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Turnigy D2826-6 2200kv Outrunner Motor (US Warehouse)

Turnigy D2826-6 2200kv Outrunner Motor (US Warehouse)

D2826-6 2200kv Outrunner Motor
Rpm/V: 2200kv
Shaft: 3.17mm
Voltage: 2S~3S (7.4v to 11.1v)
Weight: 50g
Watts: 342w
Max Current: 34A
ESC: 40A
Suggested Prop: 7x4(2S) ~ 5x5 (3S) 
Mounting Hole Bolt Circle: 16mm or 19mm

PRODUCT ID: D2826-62200

Kv(rpm/v) 2200
Weight (g) 50
Max Current(A) 34
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 11
Power(W) 342
Shaft A (mm) 3.17
Length B (mm) 31
Diameter C (mm) 28
Can Length (mm) 14
Total Length E (mm) 41
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David  1 points - 9/29/2016
Anyone know if this motor is compatible with this HobbyKing®* ™* Brushless Car ESC 30A w/ Reverse? HK-30A I have had 2 of them and both smoked themselves immediately,or they were defective.
Percy  30 points - 4/12/2016
Anyone know what size countersunk screws are used? I didn't get them with the motor, or I lost them (lol).
jerrad  4 points - 3/29/2016
this motor is great i am a newbie to this but have this motor with 30amp esc 2200mah 30-90c 8x6 master series prop and it screams no heat issues
Mike  1 points - 3/17/2016
What size bullet connectors are on this motor?
 Christian 40 points
William  37 points - 2/20/2016
Combine this motor with the Hobbyking 6x6 pusher prop that sells on the international warehouse and the Turnigy Plush 40 esc and you have a smoking combo that will run and run. I flight tested this combo on a single 24" wing of mine, with which this combo has been radar tested at 85 mph flat out (not in a dive) by a PA State Trooper who was driving by and was interested in building one of his own. I flew this combo one day for three straight hours back to back (I have 20 1.8 batteries and 8 chargers, so there is always a battery ready) at full throttle the whole time, and the motor and esc never faltered. You can not burn this combo out and it will give you thorough and consistent power.
 greasmnky 813 points
Please tell how many cells you are using. Pretty sure you aren't running this on 4 cells. 3 Cells, I assume?
 Percy 30 points
No offense, but there's no need to use a "pusher" prop on an electric motor.
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Overall Rating
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I have three of these, and they are fantastic motors. Great power, well built, and inexpensive, what more could you want?

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Overall Rating
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Great parkjet motor that delivers ample power at a great price. I love the sound this makes in my F22 as it buzzes overhead with a 6x4 prop spinning. Good for beginners as it gives you the power to get out of potential stalls and while still giving the speed an intermediate flyer would want.

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Overall Rating
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This little out runner is no joke! Buy em when you can, they go really fast...

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Overall Rating
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I just tested this motor and found a great combination to make this a high speed pusher! I used a three cell 2450 pack 30c with a Graupner 5.2/5.2 camspeed propeller and the results are 339 watts,31.5 amps full throttle at static testing. So when you're flying the amps should be a little less at full throttle. This combo makes my 42inch wing scream! This is a must have motor in your ****nal. Also the speed controller is a hextronik 36 amp esc which the settings are adjustable through your pc USB port which I can make more rpm's. I going to buy several more of these just in case they are discontinued. Try it you'll like! And the price is perfect...........

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Nice upgrade for the Bixler. Plenty of power yet very efficient using 6x4e prop. Well built and nice to have plugs pre-soldered.

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