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Walkera QR Ladybird Ultra Micro Quadcopter RTF (Mode 1)

Walkera QR Ladybird Ultra Micro Quadcopter RTF (Mode 1)
Walkera QR Ladybird Ultra Micro Quadcopter RTF (Mode 1)

Finally a ready to fly micro quadcopter that requires no setup or tuning. Just charge the batteries and fly!

The Walkera QR Ladybird features leading edge technology including a 6-axis gyro stabilization system making this micro quad ultra stable. Normally, building and setting up of a quadcopter requires lots of time, tuning and having to choose your own power system/components. The Ladybird takes away all of the complicated setup and makes it as easy as opening the box, charging the batteries and flying!

The Ladybird is very capable with plenty of power to spare. In normal mode, it's stable flight characteristics make it stress-free for the less experienced quad pilot. Switch it to aerobatic mode and it's very responsive for those looking to push it to it's limits. When in aerobatic mode, the responsiveness is greatly increased which allows for flips, rolls and loops to be performed!

From basic flying to amazing quad aerobatics, the QR Ladybird does it all. All this and it's still small enough to fit in the palm of your hand!

The Ladybird comes completely ready to fly with the Walkera 2402D 2.4gHz transmitter included. The 2402D features an easy to read backlit LCD display and is very ergonomic. This package also includes the flight battery, USB dual battery charger and spare propellers.

• 6-axis gyro stabilization system
• Ultra stable flight characteristics
• Aerobatic flight mode allowing for flips, rolls and loops
• Compact and lightweight design
• Ready to fly including 2.4gHz transmitter

Width: 125mm
Height: 38mm
Weight: 25g
Transmitter Mode: Mode 1

Included in box:
QR Ladybird Ultra Micro Quadcopter
2402D 2.4gHz transmitter with backlit LCD display (Mode 1)
3.7V 25C 240mAh LiPoly battery
USB dual battery charger
Spare propellers (2 x Black, 2 x Orange)
User manual

8 x AA batteries for transmitter

PRODUCT ID: 198000003

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Total of 36 discussions.
MZahana  1 points - 8/25/2015
byun  1 points - 11/29/2014
How many would deliver, Seoul, Korea period?
Colin  1 points - 8/5/2014
now have 2 lady bird that cant get to marry(bind) to radio. The red lite flashs when I try. They used to work but now they flash** helppppppppppppp
 Tuomas 231 points
1. Connect bind plug to the main board. 2. connect battery. 3. Switch controller on and move throttle stick up-and-down. Board led light flash should change and bind is completed. Then unplug battery, switch controller off, remove bind plug. Again connect battery, switch controller on and move thrillte up-and-down and light should stop blinking and you are ready to go.
Paul  1 points - 2/10/2014
I am doing just that, but only using the mechanics of this device. The rest is made from scratch using an XBee and an SN75441ONE motor driver. It is a lot of fun, and super educational.
Kim  1 points - 7/1/2013
I bought ladybird. It's fantastic. I would like to make my own quadcopter. Could i reuse the walkelra transmitter(2402D). I could not fine compatible receiver. Please notice where can i fined walkelrea 2402D 4ch recever.
 kevin 3 points
You probably need 5 or six channels for a quad
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
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Excellent petit quadri. La ladybird est nerveuse et tres stable, des mon premier vol ce fut un plaisir de la piloter

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Overall Rating
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Purchased the ladybird,charged supplied battery,flew spot on straight out of the box with only minor forward trim. however on my second flight a CW motor failed, luckely no damage was sustained.But rendered the model unuseable until replacement arrives.Time will tell if this is going to be a common fault with this as I notice all the CCW units have been sold since I ordered a spare set of each.

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Overall Rating
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Excellent product. It is extremely stable it flyes the 8 minutes the box says. You have to treat her like a Lady as the brushed motors are very sensitive and if you crash too often, you will damage the brushes of the motor. I would say for sure anyone with good will of flying will do it with no problems. This is my first quad experience and Im very satisfyed with it. I think if HK could offer upgrades to implement Brushless motors, they will for sure have a lot of orders for them. I ordered some of the mini 2grams brushles and some Brushless ESCs to test if having a miniquad with such brushless is worth. A wireless minicamera 2.4 Ghz or 5.8Ghz that could be fed from the same cell would be simply awesome, and a sure competitor of the AR Drone from parrot

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Overall Rating
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Le mode 1 étant en rupture, achetez le mode 2, la modif est très simple (ouvrir l'émetteur et changer la languette de crantage du manche la vis de blocage du ressort). En vol : fabuleux

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Overall Rating
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This is one of the few products that gets the RCModelReviews big thumbs up! Absolutely brilliant is the only way to describe this little quad. It is tough, it is incredibly stable yet agile and it is just so very much FUN. Full review coming on the RCModelReviews YouTube channel. Beautiful!

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