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Turnigy H.A.L. (Heavy Aerial Lift) Quadcopter Frame 585mm

Turnigy H.A.L. (Heavy Aerial Lift) Quadcopter Frame 585mm
Turnigy H.A.L. (Heavy Aerial Lift) Quadcopter Frame 585mm

The Turnigy H.A.L. (Heavy Aerial Lift) Quadcopter Frame is crafted from high quality anodized aluminium offering both great looks and performance. The H.A.L. has been designed in-house by our engineering team and manufactured ourselves to keep costs low. We set out to create an aerial video platform that would provide high performance at a price that won't break the bank, and we have achieved that goal!

The extended carbon fiber lading skids and wide variety of motor mounting options make this frame ideal for carrying payloads such as camera systems and other electronic components. This makes an exceptional camera rig for capturing awesome aerial video!*

The H.A.L. also features a stylish removable dome to protect the electronics and provide a tidy look on the main frame. We have even designed an optional aluminium landing skid set for those who do not plan to use this frame for aerial video (see related items below).

H.A.L's motor mounting plates allow for top or bottom mounting of 28 and 35 size brushless outrunner motors. We also offer a full line of quality multi-rotor electronics such as multi-rotor control board, ESC, motors and more, so there is no need to compromise on your electronics setup either!

*Optional 3-axis camera gimbal/mount available, please see related items below.

Weight: 614g (w/out electronics)
Width: 585mm
Motor Bolt Holes: 16/19/25mm
X or + Landing gear setup

28-XX or 35-XX brushless outrunner motor x 4
18~30A brushless ESC x 4
8x4~10x4.7 propeller x 4 (2 standard/2 reverse rotation)
Multi-rotor control board
2200~3000mAh 11.1V lipoly
4CH Transmitter & Receiver

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  • HobbyKing Multi-Rotor Control Board V3.0 (Atmega328 PA)

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  • 10CM Male to Male Servo Lead (JR) 26AWG (10pcs/set)

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  • NTM Prop Drive 28 Series Accessory Pack

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  • Turnigy H.A.L. Battery Mount Plate

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RC2211  337 points - 7/12/2014
Recommended motors, props, and Lipo for flying with a GoPro brushless gimbal? (I will be using a Mobius converter on the gimbal). I'm looking for best stability and longest flight times. Going to use a Naze or KK board.
 Prashant 6 points
I have used this frame for good flights,I suggest a good 600-700 KV motor with a 12 inch slow flying propeller and a 5000 3S battery.
 RC2211 337 points
Tim  43 points - 6/9/2014
H.A.L. cruising around near Mount Mansfield. Legs are made from 1 1/2" pink insulation board wrapped in Tyvek tape - the top of each leg has a pocket carved out where a short piece of carbon fiber tube sliced in half lengthwise mates with the metal boom,with a few velcro strips holding it on.Tarot gimbal, Multistar 3508-640KV motors, Q-Brain 25 amp, Naza V2
Ben  2 points - 5/19/2014
No buddycodes? :(
Khalif  19 points - 5/10/2014
How to ensure each motor already 90* degree facing upside?
 __Buts 55 points
With this tool placed in the holder the engine you
 Khalif 19 points
What tools?
 __Buts 55 points
SKU: 9171000076
Jackster22  5 points - 4/12/2014
Not flown yet as I am waiting for the rest of my parts to arrive, But building this was super easy! First Multirotor and though the instructions are a bit low on detail it is something that anyone could build without them. Getting it in X configuration is super easy to work out how to do, just turn the thing 45 degrees :P You WILL need to grab (if not already got) a HEX driver set. There are many sets on HK that are super cheap and will be very useful. Will write a full review in a few weeks on the UK product page and will be posting videos :)
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1 thumbs up!
Ordered two of these frames so I have spare parts in case I crash which I've been known to do. Received the frames today and assembled both in the X configuration. Very impressed with the quality and strength of these frames especially given the price. I particulary like the height available under the landing gear.

Everything fit perfectly and was exactly as I expected it to be based on HK's pictures and description. Currently I have installed HK Quadcopter power distribution board and V3.0 Multirotor control board.

There is plenty of room inside the dome for other electronics - I will be flying this with a Hoverfly Pro controller board which I already own and later with Ardupilot and FPV electronics. Will have to make my own mounting plates but that is trivial task. Will also make a plate below the landing gear to mount a battery and a GoPro.

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I recieved my kit a couple of days ago and built it up. I am very impressed with the quality! Everything fits! I hope that a 'plus' configuration is good, as I don't think this frame can be converted easily to 'X'. All very good! I'm impressed!

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Overall Rating
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Já Chegou mas é um pouco pesado temos de modificar para ficar<mais leve

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Overall Rating
old motohead
Like it?
i like this kit very well..ive crashed mine many times and once really hard.and have repaired it using 4000 mah nano tech. 30 35 motors.fy90q pro flight controller .55 amp dlux esc and 10 inch props.its very stable and handles great.and a old school futaba fm hovers at 1/2 stick.and is very powerful .plus it looks badass flying

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Overall Rating
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I've tested it passing to my 2 year old kid: it weight 14 kg and he decided to push it like a car. Surprisingly, the frame survived, nothing had cracked or bended. And yes, it's beautiful. 4 crowns overall - for its weight. But for 30$ - it's the best buy.

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