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HK-550GT 3D Belt-Drive Electric Helicopter Kit

HK-550GT 3D Belt-Drive Electric Helicopter Kit
HK-550GT 3D Belt-Drive Electric Helicopter Kit

Finally, a 550 class helicopter kit that won't break the bank! Modeled on the famous and proven T-Rex 550, the HK550GT will push your 3D skills to their limits.

This 550 size helicopter offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio that makes for stellar 3D performance. It utilizes the same power system as a 600/.50 size electric heli, but is lighter and spinning smaller blades, thus offering much higher performance and efficiency.

With its black anodized CNC alloy head & tail unit and beautifully finished carbon fiber frame, the HK550GT is as nice to look at as it is to fly. This kit has just about all the alloy upgrade parts you could want already installed such as battery mount plate, tail servo mount, tail pushrod guides, anti-rotation bracket base and main bearing blocks. There are very few plastic parts anywhere on this heli! 

The HK550GT uses high quality tail bearings and tight tolerances to ensure no slop in the tail assembly and locked-in tail performance for the most extreme of 3D flying.

This heli comes 90% pre-assembled so you can be in the air in no time. Just complete the final assembly,  add your favorite main blades, install your own electronics and your ready to fly!

• Black anodized CNC alloy head & tail unit.
• High-strength alloy main bearing blocks.
• Alloy battery mounting plate.
• Alloy tail servo mount.
• Beautifully finished carbon fiber main frames.
• High quality tail bearings and tight tolerances to ensure no slop in the tail assembly.
• Excellent power-to-weight ratio.
• Compatible with T-Rex 550 helicopter.
• 90% pre-assembled.

Length: 1042mm
Height: 374mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 1188mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 254mm
Motor Drive Gear: 16T
Main Drive Gear: 170T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 180T
Tail Drive Gear: 40T
Drive Gear Ratio: 1:10.62:4.5
Weight (w/o electronics/blades): 1350g

HK550GT Belt-Drive Helicopter Kit
Tail Blades
All Necessary Hardware

Required items:
6CH Transmitter/Receiver with Helicopter Programming
Lipoly Battery (4000~5000mAh 6S)
520~550mm Main Blades
Servos (3 x cyclic, 1 x tail)
Brushless Outrunner Motor

PRODUCT ID: 155000031

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Total of 43 discussions.
Elpidio  7 points - 10/4/2016
Qualcuno mi sa consigliare un motore per questo elicottero?
Nazar  1 points - 4/28/2016
Is it ok to install main blade 600mm to HK-550 GT instate 550mm . ? or will damage the Helicopter ?
 John Banion 198 points
You would need to install a 600 boom, and probably a different pinion to not overheat the motor. 550's usually use blades between 525 and 550mm. On my FLB version of this there is very little clearance between the main and tail rotors. This rotor head is a little taller but still probably going to self destruct without the longer boom.
Michael  1 points - 2/8/2016
How can I get a manual for this he**copter? Thanks
 John Banion 198 points
Sorry for the slow response. Its winter here. Anyway, your best match is proably the trex 550E combo, non DFC ***gn model KX021005T. Google "Trex 550 kx021005T pdf" will bring it up.
Robinsson  23 points - 10/18/2015
What servo size to fit on the HK 550? Roger
 pdooley 133 points
standard size servos. usually 40x20mm
Robert  2 points - 9/3/2015
Has anyone had issues with pushing the main head shaft through the oneway bearing sleeve? Seems to be a tight fit.
 Robert 2 points
Just FYI, it was machined wrong. Used some emery cloth on it and now the main shaft fits in the oneway bearing sleeve. Guess it is just hit or miss when buying a kit. All that matters is it works now, in case anyone else runs into the same issue. I used 180 grit emery cloth and spun it around until it fit smoothly.
Customer Reviews
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I have just received my HK550GT today 5-25-12 It seems to be very high quality and Very nice kit for the money. Sorry if I won't be able to give you a "builder's review" or "flying test" at this time. But i will be checking every screw and reloctiting and checking the thrust bearings to see if they have been greased I've yet to see thrust bearings come greased in any of these kits. Like always no manual but a Trex 550 manual can be downloaded

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Overall Rating
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After owning all versions of HK's helis I jumped on this one. I really wanted the TT version but I couldnt wait (figured I'd get the conversion when it came out). I was very please with the quality of the 550 when I took the parts out of the box. It seems they've geared up thier engineering. Don't have any flight reviews just yet but the build was going great until I realized I had two tail rotor push rods and no flybar. Also, the stock canopy was strached pretty bad when I pulled it out of the box - didn't really care about that because I always replace the stock plastic canopy with one of higher quality.

For those wanting this kit - I suggest waiting until HK has flybars included in the boxes that are sitting on the self.

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Overall Rating
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А в чём прикол? Брал такой же, но Всё косое и кривое. Из угля только Ещё и с движком Skorpion за заказ приняли, а потом вежливо что мол по такой цене уже нет, хотя на момен заказа всё OK! Пришло

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Overall Rating
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j'ai osé essayer cet hélico "low cost", évidement il y a mieux mais pour le prix c'est parfait, le débutant aura un équivalent shuttle (tout métal avec flancs carbone quand même) , pour s'entrainer ,même au 3D c'est moins stressant car le risque financier est moindre. la taille permet de transporter facilement. simplement génial , je vais en recommander un deuxième comme mulet et je ne prendrai plus de risque avec mon hirobo eagle

7 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
peter s
Like it?
I now have the 550 flying and am pleased with the way it performs.However there are a few issues that potential buyers should pay particular attention to.I always like to spin the heli without blades to check vibration,and after the second time my tailshaft bearings collapsed which is strange when hk state that they are high tolerance bearings.The tail boom support rods came out of there sleeves,a few of the main shaft screws were loose (no locktight) and quite a few holes had to be clearance drilled in the c/f frame. Finally I was supplied with two tail pushrods but no flybar.
I will still be buying from hk as the value for money connot be bettered but as always will continue to check and double check all components prior to flying.

1 comment. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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