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HobbyKing™Lipoly Low Voltage Alarm (2s~3s)

HobbyKing™Lipoly Low Voltage Alarm (2s~3s)

Simple to use Lipoly low voltage alarm that is small and light for on board use. This plugs into the balance lead for detecting low voltage on individual cells.

A loud alarm will sound and the LED will change from Green to Red if any individual cell drops to 3.3v or below.

Lipoly Range: 2s~3s
Size: 38x20x10mm
Weight: 5g
Voltage Accuracy: 0.03v
Low Voltage Alarm Threshold: 3.3v (per cell)

PRODUCT ID: 067000002

Weight: 15g
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Price  $1.99

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 Customer rated
Total of 47 discussions.
lweber  16 points - 9/29/2015
Can't be beat for the price. Why take a chance on trashing a 50 dollar LiPo when this thing will give a nice loud alarm before the minimum voltage limit. Light enough to mount on every plane or Quad.
pica_pau  52 points - 4/16/2015
I need a device similar to this one, but that, instead of beeping and sounding would cut the power supply. There are any device that acts like that?
 SticksOfFuri 2 points
You can set up your speed controller with a programming card to cut off power when it reaches a certain voltage rather than have an alarm tell you voltage is low.
 Free Flyer 227 points
Why would you want to cut the power off not even knowing when will it hapen? :(
 pica_pau 52 points
Free Flyer : I think you have not understood correctly the question. 1- This is a special application. 2- If the system is unattended, it serves of nothing of beeping and sounding if nobody is there to hear it!!!. It can even catch fire if nobody is there to hear it. So: conclusion: Lipoly can only be used in situations when someone is near by to pay attention to the device...!!!
 Elton 1 points
He did not misunderstood. You did not include that info in your original question. Please do so next time.
 wim verleyen 126 points
* pica_pau: I think you missed the point of this advice. This item is a low voltage ALARM so people use this item to get a warning when needed. It's obvious this item is useless when it's used in applications it can not be monitored so therefore only used when it can be heard or seen. What you are looking for is called a battery protection circuit or over-discharge circuit, it cuts the battery of when LVC has reached and makes connection again when battery voltage goes up by charging.
titiroot  8 points - 1/26/2015
I use this on my FPV rc Dashboard and it's perfect
Dylan  8 points - 12/20/2014
this product reliable, don't want to ruin batteries from a 2 dollar product
 Dylan 1 points
yes, works great, highly recommend
 caseMasterxL 10 points
I use these for all my air and ground vehicles. The beeper is loud enough that you can hear it from a fair distance away (20 meters). It's especially nice to use with multirotor applications. Once you hear the beep, you have 30 seconds to bring the craft in without overdischarging your Lipos. It's really light and easy to attach. I use a small amount of velcro and hook it to my battery straps.
 SticksOfFuri 2 points
I run this in my boat and it has been very reliable.
Tantrum  9 points - 12/10/2014
Hi Julian, thank you. will try to use hot glue to secure it instead. will update again. cheers mate
 Dylan 8 points
good luck, please update so i can make a decision
 Tantrum 9 points
Hi Dylan, work great for my case, but it is hard to remove if you have more then one use.
 WeetbixNZ 5 points
i use Velcro dots to secure them in to my vehicles etc - they come in strips with the hook velcro on one strip and the fluffy side on the other strip, they are self adhesive on the back and stick very well, i put the fluffy side dots onto the back of lipo alarm and the hook side into the vehicle, you can use them for small receivers as well. if you do it the same on all your vehicles you could just swap the lipo alarm to the one you are using at the time, but for the price i just brought a few of them.
Customer Reviews
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Very loud ear piercing sound that is easily heard, however i have not tested it out yet in a quad or similar but im quite sure you would hear it if not to far away and possible even at some smaller distance.

Just when the battery pack is connected it beeps for about a 1 seconds so be prepared for that and green lights come on that show which batteries are connected. If a battery voltage goes down to under about 3.3V it starts to beep at an interval off 0.5 sec on and 0.5 sec off (i would like it to be on constant but oh well, might be able to change some components to do so) and the same led that correspond to that battery blinks red at the same interval and the green corresponding led turns off completely at this point.

When the voltage goes up on that battery to over about 3.3V the beep stop and the green led goes on and the red stop to the next time it goes under again.

Nothing really to complane about exept this interval thing. I would absolutely recommend it but i havent flown with it yet though to see if it could be heard with motors on but im quite sure you would even at a little smaller distance.

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Overall Rating
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buen chivato de que te quedas sin potencia. Lo tengo montado en un corcho y se acabaron los aporrizajes. Lo recomiendo

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Overall Rating
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Отличное качество, отличная цена, впрочем как и почти всё на хобииКинге, приобретайте не пожалеете

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Overall Rating
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I bought two of these. This is a great product. I tried with the alarm is loud and sounds very good from a distance at least 50 meters. Now I am calm about my batteries and know when to stop. I changed the old NiCd batteries on my drill and put lithium polymer 3s now works perfectly and alarm tells when to stop. I strongly recommend taze alarm.

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Overall Rating
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brillant item very simple device an very affective,you can hear the alarm when doing fly bys clearly

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I use this simple and inexpensive item on my own Multi-rotor craft. The LEDs are a great visual indication of battery voltage and the loud Piezo buzzer lets me know when its time to land with a safe amount of voltage in the pack - Ben
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