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Stick 1500 EP/GP 46 size (Sport version) 1540mm (ARF)

Stick 1500 EP/GP 46 size (Sport version) 1540mm (ARF)
Stick 1500 EP/GP 46 size (Sport version) 1540mm (ARF)

The Stick Sport is a versatile 'tail dragger' sports trainer, an excellent sport flyer that can moonlight as a club trainer, with the added versatility to choose either glow or electric power.

There isn't a Maltese cross to be seen on this models unique contrasting colour scheme, this scheme will assist new pilots in maintaining their orientation easily at a distance.

The large wing is a 2 piece bolt on, as is the tailplane, for fast field assembly. The Stick also features a removable hatch for fuel tank access. Those wanting to build the Stick as electric can use this hatch to access flight packs - There's even a removable battery tray included!

The build quality of this ARF is impeccable with Balsa and ply construction throughout ensuring this bird will stand the test of time. The Stick is nicely constructed, tough and practical, it is also a really nice price for a model of this size and should be really cheap to build, the old adage "the bigger they are, the better they fly" certainly applies to the Stick, it is the perfect club trainer that can be built easily, quickly and cheaply!

• Quick and easy build
• Strong Balsa Ply construction
• Glow or Electric power options
• Removable Two piece wing
• Removable Tailplane 
• Steerable tail-wheel

Wingspan: 1540 mm
Length: 1130 mm
Flying Weight: ~2100-2200g

All Hardware

Electric motor: .46 Size brushless equivelent, KV=900RPM/v
ESC: 50 A
Battery: Lipo 3200 mah /3S 25 cells
Prop: E-Prop 11x8
Radio: 4 channels, 5 servos

PRODUCT ID: 341000002

4 Channel 1540mm (60.63in) 1130mm (44.49in) 2200g (4.84lb)

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 Customer rated
Total of 96 discussions.
Carlos Augusto  6 points - 11/16/2015
Hi, can I install 20cc on this airplane?
pulant  6 points - 3/9/2015
Can I use an ASP 52 on this plane????????
 David 37 points
Hi pulant The ASP 52 glow engine should be fine for this model, it might be a bit overpower but that is not bad if you use it carefully.
abpst11  5 points - 1/17/2015
I can't wait for these winds to die down.....I'll never fly. Can someone who's flown this plane comment on it's ability to fly in medium to gusty conditions maybe less than 25 knots or so. I'm guessing i want a fairly heavy plane, my bixler just can't cut it in winds. Would this be a good pick? Thank You
 craigfoot 135 points
I've flown the Stick 1500 in medium to strong wind. It handles it quite well. My plane is around 2.6 kilo so is fairly stable. Much heavier / stable than the Bixler.
cobratec  173 points - 1/7/2015
Will these be available in UK warehouse
 craigfoot 135 points
They will be, and have been before. I recommend this plane, great fun.
 NewToHobbyKing 16532 points
Cob they are just on BO at this time.
Kraftei64  48 points - 12/16/2014
Hi Alan, I mounted a 46 glow engine to it and had the first flight last Weekend. It has great power and makes a lot of fun. The battery pack must sit at the most front Position direct behind the fuel tank and so the CG is well also.
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Arrived double boxed with all parts in original VQ Models box inside outer packing box. All hardware and instructions included. This is a replacement for my last one which I crashed due to a faulty receiver pack cell, and I will give 5 stars all round except for quality as you will *NEED* to reinforce the landing gear area a bit inside the fuselage or they will constantly break off on even the smoothest landing. I recommend running lengths of 5mm/0.25" balsa lengthwise to support the forces on the gear during landing, also larger wheels if you fly from a rough field - I have used 70~90mm foam ones in the past with good results. Highly recommended model, thanks HobbyKing.

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Acabo de recibir el mio, el forro no me gusto mucho, pues parece del tipo que trae la goma, como si fuera un vinil, en cuanto a la estructura se ve robusto, tanto el ala como el fuselaje, el manual viene muy explicito, pienso que un un ASP 52 2 tiempos es suficiente para una buena diversión (que es el que pienso instalar), la razon de que indique 5 servos es porque lleva uno por cada semiala, el elevador va conectado por dos varillas a un herraje en el cual se conectan ambas y de este sale otra varilla para conectar al servo el cual deberá ir instalado en el compartimento mostrado.
Teniendo en cuenta que es un ARF, y no un kit, me parece de buenea calidad comparandolo con un Hobbico o un Thunder tiger

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Overall Rating
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I set up this plane with tunigy 3548 and 14x7 propeller on 3300 3s battery. easy to fly and with few accrobatic possibility.

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Overall Rating
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Tried out my Stick. First flight went very well. I heard about the problems with the weak landing gear. Wow talking about weak. If I landed on payment it would have not been a problem but when you land on grass the extra drag on the wheels pulled the landing gear off. There is a gray coloured piece of wood that separates from the bottom of the fuselage. Just epoxy from the inside and you should be fine. I also found instructions well lad out. Yes, I would buy it again.

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Mit Vorbau 110/45 mm und Motor 45/48 und Accu 2650 mAh 4S stimmt der CoG. Der Flieger ist leicht zu beherrschen. Ruderausschläge QSH 100/75/50 pcnt, ob sportlich oder relaxed nach Gusto oder Können (Anfängertauglich). Wann kommt er nach Hamburg?

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