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HK-550TT Flybarless 3D Torque-Tube Electric Helicopter Kit

HK-550TT Flybarless 3D Torque-Tube Electric Helicopter Kit
HK-550TT Flybarless 3D Torque-Tube Electric Helicopter Kit

Finally, a 550 class flybarless helicopter kit that won't break the bank! Modeled on the famous and proven T-Rex 550, the HK550TT FBL will push your 3D skills to their limits.

This 550 size helicopter offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio that makes for stellar 3D performance. It utilizes the same power system as a 600/.50 size electric heli, but is lighter and spinning smaller blades, thus offering much higher performance and efficiency. Also featuring a flybarless rotor head and torque-tube driven tail, this machine is capable of handling whatever hardcore aerobatics you choose to throw at it!

With its black anodized CNC alloy head & tail unit and beautifully finished carbon fiber frame, the HK550TT FBL is as nice to look at as it is to fly. This kit has just about all the alloy upgrade parts you could want already installed such as battery mount plate, tail servo mount, tail pushrod guides, anti-rotation bracket base and main bearing blocks. There are very few plastic parts anywhere on this heli! 

The HK550TT FBL uses high quality tail bearings and tight tolerances to ensure no slop in the tail assembly and locked-in tail performance for the most extreme of 3D flying.

This heli comes 90% pre-assembled so you can be in the air in no time. Just complete the final assembly,  add your favorite main blades, install your own electronics and your ready to fly!

• High quality flybarless rotor head.
• Black anodized CNC alloy head & tail unit.
• High-strength alloy main bearing blocks.
• Alloy battery mounting plate.
• Alloy tail servo mount.
• Beautifully finished carbon fiber main frames.
• High quality tail bearings and tight tolerances to ensure no slop in the tail assembly.
• Excellent power-to-weight ratio.
• Compatible with T-Rex 550 helicopter.
• 90% pre-assembled.

Length: 1042mm
Height: 374mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 1188mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 254mm
Motor Drive Gear: 16T
Main Drive Gear: 170T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 180T
Tail Drive Gear: 40T
Drive Gear Ratio: 1:10.62:4.5
Weight (w/o electronics/blades): 1350g

HK550TT FBL Torque-Tube Helicopter Kit
Tail Blades
All Necessary Hardware

Required items:
6CH Transmitter/Receiver with Helicopter Programming
Lipoly Battery (4000~5000mAh 6S)
520~550mm Main Blades
Servos (3 x cyclic, 1 x tail)
Flybarless Control Unit
Brushless Outrunner Motor
70~100A ESC

PRODUCT ID: 155000102

Weight: 2317g
International Warehouse
Price  $145.99

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gmorph  2 points - 6/21/2015
Mine turned up - canopy smashed. Its just thrown in the box with the head, landing gear and the body frame. Looks like the head was resting on the canopy and its shattered the canopy. The rest of the parts seem ok and its not worth the RMA process just for the canopy. I'll simply fly without it. NO instructions/manual. I couldn't see any in the files section either. Any idea where I can find some? Yes I know I can google TREX 550 but I was wondering if there were any HK instructions? Thanks, Grant.
 John Banion 79 points
Most all the HK heli kits don't some with manuals, The align manuals are fine as all the parts you really care about. IE linkages. Oh, from what I've read the Canopy's are always broken. I got lucky as mine only had a few small cracks, but I planned on replacing it anyway as it is Fugly and very thin.
David724  13 points - 4/23/2015
Why does customer service ignore my request for missing parts!! Going out of business!!!???
 John Banion 79 points
Probably because most of us upgrade to Tarot and Align parts asap.
celsoborella  35 points - 2/15/2014
cade as peç*as de reposicao para este flybarless helicó*ptero 550 nao tem nada para ele so para o 550gt
Daniel9  27 points - 2/6/2014
Habe den Heli heute erhalten. Gute Qualitä*t, alles passgenau und lä*uft flü*ssig ohne zu Haken. Die Haube ist allerdings Mist und bricht sofort. Auß*erdem war ein Anlenkhebel am Heck kaputt, musste Ersatz bei HK bestellen. Kosten ca. 5$.
Roger  13 points - 9/6/2013
The 550TT tail gear box is not compatible with align Torque Tube Rear Drive Gear Set H60G003XXT . HobbyKing has not listed this component in its spares list. You will need to remove small metal shim on left hand bearing and cut a thin spacer to fit under one side plate forward mount to pack it all out. Great shame, serves me right for bending the shaft! The front umberella and 40T drive are compatible.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Vincent F
1 thumbs up!
Hi all !
Just received mine today ! Quality is TOP CLASS, all made off CNC and CFK, very impressive. I had the 450, 500 and 600, but I think Hobbyking has made great improvements in quality, very, very good product and for the price... woaw ! Only one thing is a little "prout-prout" ... the plastic canopy... so I've ordered a Turnigy Fiberglass Canopy.
Thanks Hobbyking for your great products at affordable price !

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
I really just got mine today:) it goes together pretty good i always get my own screws and bolts to be safe. Im using a 100a turnigy delux esc and il try a t600 motor just to test it out really. im just going to put a spectrum beatx all in one to be safe. I wil fly it next couple of days and give a update

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
I received my kit last week. Upon arrival I found that the machining on the head and tail, and the aluminum parts in the frame is phoenominal. The bearings so far seem to be very well made and everything moves smoothly. This kit is a definite step in the right direction compared to the HK600GT kit that I have also. There were some issues that are shared between all HK Helicopter kits, though. - Main Gear is wobbly and out of round, so it needed to be replaced - Tail Boom arrived bent - Landing skids are too rubbery for my liking - Canopy was the worse I've ever seen. It is made from the most brittle plastic ever. - Main Shaft arrived slightly warped which can cause some nasty vibrations at >2000 RPM Overall, though, these issues are very small in the grand scheme of things. I would definitely recommend this kit to others. The replacement parts would only cost about $45 from Align.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Overall an OK kit. Don't know why it is so expensive compared to a 450, its just a "bit" bigger but the material is not that expensive, even comes without blades. The canopy hat lots of cracks in it, HK wants more and more fotos before they act, not sure how that ends. luckily i ordered a spare one from the start. biggest let down is that not all spare parts are available here: e.g. torque tube, torque tube gear assembly front/rear, basically no torque tube spares at all. the carbon parts are nice, aluminnium looks good too, some screws are stuck, but I left them as is until i have to remove them, I'd prefer this to be a complete kit so I can use my own choice of thread lock.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
My HK 550 FBL TT have 27 flights. With the exception of broken canopy, and banded battery try, first impression was very good, but now I can say that this is a very bad quality kit. I already change all gears an now I'm waiting for the spare parts. Tail bearings gone. I don't think that there are many moving parts, that it will last.

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