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Turnigy TGY-5513MD Metal Gear Digital Servo 12kg / 0.18sec / 54.5g

Turnigy TGY-5513MD Metal Gear Digital Servo 12kg / 0.18sec / 54.5g
Turnigy TGY-5513MD Metal Gear Digital Servo 12kg / 0.18sec / 54.5g

The Turnigy TGY series offers excellent performance and quality at a great price. The TGY-5521MD digital servo offers precise centering and an ultra-durable metal gear drivetrain.

Model: TGY-5513MD
Dead band: 2us
Working frequency: 1520us / 330Hz
Operating voltage: 4.8~6.0V
Operating speed (4.8V): 0.20sec/60°
Operating speed (6.0V): 0.18sec/60°
Stall torque (4.8V): (165.15 oz/in)
Stall torque (6.0V): (170.15 oz/in)
Connector wire length: 265mm
Dimensions: 40.5x20.2x44.2mm
Weight: 54.5g

PRODUCT ID: 9295000005

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Weight (g) 54.5
Torque (kg) 12.25
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.18
A(mm) 44
B(mm) 41
C(mm) 41
D(mm) 20
E(mm) 54
F(mm) 27
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Weight: 125g
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Price $9.99

  • Turnigy dlux 10A (10~60V) HV SBEC

    Combo Price: $37.91   IN STOCK

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Total of 14 discussions.
Peter  40 points - 10/15/2014
No brass bushing in lid to hold centre gear pin in place, One hard ***p and gear's are out of alignment and servo is buggered.
 Peter 40 points
Oh, and those Philips screw's in the top are just for 'show', They are not connected to anything!, I think they were trying to go for the well built look.....Which is not the case....
Cacomistle  300 points - 12/3/2013
Where can you use this kind of huge bulky servos?
 Cacomistle 300 points
A friend gave me one of this. It is incredibly slow..
 Peter 40 points
Bulky? It's a standard size, Where can you use it, Well perfect for 1/10 & 1/8 scale. Fit well in my 1/8 MT.
lloydill  1 points - 10/31/2013
very very good servo, worwing in 7.4v
Kutluğ  11 points - 10/30/2013
unbelievable slow..
 Peter 40 points
Slow? Well it's not the slowest servo, But it's not the fastest either. After all, It's only $11.00, Average speed for that price.
fadhel  49 points - 10/26/2013
very very bad servo
 Peter 40 points
I almost agree, Though in the right application it would be a great servo.(boat maby?) Just not the best for bashing/racing or anything like that, Unless you don't mind replacing it every week... Gears seem strong(ish) for $11, Though no brass bushing in lid, Which makes it very weak.
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Preciso de ajuda, montei no meu F20 3 servos desse e 1 servo tower pro para o acelerador(analogico) e não funciona, o receptor apaga, quando tiro o servo towerpro tudo volta a funcionar, será que não é compativel analógico e digital?

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Overall Rating8/9/2014
Like it?
This is a full size standard servo. It is slow compared to some micro servos, but it is fast compared to other standard servos. I am using it for robotics. It has a full 180 degree response when pulsed. It is quiet, smooth, and powerful. I will be using this servo for other projects from now on.

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