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Turnigy 5V/6V 5A Heli-UBEC for Lipoly (6~16V)

Turnigy 5V/6V 5A Heli-UBEC for Lipoly (6~16V)
Turnigy 5V/6V 5A Heli-UBEC for Lipoly (6~16V)

The Turnigy Heli-UBEC is a great option for models requiring up to 5A continuous current and 5V/6V output. The output voltage is easily selectable by switch. The input side features a JST plug pre-installed, while the output side uses a JR style plug for use with any receiver.

The Heli-UBEC is compact in size and lightweight, making it ideal for mounting conveniently on your helicopter frame without taking up much space.

• Compact in size
• 5V/6V selectable output
• 5A continuous output current (7.5A burst)
• 6~16V input range allowing for use with 2~4S lipoly battery packs

Output voltage: 5V/6V (selectable)
Continuous output current: 5A
Burst output current: 7.5A
Input: 6V~16V
Size: 39x27x15.5mm
Weight: 25g

PRODUCT ID: 9295000009

Weight: 74g Quantity: 

  • Turnigy nano-tech 3000mAh 2S2P 20~40C Lipo Receiver Pack

    Combo Price: $16.37   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy nano-tech 1500mAh 2S1P 20~40C Lipo Receiver Pack

    Combo Price: $8.45   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy nano-tech 2000mAh 2S1P 20~40C Lipo Receiver Pack

    Combo Price: $11.51   IN STOCK

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Total of 9 discussions.
Kevin  2 points - 3/25/2014
Why is LED always on? I plugged a LiFe 6.6v battery into the JST connector and the output side to my receiver switch. Any ideas?
Sean  1 points - 9/10/2013
Yes you can! up to 4s lipos....
Mark  11 points - 5/7/2013
Can this be used in a rc monster truck (for two servos) and 2S lipos?
 FaHrStUhL 131 points
yes that would work with a 2S battery
Jack xD  19 points - 2/7/2013
*Nikalaj Could you please do a bit of extensive testing and come up with a conclusion(and maybe a fix). I want to use the same system on my aircraft (powered by 3S) and cannot afford a glitch mid-air :/
Nikalaj  6 points - 2/2/2013
Got this brand new HELI UBEC few days ago. It causes great problems to my frSky D8R-II receiver with four of HK47011DMG servos. Tested in 5V and 6V mode. Servos tend to go to extreme positions and then realign themselves. At first I thought it was a receiver/transmitter issue, but when tested connecting receiver to a regular 4,8V power supply, and later with 6V (with another UBEC) - it worked fine. Perhaps it just creates a lot of interference! Watch out for this one...
 jaccies 65 points
You used an extra 3S Lipo as voltage input? max input is 16V
 Nikalaj 6 points
I have used 3S liPo - 11,1 V...
 FaHrStUhL 131 points
i have a similar issue with my 450pro DFC, as soon as i shake the heli or it gets a lil vibration the BEC switches off and right back on, causing the ZYX-S to re-initialize itself... this BEC is a waste of money. i took it apart and isolatet the coil wich could freely touch alot of solderpoints, but even that didnt help. it still cuts off and on with little vibration...
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For who needed convert hight voltage to 6v for lipoly

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Overall Rating1/10/2014
Red Shuhart
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Good product, neatly made. I hope it will work reliably

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