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Hobbyking i86L Multi-Rotor Control Board (Lite Edition)

Hobbyking i86L Multi-Rotor Control Board (Lite Edition)
Hobbyking i86L Multi-Rotor Control Board (Lite Edition)

Hobbyking i86L Multi-Rotor Control Board (Lite Edition) features the same level of stability and ease of setup as the standard i86. The i86L features a basic set of multi-rotor layouts and an easy ESC and and stick centering calibration mode via the dip switches.

Controlled by an Atmel Mega168PA 8-Bit RISC based micro controller and utilizing a single 3-axis MEMS gyro the Hobbyking i86L Multi-Rotor Control Board is capable of 6 Multi-rotor craft types and 2 flight modes without the need to flash the micro controller. The simple dip switch systems allows for quick and easy selection of your desired Multi-rotor configuration and flight mode.

Light weight and compact the i86L can fit in the smallest of craft and includes a small piece of double sided tape to install.

The Hobbyking i86L Multi-Rotor Control Board supports:
Tri copter
Quad copter X/+
Hex copter/H6 copter
Y6 Copter
All of the above modes can be set in "Normal" mode or "Sports" mode (default normal)

Input Voltage: 4v to 6v
Input signal: 50hz standard PPM
PWM Frequency: 400hz for ESC, 50hz for servos
Gyro scale: +/- 500dps, ODR: 800hz
Operating temp: -40° C to 85° C
Size: 40mm x 40mm
Weight: 8g

PRODUCT ID: 070000010

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RonRC  4224 points - 11/12/2014
Hi all, This board has a faster turn rate on all axis than the i86 and this makes for a very acrobatic multirotor. Great for doing flips, rolls, and other fun stuff. All the best and happy flying!
dharmesh  42 points - 8/2/2014
Hi ....! can know about the circuit diagram of this board
Vojtech  1 points - 6/19/2014
I have problem with this board. Blue led shine and motors beeping. What this state means ?
ElectricBit  3 points - 5/17/2014
Can i send PWM Signal from Arduino to this board via pin rudder,throttle,elevator, and aileron?
 TheNewFogey 48 points
As far as I know, yes you can, as long as you are using a sheild or you could possibly just run it from the header pins, I don't know which would be better because I'm no genius at arduino, but overall, yes you can send pwm signals from ardupilot to this board
Bob  1 points - 4/29/2014
I built a quad copter using the following components and the i86L controller Turnigy 1811 brushless Outrunner Hobbyking SS Series 8-10A ESC Turnigy 800mAh 2S 20C Lipo Pack Hobbyking i86L Multi-Rotor Control Board (Lite Edition) Hobby King 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx & Rx V2 - Mode 2 Troubleshooting has been very difficult. Have tied to adjust the roll and pitch pots to the minimum values and while it got better, it is too unstable to maintain stable flight. Any thoughts?
 RonRC 4224 points
Hi Bob, This i86 light board is actually better suited for a multirotor intended to do acro flight or for a much larger multirotor. The turn rate is VERY fast and it's difficult to dial it down (very twitchy). You may want to consider using the i86 instead. Hope this helps and Happy flying!
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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
isnt the best board i think but the setup was really easy and the switches are nice to work with!

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Overall Rating
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Overall its good item especially for the money. But there is 1 thing which irritates me. Why the hell its a rhomb? Why it cant to be just a squre to be easier to put in a narrow fuselage?!

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Overall Rating
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A great board. It seems the stick scaling is better than on the i86. Small size makes it great for small quads. MEMS gyros are located in the centre of the board, which may count for nought, but seems a better approach than having them on an edge. 16MHz clock. I like the stick centring and esc calibration being via the dip switches and very robust if you like crashing often as I do.

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Overall Rating
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Very straight forward and very easy to setup. Make sure you use a PLUSH ESC as Red Brick ESC's does not work with this KK Board.

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Overall Rating
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The PCB is smaller than I thought it would be and also it is very light. This is my first try with comercial multirotors, so my opinion is based only on what I got. The setup is ridiculous easy, it worked straight out on the first try. It seems to me that it can't handle very well wind gusts and also with little to none throttle, motors spin in different speeds. Maybe this last fault is "normal" or is due to ESC program, I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm happy flying my first quad, no drama until now. Nice product, excellent value.

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