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Versus Composite DLG 1500mm Glider (ARF)

Versus Composite DLG 1500mm Glider (ARF)
Versus Composite DLG 1500mm Glider (ARF)

The superb Versus is an up to date and great looking DLG with an attractive price tag, construction quality is excellent, as is the flight performance!

The lightweight construction of the Versus has been achieved through extensive use of CF and GF, the foam cored wings are of course CF reinforced, the canopy and boom are also Carbon Fiber but then to keep costs low, the fuselage pod is GF with CF reinforcing. The tailplane is Glassed balsa for stength and minimal weight, likewise the supplied hardware is not only excellent but keeps weight to a minimum and for finishing, fine CF & GF mesh cloth are also included, this is a builders kit for sure but the end result is well worth the effort!

The Versus is perfect for those pilots maybe wanting to have a go at DLG but are put off by the big bucks Euro designs, but price is not just what The Versus is all about, it is a really nice quality, superbly designed and great performing DLG that any pilot would be happy to own!

Blue Foam Cored Wings with CF Reinforcing
CF Canopy & Boom
Balsa Tail Plane Reinforced with lightweight Glass Cloth
GF Fuselage pod with CF Reinforcing
Pre-Cut Aileron's with Kevlar Reinforced Live Hinge
Extensive, Lightweight and Nice Quality Hardware Included
Removable 1pc Wing for Easy Transport
Full Photo Build/Set Up Manual

Wingspan: 1500mm
Length: 1135mm
Wing Loading: 12.36g ~ 12.88g dm2
Airfoil: AG45-AG46-AG47
Empty Weight: 195g
Flying Weight: 280g~290g

Your Own 4 Channel TX/RX with Flaperon Mixing
300mAh~500mAh 2s Lipoly (RX Power)
4 x 4g~5g Servo's




PRODUCT ID: 9339000001

4 Channel 1500mm (59.06in) 1180mm (46.46in) 195g (0.429lb)

Weight: 1107g
International Warehouse
Price  $182.00

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  • ZIPPY Flightmax 500mAh 3S1P 20C

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  • BMS-303 Ultra Micro Servo 0.7kg / .11sec / 3.7g

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  • Pico Servo w/ JR Plug 5.4g/.12sec/.7kg

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  • Slow-Cure 30 Min Epoxy Glue 4.5 oz

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  • Super Gold Plus Odorless CA Glue 1/2 oz (Foam Safe)

    Combo Price: $7.15   IN STOCK

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Total of 107 discussions.
Johannes  4 points - 3/30/2015
The Glider is out of stock long time now... please order it again. It is the best quality low price F3K Glider ever sold!!!!!!!! Please!
SHO  5 points - 3/22/2015
when will ...
 SHO 5 points
mikejr83  6 points - 3/2/2015
Does this kit come with a 4 pin plug for the ailerons? It looks as if the kit in the last picture is different than from the posted manual. How hard is the build compared to the posted manual? I'm hoping that this bird is a better value than a TopSky Mini?
ALFONSO  1 points - 1/21/2015
HELLO order CQ302221351SG I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! I received yesterday my versus 1500mm WITHOUT FUSELAGE. After waiting for almost 2 months, my glider is not operational because you did not include FUSELAGE and the wings are damaged with the plastic coverage with bubbles. I have had 31 purchases with no problem but as you can see in this discussion, Chistiano had the same problem no solved yet.
Christiano  28 points - 1/20/2015
I received mine 2 months ago with a broken wing and missing fuselage. HK said to wait 4 weeks for the supplier to send the replacement parts. Still waiting. They want me to send it back. Shipping from Brazil to UK will cost more than 200 dollars. I´*ve already sent the images showing the broken wing and missing fuselage.
 ALFONSO 1 points
Does H.K. solved your request? i have the same problem, no fuselage in the box!! and wings with covering plastic bubbles. I THINK IS TIME TO LOOK FOR NEW VENDOR... Hobbyking is becoming in an unreliable seller.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Just maidened the Versus! It was windy 7-10m/s, so I started with "dart throws" just to get a feel for it. After some trimming and adjustments I launched it properly and it just rocketed to the sky! I gave it around 30 throws and really enjoyed it before one of the aileron servos gave up. Was able to get it down without any damage. I will replace the wing servos with something stronger. I´m a complete newbie to DLG´s but this thing is totally addictive! The build was not to hard, but I´m not really sure that my setup is optimal, might do some modifications to it to save a couple of grams. Total flying weight of my versus is 300gr, CG set as recommended in the manual. Have a look at my PDF under the files tab to see how I arranged the setup inside the fuse.

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Protection against damage the model at transport is insufficient.Both wings are broken during transport!Weak servos and servo transfer between the host and the flaps should be of better quality.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
A l'ouverture du carton grande surprise !!!! Le carton est de très mauvaise qualité et ne protège pas suffisamment les pièces du DLG. Mes deux ailes on des marques de pliure à divers endroit, j'ai du renforcer celle si avec de la fibre de fine épaisseur par sécurité (donc alourdissement de l'aile et équilibrage de l'aile), mon stab de dérive est vriller. Il y à un travail de fous à réaliser dessus "ne compter pas les heures" !!! Pour les non aguerrie et mal outiller s'abstenir.... J'en suis sur la fin du montage, me reste environ 3 bonne heures de travail. Je vous tiendrez au courant pour la suite, teste de centrage puis teste en vol.....

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Overall Rating
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Realmente bom produto apesar de um pouco complicado para montar.. Me impressionou o planeio .. Realmente sem explicaçao ! Muito bom produto e muito satisfeito com o mesmo... Recomendo para quem gosta.. apesar de ser caro.. comparado ao outros modelos... Abs

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Overall Rating
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Me revoilà avec mon DLG enfin terminé !!! Malgré les heures de travail passer dessus et le teste en vol effectuer ce week-end, je suis vraiment bleffé par la qualité de vol de ce planeur. J'y ai trouver une grande satisfaction et un grand plaisir a volé avec.... Voici mes réglages et modif apporter dessus; Poids total en ordre de vol 345gr Centrage à 74mm à plat. J'ai rencontrer un souci au niveau de toutes les gouvernes. Les charnières en fibre d'origine son beaucoup trop rigide et empêche les gouvernes de bien fonctionner ce qui engendre un faible débattement et font sérieusement forcer les servos presque a la rupture. Pour remédier a ce problème j'ai tout simplement couper toute les charnières fibre au cutter en ne laissant que trois petit morceaux de fibre de 5 à 6mm à chaque extrémité et au milieu de chaque gouverne et ensuite j'ai coller un morceau de scotch sur toute la longueur des gouvernes. Problème résolu !!!! Pour ceux qui voudrez ce laisser tenté par l'achat de ce DLG aller y les yeux fermer malgré les heures de travail à effectuer dessus je vous garantie que vous ne serai pas dessus par sa qualité de vol..... Bon vol à tous Fredo4.7

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The Versus has been extensively tested by the Product Team and has become a firm favourite, a lightweight but robust glider with great performance that has even converted some of the non glider pilots, the Versus is a brilliant introduction to DLG!
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