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Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX Composite 50cc Gas 2250mm (ARF) (US Warehouse)

Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX Composite 50cc Gas 2250mm (ARF)  (US Warehouse)
Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX Composite 50cc Gas 2250mm (ARF)  (US Warehouse)

Of all the various marks of the legendary Spitfire, the Mk IX is considered to be probably the finest overal in terms of it's balance of agility, speed and firepower, developed as an answer to the FW190, this iconic version of the Spitfire was one of the best fighters of the war, the Mk IX played a large part in winning Allied air superiority and was so effective, it was still in service until the end of WW2.

This superbly finished Spitfire features a composite fuselage and balsa wings, horizontal stabilizer & rudder. This model has been really well thought out, the 2 pc plug in wings and horizontal stabilizer make the model very practical, both in terms of transportation and field assembly. Another neat feature is the quick realease canopy which features a seperate cockpit, this not only allows easy access to the fuselage, it also gives the modeler the freedom to build a full scale cockpit interior relativley easily. The excellent quality hardware also includes scale details such as radiators, cannon blisters, aerial mast, wheel covers and so on. This model will require retracts (not included) and we have a specially designed, scale full set available for this stunning Spitfire.

This model has an amazingly low flying weight as a result of good design and build quality, performance with a 50cc gas engine fitted will be amazing. Large, scale 300ft loops and so on will be the order of the day. The Spit also lends itself to a practical electric power conversion as the batteries can be accessed so easily. There is no doubt, this beautiful Spit is an amazing giant scale model, in fact with a little work, it would be super scale/show standard, yet at a price that makes it affordable to many warbird fans, the sight of this Spitfire "beating up" your club field will make you the envy of your fellow pilots!

Wingspan: 2250mm
Length: 1894mm
Wing Area: 86.5dm2
Flying Weight: 8000g

7~8 Channel TX/RX
9 x MG High Torque Standard size servo
50cc Gas Engine (or electric equivalent)
RX Battery
121mm Spinner
Retractable Undercarriage



1 1:IC/2:Elec 6 Channel 2250mm (88.58in) 1894mm (74.57in) 8000g (17.6lb)

Weight: 11658g Quantity: 
USA West Warehouse
Price $498.03

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David  22 points - 5/2/2014
Aus warehouse please ASAP
crakin  4 points - 3/14/2014
Cant be hard to get in international warehouse. DO IT NOW BRO
whereswaldo  1 points - 3/11/2014
does anyone know how i could get a manual for the 50cc spitfire? any suggestions appreciated thank you
 Greenfuelboy 171 points
It is the same as E_S_M manual you should be able to find it.
Vincent  3 points - 11/30/2013
Yeah we need this airplane in the international warehouse please. I'm prepared to pay for the shipping to NZ. I'd also buy all the servos, retracts, 55cc gas engine etc. Please make it happen, It can't be so hard.
 vettster 262 points
 vettster 262 points
Search for " 89" Spitfire from HobbyKing" on RCGroups. Its under Warbirds.
Neil  2 points - 9/26/2013
WE Aussies want this plane in our Warehouse!! Today! Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX Composite 50cc Gas 2250mm (ARF)
 KaosKane 1737 points
Yes to Aus Asap please. while i can claim it as a chrissy present
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Hi all! This Spitfire flies, lands and performs really well! It looks the part, although certainly not 100pcnt scale. It needs about 4.5 pounds of weight in the nose with a DLE 55 gas motor, to balance out at the 6 inch CG. I'd recommend reinforcing the firewall and shimming the landing gear further forward about an inch. A good buy...

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I am currently doing an online build on RCG under Warbirds. This is a very attractive ARF, but like many ARFs it requires many upgrades. The wing bolt attachment have been proven to fail!!! The wing tube is to short and weak. I have upgraded to a CF wing tube. The engine box needs major reinforcement. I spent hours sanding down the wing tube receivers so the wing tube would fit. There is a big gap at the trailing edge on the left wing. In the end its a very nice model for a good price. but be prepared to do a lot of extra work. Go check my build thread for more details. The best reported CG is 5.5" from the LE.

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