 amp (Max)
Watts: 2166 watts (Max)
Thrust: 3500g
ESC: 120A
Unit Weight: 435g
Shroud Dimensions: Width Front - 98mm, Width Rear - 92mm, Length: 119mm

Test Data:
22.8v (6s) 5200mah / 95amp / 2166watt / 3500g Thrust
30.4v (8s) 5200mah / 125amp / 3800watt / 4500g Thrust (Ref Only)


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Weight: 873g Quantity: 

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  • Turnigy dlux 120A HV Brushless Speed Controller (OPTO)

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Dean Blair  60 points - 3/22/2014
Need it in stock now pleas!!!!
f35 i got it  3 points - 3/10/2014
sorry on 4000 mhamp turnigy aspce 65c 6s
f35 i got it  3 points - 3/10/2014
the thrust is 3000 g on 6s and 98 amp not 3500 g and u cant use 8s on 7 the motor too hot
Dave  1 points - 2/13/2014
has anyone had these units (mercury 12 blade in any airplane ,how well do they work.
James  13 points - 2/6/2014
Works great on Freewing F-18 90mm with little modified, EDF need to move forward due to tail heavy.
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Excellent workmanship and engineering. Comes extremely well balanced. All one has to do is to apply some threadlock on the front motor cap and the back screw-on housing half and solder the bullets on the motor leads. No need to spend time and effort in balancing. It runs smooth as silk. The metallic resonance sound goes away at high throtle settings. My thrust stand test of this (1900kv 6s Version) on 6S brought somewhat unexpected results.... The amps were higher than expected. I first tried without an inlet lip to have a baseline with the manufacturer's spec. Used a 5000mah 6S 65-130C nano-tech with a 100amp DLUX ESC. Peak readings from the watt meter.... 22.16Vm 127.87Ap 2967.8Wp 3.1 Kg I believe that it is likely that the thrust measurement is understated on my stand. I had to make some quick mods to the stand to accomodate this long and wider than normal housing. It settles down to about 22.5V and 117Amps for 3Kg of thrust. Obviously, with less capable batteries the amps will go down to the 95amp spec. Thumbs up even at the relatively high price. I have uploaded a video of the test in the "VIDEOS" Tab.

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Overall Rating
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Ótima turbina, tem um sistema com rolamentos na frente do rotor que torna quase zero a vibração do eixo, muito bem acabada com ótima potencia, peso e desempenho!

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Overall Rating
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Runs great but not with the Hobbyking SS Series 190-200A ESC as you can see on the video. The EDF ist great but you need the proper ESC. I think i will replace this ESC with the Hawk BL 120A OPTO ESC.

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Overall Rating3/2/2014
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Beautiful workmanship. Only one very minor flaw in all 3 units I bought. If you remove the tail cone, there is a small edge of flash (sharp) on the leading edge of the guide vane. Easy to remove with light sanding, but was present on all 3 units I bought, suspect it is some sort of tooling mark. Otherwise, 100pcnt.... Worth buying just to admire the workmanship and for display. But mine will be going into an L59!

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