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Turnigy 5V/6V 5A Heli-UBEC for Lipoly (6~16V)

Turnigy 5V/6V 5A Heli-UBEC for Lipoly (6~16V)
Turnigy 5V/6V 5A Heli-UBEC for Lipoly (6~16V)

The Turnigy Heli-UBEC is a great option for models requiring up to 5A continuous current and 5V/6V output. The output voltage is easily selectable by switch. The input side features a JST plug pre-installed, while the output side uses a JR style plug for use with any receiver.

The Heli-UBEC is compact in size and lightweight, making it ideal for mounting conveniently on your helicopter frame without taking up much space.

• Compact in size
• 5V/6V selectable output
• 5A continuous output current (7.5A burst)
• 6~16V input range allowing for use with 2~4S lipoly battery packs

Output voltage: 5V/6V (selectable)
Continuous output current: 5A
Burst output current: 7.5A
Input: 6V~16V
Size: 39x27x15.5mm
Weight: 25g

PRODUCT ID: 9295000009

Weight: 74g
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Price $6.69

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Luis  2 points - 9/22/2014
Hi all, I need some expert help, this UBEC I can install on a HK 500 GT TT, Esc 65a, servos Turnigy MG 930, and what are its advantages and how to connect to.
bardp  1 points - 9/18/2014
Hello Can I use two of these in parallel for higher current and better redundensy?
palukuri  11 points - 8/20/2014
hoe to connect it
Breno  8 points - 7/4/2014
Olá* pessoal. Eu posso utilizar este UBEC em um HK 600 para alimentar 4 servos digitais e o gyro, ligado em uma bateria LiPo 2S 1800mha? Abraç*os.
 dorvair 1 points
ola breno hk 600 depends what kind of servant you ussa Mai and weak more I use this the chi 8-15A UBEC for Lipoly TURNIGY more my colleague ussa this Turnigy MEGABEC 8,, 6 harvest and no defect
C. A.  3 points - 5/17/2014
Will this UBEC voltage regulator work in the Thunder and Monsoon sailboats recently purchased from H.K? I could find no data in the literature on the site nor the assembly guides that came with these vessels so I ordered two 2S 40C 3600mAh Turnigy Lipo batteries, also from H.K. I am using H.K. Orange R620 DSM2/DSMX 6Ch Rx units. I'm interested because when I connected one of the batteries it melted the wires to the sailwinch servo destroying that unit at least. I have spent the past several days in an effort to discharge the batteries voltage to 6V using an iMAX B6AC (H.K. of course) a level I now believe to be acceptable for the servos. The UBEC seems like a better, more reliable means of controlling voltage than tedious discharge and, with an input range of 6V ~ 16V, it appears that it ought to handle the 7.2V easily enough. Thank you for guidance and advice in this regard.
 Stevos 7 points
Yes this will work OK for your yachts, But you should read up on using Lipo batteries first, you never discharge lipo's below 3 volts/cell otherwise you will kill them.
 C. A. 3 points
Thanks, Stevos. That's a helpful tip on Lipos, too, but then again, Nickel batteries must be fully discharged before recharging or there is some memory loss equivalent to the amount not discharged, I'm told. As I've also heard, the same applies to the upper end, if for some reason the battery isn't fully recharged there will also be a memory loss equivalent to the amount undercharged so that future charges will find the level of undercharge to be the new maximum. Is this correct information? Thanks again for your help, Stevos.
 Stevos 7 points
CA, Lipo's are a completely different chemistry to NiCad's. they don't have a memory like them. You must never discharge a LiPo below 3 volts / cell,(3.3 recommended) and never charge them over 4.2 volts / cell otherwise you will risk burning your house down.
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For who needed convert hight voltage to 6v for lipoly

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Red Shuhart
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Good product, neatly made. I hope it will work reliably

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I use this for testing receivers before installing in RC boat so a perfect addition to my tool

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