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Turnigy Lipo Bunker - Lipoly Safety Charge Box

Turnigy Lipo Bunker - Lipoly Safety Charge Box
Turnigy Lipo Bunker - Lipoly Safety Charge Box

There are only two times a battery can fail, during charge or discharge, and while you can not control what happens in your model you can control what happens during charging with the Turnigy Lipo Bunker.

Constructed from S304 certified stainless steel to withstand temperatures in excess of 800 degrees Celsius, the Turnigy lipo Bunker is a bullet proof safety enclosure designed to contain flames and help minimize damage to surrounding objects in the event of a lipoly failure. The duct will ensure heat, flames and gases being expelled from a lipoly battery will be vented in a direct and controlled manner.

Case Material: S304 Certified Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 180mm x 90mm x 90mm

PRODUCT ID: 9171000068

Weight: 596g
International Warehouse
Price  HKD185.85

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Justin  2 points - 12/24/2013
There shouldn't be a price on safety.
 Bruno 722 points
Hi, Justin! I agree with your point of view: Safety must be always in first place! But, it is a very nice metal box, with a well finished and have a great look. It always get the attention of friends. Regards from Brazil!
bully14  56 points - 10/18/2013
charging one 5000 lipo.. LOL I don't have time for just one. I use a balance charger multi board. if you store the lipos in an ammo box, make sure you have drilled large holes (6) so it can vent some smoke and flames. I would advise against locking the ammo box lid. just hook the latch bar and don't lock it down. store outdoors away from heat, direct sun, and at least 10ft from anything.
Bruno  722 points - 7/24/2013
Its a beautiful bunker for charging your lipo batteries. Can protect for a major explosion, but don't previne that it explodes. Always have in mind the right parameters for charging yours lipo, respect their limits, and do it in a safe place, far away from fuel materials! Regards!
kewood  103 points - 3/15/2013
Question storage of 6s5000Mah LIPO dont think mutch will stop one of these if they go off, my experience had 3 of these storage charged placed in a fire proof bag while on holidays and one went off destroying the other 2 and everything around it, even melted my aluminium starter box temperature must have been incredible, cause unknown, batteries were in good condition not very old, and at storage charge, Currently testing a new lot in a fire proof security case to see how it stands up if it ever happens again.
 HenryFoamman 3 points
Hey I charge in a fire proof bag placed inside a secondhand Army ammo box, I also store my battery's in these boxes, there are several sizes of these boxes for what ever size/amount you want to store. If there is a fire, I do not believe I will have much to worry about.
dantheflyingman  110 points - 1/5/2013
This think looks like it would be more fun to assemble that to use
 BoWingo 17 points
I was thinking the same thing.
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nice lipo bunkers, took quite some times to fix them up

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Overall Rating
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This is a very nice bunker for charging your batteries, made with strong metal shapes and some screws points, confering great visual and a very secure tool. Reserve some time to mount your bunker. Regards from Brazil!

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