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Bumblebee Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame 550mm

Bumblebee Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame 550mm
Bumblebee Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame 550mm

The Bumblebee Carbon Fiber Quadcopter is a stylish and high quality quad frame perfect for aerial videography or for just flying around at your favorite local flying site.

This frame is constructed of beautifully finished genuine carbon fiber, the quality is top notch. It features folding arms and folding landing skids which makes it easy to transport and store. The removable dome top gives this quad personality and makes for a great way to hide your electronics giving it a very clean and tidy look.

The landing skids on the Bumblebee are quite tall which gives plenty of ground clearance for mounting a camera underneath with the optional camera mount (sold separately). This is the ideal platform for shooting awesome aerial video!

This frame comes with 4 x 35mm brushless outrunner motors in the box taking the guesswork out of choosing your power system. It even includes propellers. Simply add your own ESCs, multi-rotor control board, radio system and batteries to get the Bumblebee in the air!

• High quality genuine carbon fiber construction.
• Removable dome top.
• Foldable arms and landing skids.
• 4 x 35mm brushless motors included.
• Tall landing skids for under-frame camera mounting.

Width: 550mm
Height: 306mm (w/dome and landing skids installed)
Ground Clearance: 193mm
Weight: 950g (w/out battery)

1 x Hobbyking multi-rotor control board
4 x 20~30A ESC
3S 2200~3300mAh LiPoly battery
4CH transmitter and receiver

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Weight: 1589g
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Price  $147.36

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 Customer rated
Total of 175 discussions.
david  1 points - 12/15/2014
Será* nadam para portugal
 silvana 3 points
Sim, adicione ao seu carrinho e quando for finalizar a compra vera as opç*õ*es de frete disponí*vel.
sofyan  15 points - 11/12/2014
hi anyone know about the the motor spinner nuts? are they configured to CW and CCW for the spinner nut? and how many KV for the motors spec?
 Korhan Aslan 6 points
They are all CW type.
Patriot66  12 points - 7/29/2014
Hi, I am running with standard motors and Pro Flight 30 amp esc's. battery is 11.4 V 5000mah Turnigy, but disappointing flight times average 8 mins, any suggestions for better battery??, also thinking of FPV also, any input would be good......
 Doobieman 1351 points
That battery is probably part of your problem: it's too large and heavy. I suggest a smaller battery, perhaps a 2700-3300 mAh 3S.
 chly3001 588 points
are you overloading your copter? what else do you have on board
 Marcelo 4 points
Hi, i fly with two batteries 2200 and the flying time is eight minutes, with tx video fpv, gopro, gimball etc, my ***blebee have 2 kg complete, this is the time, for more time is necessary more batteries
 Snotta 11 points
Hey Guys try the MultiStar High Capacity 3S 5200mAh Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack for QR X350 PRO its a 10c and should give dependant on total weight up to 16min flight time
modeleryang  12 points - 7/6/2014
what is the length of your flight with 2200mah battery, mine is never go beyond 5min, i have camera and fpv tx installed, so don't want to over weight it.
 Doobieman 1351 points
Power the camera and transmitter on a separate battery, maybe 500-800 mAh or so.
 tony 205 points
I installed a 4s 3000mah batt and I got 8 min of flight time with Fatshark Tx/Rx and a Mobius cam on board.
I could go probably for 10 min and never wanted to push it to the limit!
 Doobieman 1351 points
"I live all of my years in a single minute!" - clear my eyes...of that double vision...
tony  205 points - 7/1/2014
Well, I did take the "over tighen" issue into consideration for these props, but they still broke for no other good reasons! None of my broke from the root/center near the motor shaft! I just flew my in 10 mph wind and they broke! My guess the wind could cause the props to vibrate in resonance at certain frequencies which could magnify the intensity of the vibrations!
It seems that these props are not designed to handle the size of the BB quad!
 Doobieman 1351 points
The props for this bird are fragile, for sure. That one should break just by flying, is ridiculous. You can replace the motors with ones that don't require you to buy these particular props, and give you more options for size, and climb rates. Also, the older landing gear was much better, but you can't even order that as a spare part.
 Chris 2 points
QUESTION: I too had a ***blebee fall out of the sky with a broken prop. I am going to have to change out the motors. Will a Turnigy replacement bolt up to this ***blebee stock pattern on the motor arms? They are not exactly square 2 holes are further apart than the other 2, I can't remember if that is normal though.
 Snotta 11 points
When I "had" a bu mblebee the props were awesome, I could bounce them off walls etc, but I couldn't get the right props when I ordered them (I was always sent CW ones instead of both CW and CCW) I changed motors out to "MT2213-935KV MultiStar Motor and Propeller Combo 10-4.5 CW CCW" but used different props as they would c-rap themselves
 Chris 2 points
Thx for the input, snotta. I had to replace 50% of the frame and went with 4S motors- I am grateful that before it went down that it (just) cleared flying over a large deep lake before the prop broke and falling to the ground. At least I could salvage leftovers-but I admit had it gone into the lake altogether and lost it all it probably would have been the end of quadcopters for me. ...but it is all back as good as new! And I replaced the props with carbon fiber ones that are strong as they come. and to be quite honest-it is MUCH more quite with props that do not flex and the video footage had much less jello than before!!=-)
 tony 205 points
Chris, what type pf motors did you go with now?
 Chris 2 points
Turnigy D3636/9 910KV. (good motors and well balanced) 2 of the bolts of these motors lines up with the old holes which gave me perfect alignment with the other 2 holes I measured and drilled for. Be careful to get the motor level when you bolt it down or the quad with have a yaw latency after you turn it. It took me a while to figure it out but I kept staring at it on the bench and I noticed it had slightly twisted motor and I loosed the bolt then made it perfect and tightened and now after a turn it is perfect...nice and snappy.
 Chris 2 points
My apologies. The motors are D3536/9 910 KV. Im all thumbs=-/
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Flying Barry
Like it?
Great kit that goes together easy and flies well the only thing you need to do is fit washer between the motors to motor mounts because the motor mounting bolts are 1mm too long that short the winding out in the motors. I fitted the KK2 board to this frame drilling four holes and used nylon rises.

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Overall Rating
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God Quality Kit! Easy to put together though without any manual/instructions. Good value for money. Motors looks nice too. Tricky to install the flightcontrollerboard though, i had to make new holes.

No comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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Sweet kit...
fitted together too easy with all provided screws.
i used to only scratch build multi rotors but no longer this kit is superb. Fitted up with my Wookong controller on its first flight photographed images for a daily newspaper.

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Overall Rating
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This kit went together very well and is really nice quality. Does anyone know where i can get replacement props as they are different to ones i have seen before. They have a large diameter hole (6mm ish) and anti rotation inserts. Does HK carry spares as i could do with a additional battery tray to mount my GPS !

6 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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bonne qualité pliable. sans manuel alors bien regarder les photos pour le montage. ne pas prendre les esc conseiller ci dessu, ils ne sont pas de bonne qualité

1 comment. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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