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Hobbyking SK450 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 450mm

Hobbyking SK450 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 450mm
Hobbyking SK450 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 450mm

The Hobbyking SK450 is a brilliantly designed 450mm quad frame built from top quality materials. The main frame is high quality glass fiber while the arms are constructed from ultra durable polyamide nylon.

This quad not only looks great, its very well thought out as well. Assembly is a breeze with pre-threaded brass sleeves for all of the frame bolts, so no lock-nuts are required. It utilizes one size of bolt for the entire build, making the hardware very easy to keep in order and only requiring one size of hex wrench to assemble.

The SK450 also has an orientation feature which is quite clever. It includes a yellow foam ball which you install on a carbon rod that mounts between the frame arms. This not only acts as a bumper to prevent running into obstacles, it also makes for a great orientation aid to keep track of the front of the quad while flying.

We offer a full line of multi-rotor electronics such as multi-rotor control board, ESC & motors. It has never been easier or more affordable to get a quad in the air!

Built from top quality glass fiber and polyamide nylon. 
Pre-threaded brass sleeves for all of the frame bolts.
Yellow orientation ball to keep you flying in the right direction.
Easy assembly.

Width: 450mm
Height: 80mm
Weight: 300g (w/out electronics)

4 x 28mm 1000~1200kv (or similar size/kv)
4 x 15~25 Amp ESC
4 x 8x4~10x4.5 Prop (2CW & 2CCW)
1 x HobbyKing Multi-Rotor Control Board
1 x 1500~2200mAh 3s 11.1v Lipoly battery
Your own radio and 4 channel receiver

PRODUCT ID: 260000001

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Weight: 425g
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Price  $17.99

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Total of 248 discussions.
Gabriel  1 points - 1/22/2015
I'm using 2213 980kv motors with Afro 30amp esc. I don't think my 1038 props will cut it. What's best bet for battery?
mublife  28 points - 1/14/2015
yes you can use these you will have to get Tamiya Battery connector kit from local hobby shop but every thing else you can get from HK listed below for no soldering. ( the only thing that would need to be soldered would be an xt60 to the qbrain, i would go this way but you can get choose to go the no solder way XT60 to Tamiya Battery Adapter (2pcs/bag)PRODUCT ID: 258000144-0 MT2213-935KV MultiStar Motor and Propeller Combo 10-4.5 CW CCW PRODUCT ID: 9045000001-0 Q Brain 4 x 25A Brushless Quadcopter ESC 2-4S 3A SBEC PRODUCT ID: 9020000007-0 AfroFlight Naze32 Acro AbuseMark FunFly Controller - Soldered version (Horizontal Pin) PRODUCT ID: 9171000579-0 Multistar High Capacity 3S 5200mAh Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack PRODUCT ID: 912700001-0 then add your own tx/rx and rdy to go
 NewToHobbyKing 14814 points
MUB you are a Platinum Member and you could have answered Jake directly. Please consider!
Jake  9 points - 1/14/2015
Hey guys is it possible to build a quad without soldering
 NewToHobbyKing 14814 points
Jake WHY! It cannot see how. If all your ESC / Motors are setup then maybe. But soldering is a need to know, to know how to do. I have found a bit of flux and clean wire helps a lot.
 NewToHobbyKing 14814 points
Jake a Member above (MubLife) has found a way for you not to Solder. Please have a look!
 Healkor 8 points
Yes it is possible, I did. Please look my gallery for photos. Just pay attention power distribution, esc and motor selections. For Example * Multistar Motors and ESC HobbyKing Power Distribution Board This Frame Kit HobbyKing Multi-rotor Flight Controller KK2 Some Male to Male 26 AWG Silicone Servo Lead 1 x Battery Strap Some Nylon Spacers, Nuts And Screws And Thread Locker... Just Plugin And Fly....
onkelz  27 points - 1/11/2015
Hi all.. Would anybody know if a naza 1 or v2 setup would work with this quad ? Thkx
 Stephen 3 points
Yes it would work
SilbernerSurfer  86 points - 1/10/2015
Which motors should i use for this frame?
 Mark 7 points
I use 980kv motors with 2212 size
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Arrived very quickly with EMS. Kit goes together well, uses just an exploded view style manual. Have not flown it yet, but it is very easy to build and feels of good quality. 9 or 10 inch props will fit fine, and if you have an engine with a shaft out of the bottom as well you will need to drill a hole in the landing gear struts for it to fit. Overall very happy, too bad an engine died so I can't test. Will post a flight report when a new engine arrives. Any questions let me know. Bart

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Purchased this on Saturday and it was in my hands Friday next week. Quality is superb.. The attention to detail is nice. The screw holes, are metal 'tubes'/threads , a huge plus when you think about it. Just a note, they should just say (as on the manual), this accepts 2212 to 2216 motors. I haven't found a flaw, but I will update as my build progresses.

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Excellent frame bought to replace my talon v2 which i got sick of realigning its arms... Easy build, lots of space, arms are perfect width for esc. Doesnt come with nylon stand offs for your fc board as the talon v2 does so make sure you have some of them. Excellent ability to rotate motor mount so your motor wires come out at right spot. All bolts take a 2mm hex driver. Flys great with my kk2.1 board, orientation ball can be great in some situations but not in others depending on distance as if you focus on just it, it takes your eyes away from the overall frame dynamics, but ill be keeping it on for now. Photos of my build can be found in the discussion and files tab and on the forums "yet another quad build". Very solid arms and bolt connections. Personally this is the best multi frame available at HK at the moment. Plenty of mount holes unused in the base plate that could be used to mount a gimbal & skids. UPS to Sydney, Australia 3 days as advertised then a few more via Australia Post to my place as i live in the sticks.

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Overall Rating
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Cool litte frame, when using with the outrunner motors the shaft wills it where your feet should be, apart from that it was together in about 15 mins.

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Overall Rating
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Buen frame para iniciarse en los multicopteros, esta muy bien acabado, los brazos estan perfectos a 90º y no cojea de ninguna pata, el mio ha pesado en vacio 315 gr. La idea de la bola amarilla esta muy bien para los primeros vuelos y para orientar, de todas maneras se puede desmontar sin necesidad de tornillos o cualquier otra complicacion

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