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D2826-6 2200kv Outrunner Motor (US Warehouse)

D2826-6 2200kv Outrunner Motor  (US Warehouse)

D2826-6 2200kv Outrunner Motor
Rpm/V: 2200kv
Shaft: 3.17mm
Voltage: 2S~3S (7.4v to 11.1v)
Weight: 50g
Watts: 342w
Max Current: 34A
ESC: 40A
Suggested Prop: 7x4(2S) ~ 5x5 (3S) 
Mounting Hole Bolt Circle: 16mm or 19mm

PRODUCT ID: D2826-62200

Kv(rpm/v) 2200
Weight (g) 50
Max Current(A) 34
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 11
Power(W) 342
Shaft A (mm) 3.17
Length B (mm) 31
Diameter C (mm) 28
Can Length (mm) 14
Total Length E (mm) 41
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 Customer rated
Total of 140 discussions.
larmie  5 points - 1/17/2016
were is the 3.17 shafts?
Mario Reis  3 points - 12/5/2015
I use this engine in a zagi 1.20 meters and a prop 6 x 4 and 7 x 3 too. both leave the engine too hot and I'm afraid of burning the motor. Any other suggestion of motor: Tks
 Christian 29 points
I ve ben using these exact motors with 7x5 and even 7/6 props, They do get hot, but are very strong motors, and I havenot had one go bad on me yet. I'm currently using them on my 60 inch gliders with 7x5 and on my versa wing as well Pulls about 34 amps with a 7x5.
 Mario Reis 3 points
Tks a lot my friend.
John  1 points - 12/4/2015
Update on motor delivery: I just got on the computer this morning and checked my tracking number. It shows my package was delivered to my post office about 5:00 this morning. All this time USPS had my item and didn't update tracking! What good is it to have tracking when it isn't updated? Sorry HK for blaming you. USPS are the bad guys in this case!
John  1 points - 12/4/2015
Just bought this motor. Hope it has better bearings than the original motor that came with the Bixler 1.1. After to flights I had to oil the bearings. Still very noisy even after oiling. I have about six flights on the Bix but keep it close in case of motor setting up. 4 days ago HK told me my order was shipped. Usps is still telling me "Shipping Label Created " Why does HK lie like that when they know I can call up the tracking number and see for myself? If it's their computer system then it needs to be changed! No more ordering from them unless I can't find an item someplace else!
Jared  38 points - 5/11/2015
I ended up liking 6x5 prop the best when paired to 3s lipo
 Michael 2 points
Is this a TGS prop you are referring to? I have not tried any of the TGS sport props with this motor, only APC 6x4's and 6x5.5's. Of which I definitely prefer the 6x4. Maybe I would like the 6x5.5 if it were on a smaller, lighter, more aerodynamic bird.
 Jared 38 points
TGS 6x5 drains the battery faster but the plane goes a little faster than TGS 6x4. Everything seems to fly the same on APC style 6x4 as TGS 6x4.
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Overall Rating
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I have three of these, and they are fantastic motors. Great power, well built, and inexpensive, what more could you want?

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Overall Rating
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Great parkjet motor that delivers ample power at a great price. I love the sound this makes in my F22 as it buzzes overhead with a 6x4 prop spinning. Good for beginners as it gives you the power to get out of potential stalls and while still giving the speed an intermediate flyer would want.

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Overall Rating
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This little out runner is no joke! Buy em when you can, they go really fast...

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Overall Rating
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I just tested this motor and found a great combination to make this a high speed pusher! I used a three cell 2450 pack 30c with a Graupner 5.2/5.2 camspeed propeller and the results are 339 watts,31.5 amps full throttle at static testing. So when you're flying the amps should be a little less at full throttle. This combo makes my 42inch wing scream! This is a must have motor in your ****nal. Also the speed controller is a hextronik 36 amp esc which the settings are adjustable through your pc USB port which I can make more rpm's. I going to buy several more of these just in case they are discontinued. Try it you'll like! And the price is perfect...........

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Overall Rating
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Nice upgrade for the Bixler. Plenty of power yet very efficient using 6x4e prop. Well built and nice to have plugs pre-soldered.

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