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On-Board Lipoly Low Voltage Alarm 2s~3s

On-Board Lipoly Low Voltage Alarm 2s~3s

Simple to use Lipoly low voltage alarm that is small and light for on board use, plugs into balance lead for detecting low voltage on individual cells. A loud alarm will sound and LED will change from Green to Red if any individual cell drops to 3.3v or below.

Lipoly Range: 2s~3s
Size: 38x20x10mm
Weight: 5g
Voltage Accuracy: 0.03v
Low Voltage Alarm Threshold: 3.3v (per cell)

PRODUCT ID: 067000002

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Weight: 15g
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Hau  1 points - 6/29/2014
Hey I just bought some 3s lipo batteries from here along with a lipo alarm for my airsoft gun, and whenever I have the battery plugged in and the lipo alarm plugged in too, it beeps every few times I shoot but the alarm's lights stay green
 Mosa 98 693 points
don't worry, it simply means that the battery's voltage dripped when u shot, but picked up again.
 Viliny 13 points
Yes, one or more of the cells in your lipo battery goes below the voltage threshold for warning when your airsoft gun puts load on the battery. A bit strange in my opinion, but i have no idea what kind of power requirement airsoft guns have.
Blue_Rocket  412 points - 6/10/2014
Is there a chance to set the voltage alarm? Beneeth 3,3V is very low!!!!
 fjmb58 467 points
If you want an adjustable one search for this (PRODUCT ID: Voltage-Alarm). But I have found these work fine, the internal resistance of your lipo means it will start to beep well before the pack is down to 3.3V/cell. With it I find I'm using about 80% my lipo's capacity.
 Mosa 98 693 points
Same, I fly my quad for 1 min after this first beeps and the pack will still have around 10.6V
masson  8 points - 2/20/2014
commande faite depuis plus de 3 mois,jamais livré*e et non remboursé*e.hobby king commence a avoir de gros soucis dans les livraisons du meteriel,2 commandes non livré*e en peu de temps.
jason  3 points - 1/16/2014
hi guys i have a problem i charged my turnigy 3s 2200 lipo and connected the alarm it showed green lights i then flew a few minutes and it showed red lights and the alarm started beeping i then tested the battery and it shows 10v still??
 pipablo 133 points
Because under load (flight) voltage drops rather more than at rest. If you measure 10v at rest and the Alarm Threshold is 9.9v, even with small load (ex servos) alarm could sound.
Nancie  5 points - 11/10/2013
I'm having trouble with this. When i drive my car, the alarm beeps. i go to check it but non of the LEDs have turned red. It sometimes beeps but non of the cells in the lipo are down. Please help!
 Viceleno 4 points
Yeah that's normal. This happens in my quad when I draw to much power to fast. when you stop driving it just turns green again.
 Brandon 4 points
When operating your car/plane/copter there is an amp draw which brings down the voltage and triggers the alarm. The alarm is serious when your car is sitting idle. When your plane is cruising. Or when copter is sitting level.
 MOH1979 11 points
Please buy a Lipo with more C discharge rate!!! Then the problem is solved.
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Very loud ear piercing sound that is easily heard, however i have not tested it out yet in a quad or similar but im quite sure you would hear it if not to far away and possible even at some smaller distance.

Just when the battery pack is connected it beeps for about a 1 seconds so be prepared for that and green lights come on that show which batteries are connected. If a battery voltage goes down to under about 3.3V it starts to beep at an interval off 0.5 sec on and 0.5 sec off (i would like it to be on constant but oh well, might be able to change some components to do so) and the same led that correspond to that battery blinks red at the same interval and the green corresponding led turns off completely at this point.

When the voltage goes up on that battery to over about 3.3V the beep stop and the green led goes on and the red stop to the next time it goes under again.

Nothing really to complane about exept this interval thing. I would absolutely recommend it but i havent flown with it yet though to see if it could be heard with motors on but im quite sure you would even at a little smaller distance.

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buen chivato de que te quedas sin potencia. Lo tengo montado en un corcho y se acabaron los aporrizajes. Lo recomiendo

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Отличное качество, отличная цена, впрочем как и почти всё на хобииКинге, приобретайте не пожалеете

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I bought two of these. This is a great product. I tried with the alarm is loud and sounds very good from a distance at least 50 meters. Now I am calm about my batteries and know when to stop. I changed the old NiCd batteries on my drill and put lithium polymer 3s now works perfectly and alarm tells when to stop. I strongly recommend taze alarm.

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brillant item very simple device an very affective,you can hear the alarm when doing fly bys clearly

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I use this simple and inexpensive item on my own Multi-rotor craft. The LEDs are a great visual indication of battery voltage and the loud Piezo buzzer lets me know when its time to land with a safe amount of voltage in the pack - Ben
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