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Binary 900 V2.0 DLG Glider Kit (900mm) (US Warehouse)

Binary 900 V2.0 DLG Glider Kit (900mm) (US Warehouse)
Binary 900 V2.0 DLG Glider Kit (900mm) (US Warehouse)

The Binary-900 V2.0 is a Mosquito class micro Discus Launch Glider with a wingspan of 900mm (35.4 inches). This glider sports Elevator/Aileron control surfaces, or Flaperon with a computer radio, for extreme maneuverability and a broad flight envelope.  

The skinned and carbon fibre renforced wing uses Molded Inner Core (MIC) construction for an extremely light yet rigid design. The fiber glass reinforced pod, carbon fiber boom, and expertly covered contest grade balsa tail group all contribute toward a light wing loading and stellar performance similar to an F3K glider yet in a compact package.

You will require three 4~5g servos and your own transmitter and reciever (Tx/Rx) to complete this model.

Wingspan: 900mm
Wing area:
Length 800mm
Weight: 100g
Servos: 3 x 4~5g (Required)

Servos: 3 x 4~5g
Your own Tx/Rx
Rx Battery

PRODUCT ID: FG-Binary900

2 1:IC/2:Elec 3 Channel 900mm (35.43in) 800mm (31.50in) 100g (0.22lb)

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Dan O.  454 points - 1/29/2013
Just ordered my second one of these. What's in the box/build videos/flying videos/setup videos, etc. will be on my YouTube channel, username is RCDJO. Thanks! :) -Dan
 Dan O. 454 points
On the slope...
 Dan O. 454 points
More footage slope soaring... enjoy subscribe!
Mark  5 points - 11/12/2012
Where are pictures of the aileron servos installation? Is the wing two piece? The wing screws seem to imply this. What kind of joiner for the wing halves? There is no picture showing the aileron hinging - are they pre-hinged?
 Dan O. 454 points
If you want ailerons, you have to cut them yourself. The wing is permanently glued together, not two piece. It's screwed onto the fuselage.
John1738  10 points - 2/8/2012
Anthony, What happened to looking after the Skips?
 7daniel49 118 points
What are Skips?
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Just received my Binary 900 V2 and I am very impressed with the quality!!! Be warned dont order the Turnigy nano tech 370 mah lipo thats shown in the combo. It is way to big and doesnt fit.

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Overall Rating
Dan O.
Like it?
This is a great kit, but not for beginners for sure. I'm actually on my second one of these. Use 4-5g servos (I used the Turnigy 5.5g ones and they're fine), a 300 mAH 2S pack with VR or BEC and a *VERY* small receiver of your choice. The RX must be less than 1'' wide for sure, so make sure to measure the pod before ordering if you need to. Overall the build is not easy but not overly hard as well. Cutting the boom, gluing, drilling, and other advanced stuff needs to be done to get this one up and flying well. There's nothing in the kit that keeps the pod cover on so I put on some velcro to hold it on and it works great! Make sure that the wing does NOT flex AT ALL or it will break apart on launch like my first one did. Keep the tail rudder/elevator nice and strong with a good amount of thin or medium CA and make sure that it's all straight. Cut a small notch in the boom to allow for the small carbon fiber pushrod for the elevator servo to fit through on move the horn. Make sure that the notch isn't too big though, as that will make it weaker. The ailerons have to be cut as well, remember to only cut the top skin and NOT the bottom! Servo holes are not precut out also, be careful when cutting those as well. The servos may not fit completely flush with the wing as well. MAKE SURE to use the fiberglass tape that comes with the kit for the middle of the wings. Get the wing mounts very strong on the wing as well and make sure that they won't shift in flight. A pro

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This is a great DLG , rides thermals like a pro and very durable. It does take some work but its well worth it. I used a 600 mah 1s lipo along with a volt booster and she flew fine. Use the 4 gram servos for the wings they work just fine but make sure to loosen up the alerions.

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