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Hobbyking™ Lipo to USB Charging Adapter

Hobbyking™ Lipo to USB Charging Adapter
Hobbyking™ Lipo to USB Charging Adapter

The Hobbyking™ LiPoly to USB charging adapter is a very useful interface which allows you to power any standard 5V USB device with a 2S LiPoly/LiFe/LiIon battery. It features an XT60 input power plug making it compatible with most Turnigy/Zippy 2S lipoly batteries. Simply plug in the 2S battery to the input, and this device will output 5V/1A DC power to your USB device.

This adapter is perfect for recharging your mobile phone or keychain camera at the field, powering a micro R/C USB battery charger, operating a small fan or any other standard USB device!

• Compact and lightweight design
• Low voltage cutoff circuitry to protect your battery
• Simple to use

Input: 2S 7.4V (LiPoly/LiFe/LiIon)
Output: 5V DC @ 1A
Dimensions: 13x20x55mm
Weight: 20g

PRODUCT ID: 9054000002

Weight: 36g
International Warehouse
Price  HKD68.29

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pica_pau  35 points - 10/29/2014
Anyone knows the general efficiency of this device? I will absolutely use my LiPos as a power bank if this thing is anywhere near 60-70% efficient.
pica_pau  35 points - 10/29/2014
Take care, people, this device only works if powered by (and only by) a "2S" (7.4V (LiPoly/LiFe/LiIon)) Else it refuses to work!
Thomas  2 points - 9/24/2014
Bought this 3 month ago and im using it for the first time and I love it! I just wish it could handle a larger battery. Let's be honest the most common lipo batter is a 3s. So hobbyking please come out with one of these that can handle more than just a 2S battery.
 Sawdust 1881 points
They already do. It supplies up to 2 amps and has 2 usb ports as well.
 Andrew 1 points
Some details for the item you described would be great? What is it called/model number/URL?
 Sawdust 1881 points
Look near the top of this page where there's a section right under where it says " INTERNATIONAL WAREHOUSE" . Right below that there's a section that says " Item found in the following categories* " then shows a series of links to different categories, click on the 3rd one that ends with "Battery Charger DC Only and you'll see it's about 6th down the page called " Turnigy USB Charging Adapter 2-6 Cell LiPoly - 2Amp Output (XT60) " SKU number is "SKU: 9332000022-0". We can't post URLs here but you wont have any trouble finding it the way I've described.
 Andrew 1 points
Perfect - Thanks so much. I went ahead and purchased one. Pity it doesn't have voltage indication, but it'll work for my purpose. Thanks once again.
Chris flory  18 points - 8/23/2014
Does this have any form of voltage cut off to protect the lipo from draining too low? I understand that even without a USB device connected it will still drain the lipo because of the voltage being stepped down to 5v. Seems like a good way to ruin a lipo unless it turns itself off somehow..... or connect a voltage alarm to the balance port of the lipo is the only other option.
 Sawdust 1881 points
"Features: •* Compact and lightweight design •* Low voltage cutoff circuitry to protect your battery." So obviously YES. Trouble is though it also states "Specs: Input: 2S 7.4V (LiPoly/LiFe/LiIon)" and they don't say what the cutoff voltage is. LiFe have a nominal voltage of 3.3 per cell so I'd assume it's lower than 6.6volts. I don't like to run my LiPos down to 3.3 per cell, let alone anything lower than that.
Succar  909 points - 5/27/2014
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Una maravilla y una revolucion en sistemas de carga para nosotros los Radiomodelistas.

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I have 4 pieces for iphone, ipod and camera. Its so versatile

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Perfect for topping off that keychain camera in the field.

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cut off voltage 6.0V(2s total)  anxious to li-po damaged.
get margin 6.4V version is expected.

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Fantastic product. Works with my iPhone and iPad, camera and anything else that can be charged over USB. Can now use my LIPO batteries on camping trips to keep my gadgets charged. Received 3 of these, and will be ordering more. Highly recommended.

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