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Turnigy Talon Hexcopter (V1.0) Carbon Fiber Frame - 625mm

Turnigy Talon Hexcopter (V1.0) Carbon Fiber Frame - 625mm
Turnigy Talon Hexcopter (V1.0) Carbon Fiber Frame - 625mm

The Turnigy Talon V1.0 Hexcopter frame is crafted from high quality genuine carbon fiber offering both great looks and performance. Our engineers set out to create a Hexcopter frame without compromise, several materials were tested and rejected until they decided that only genuine carbon fiber would meet the goals we had set out to achieve. Every component was weighed and measured shaving mere grams where possible to achieve a light weight yet extremely rigid frame. We didn't allow any compromises and neither should you.

The added lift capacity of a hex configuration makes this frame ideal for carrying larger payloads such as camera systems and other electronic components. This makes for an exceptional camera rig or simply a very agile and powerful multi-rotor frame for aerobatics! 

The Talon Hexcopter is constructed from the same high quality components that are used in the hugely popular Talon V2 Quadcopter frame, but we have re-designed the main frame for use in a hex configuration.

During development of the Talon V2 our team took the already popular Talon frame and studied the design, based on feedback from the multi-rotor community and our own ideas we re-designed the motor mounting plates allowing for top or bottom mounting of 28 and 35 size brushless outrunner motors (see photos for reference of different mounting options). The improved clamping system alone underwent 3 re-designs until our engineers were satisfied that the perfect strength and weight saving combination had been achieved. The center frame clamping system was almost doubled in size to ensure a strong brace on each boom. Every aspect of this frame was thoroughly examined and thought through.

All this attention to detail has resulted in the elegant simplicity that is the Talon Hexcopter, a Hex frame that we are as proud to put our name behind as you will be to own.

We also offer a full line of quality multi-rotor electronics such as multi-rotor control board, ESC, motors and more, so there is no need to compromise on your electronics setup either!

Weight: 440g (w/out electronics)
Width: 625mm
Motor Bolt Holes: 16/19/25mm

28-XX or 35-XX brushless outrunner motor x 6
18~25A brushless ESC x 6
8x4~10x4.7 propeller x 6 (3 standard/3 reverse rotation)
Multi-rotor control board
2500~3300mAh 11.1V lipoly
4CH Transmitter & Receiver

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Total of 150 discussions.
Dylan  2 points - 2/8/2016
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what diameter the booms are. Thanks, Dylan
Ian  1 points - 2/6/2016
Is the "required" motor size set in stone? I noticed there appears to be some extra clearance where the motor attaches to the frame. Could I potentially use a motor with a 42 diameter instead of a 28-xx or 35-xx? I'm going for extended flight time so I need something wider.
Pakorn  4 points - 8/13/2015
Hi guys, I am building my first hexcopter and I am really confused. Please dont tell me to go google it because I have and I still don't really get it. So I will be using this frame And I am thinking of using these motors NTM 28-26 1200kv or NTM 28-26 1000kv Which would be a better choice? The weight will approximately be 1800g - 2000g and I want it to be able to do some aerobatic maneuvering . I am wondering which props would be an ideal choice for me? Should I go with 8x4.5 or 9x4.5 or something like 10x4.7 ?? This really confuses me Thank you so much for helping
 Zane 1 points
If this is your first. find a build you can follow. this frame isn't really for aerobatics. It's to big. KV is how many times the motor spins for every volt applied. More kv more power less battery time in the simplest term. and again more prop more power less battery time. and also goes with more prop pitch more power.
 Tyler 17 points
This frame could possibly do acrobatics, but just not like some of the little 250 racing quads. The NTM 28-26 1200kv would do better than the NTM 28-26 1000kv with smaller props, and the NTM 28-26 1200kv motor has a higher power output, at 286 Watts, vs the NTM 28-26 1000kv, which can put out 235 Watts. Higher power would be better for acrobatics. The higher speeds and shorter props necessitate a prop with a higher pitch, such as 8x6 vs an 8x4.5. You will get more thrust out of the 8x6. This setup should provide plenty of power for some basic acrobatics, especially if you make the rest of the machine lightweight.
Wijoyo Utomo  1 points - 2/1/2015
Hi, Can anybody suggest a retractable landing skid for Talon 625 Hexacopter? What is the best bang for the buck? What other accessories need to come with it in order to instal on this hexacopter? Thanks in advance for any input. Regards, Jo
Ben  10 points - 1/30/2015
Is there a frame kit available for hanging my FPV Gimbal and batteries underneath the centre section?
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Great quality frame for the price! If I was to pick any bad points, it would be that either the brackets or the mast tubes could be more consistent in their size. Some of the booms slide into their anchors better than others. Generally excellent quality and would buy again in a heart beat.

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Just had the pleasure of assembling this Hexcopter, very good quality parts and very sturdy design. perfect for someone that wants to make their first Hexcopter to someone that wants a frame that they can easily modify for photography ect. Just a little note, make sure to put some lock tight on the motor mount grub screws after you have installed all your electric's. cant wait to fly it.

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Just got mine yesterday and put it together in less than an hour. The quality is real good and it truly feels like a professional product rather than a flimsy toy. Cant wait to mount a camera to this bad boy....and boy does it look "BAD"!

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Excelente calidad este Hexcopter todas sus piezas de aluminio y fibra de carbono, la bateria de 3300 mah recomendada se queda un poco corta almenos con los motores que ellos mismos recomienda y con tod y que he bajado la curva del acelerador a 70pcnt recomendaria una de 5000 mah con esta he volado 6 min y aun le quedaba algo. Aqui les dejo lo que almenos yo use para armarlo MOTOR 6 X 6 X 6 X Slow Fly Electric Prop 1045R SF RH Rotation (4 pc) Slow Fly Electric Prop 1045 SF (4 pc - Green) DISTRIBUIDOR 2 X YA QUE SON DE 4 USE 3 DE CADA DISTRIBUIDOR ADEMAS SE PUEDE EMPOTAR PERFECTO DENTRO DEL CENTRO DEL HEXA PROGRAMADOR 1 X IMPORTANTE YA QUE SI COMPRAN A MISMA TARJETA CEREBRO QUE USE DEBEN CAMBIARLE EL FIRMWARE YA QUE VIENE PROGRAMADA SOLO PARA QUATCOPTER TARJETA CONTROLADORA 1 X que va necesitar http://www.hobbyking

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Overall Rating
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Excellent frame. Tested the carbon booms with multimeter, they are highly conductive which is indicative of a real carbon boom, not a fake like many factories are making... (fakes are mostly G10 tube with thiiiiin veneer of CF. Aside from carbon, the frame is solidly built, all the holes line up perfect, the boom attachment system is solid and feels sturdy but easy to switch out a boom. So far still assembling electronics but this frame looks to be the REAL DEAL. Good work Turnigy!

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