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Micro Spycam Helicopter w/1GB SD Card (Mode 2) (RTF)

Micro Spycam Helicopter w/1GB SD Card (Mode 2) (RTF)
Micro Spycam Helicopter w/1GB SD Card (Mode 2) (RTF)

Ever wished you had a helicopter with a camera on it to make your own aerial videos? Well your wish has come true with the new Micro Spycam RTF Helicopter!

This coaxial heli features full 3ch control (Forward, Backward, Left/Right), super stable flight characteristics, a built-in video camera, LED lights to illuminate dark areas/night flying, and comes in a ready to fly package including a 1GB memory card! Everything you need to record aerial video is included in the box. It even includes a micro SD USB card reader for your computer!

Simply charge the flight battery via included USB charge cord (or from transmitter charge cord), insert memory card into heli, take off and push the record button on transmitter to start the video! In addtion to remotely controlling the video function from transmitter, you can also snap still photos with the push of a button.

We have tested many different spycam helis on the market today and found this model to be the most user friendly and best value hands down. Super simple to use and very easy to fly, even a beginner can be capturing their own aerial video in no time with this heli.

-Full 3ch control (Forward, Backward, Left/Right)
-Super Stable Flight Characteristics
-Remotely Controlled Video Recording/Still Photos
-LED lights
-1GB Micro SD Card
-USB Card Reader
-USB Charge Cord
-Spare Main/Tail Blades

Weight: 50g
Dimensions: 235x195x200mm
Battery: Built-in Lipoly

Micro Spycam RTF Helicopter
Infrared Transmitter (Mode 2 -throttle on left)
1GB Micro SD Card
USB Micro SD Card Reader
USB Charge Cable
Spare Main Blade (1 upper/1 lower)
Spare Tail Blade x 2

6AA Batteries (for transmitter)

*Note - This listing is for Mode 2 transmitter version (throttle on left side)

PRODUCT ID: 326000014

Weight: 874g
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Price  $29.25

  • Micro Spycam Helicopter w/1GB SD Card (Mode 1) (RTF)

    Combo Price: $27.66   IN STOCK

  • Micro Spycam Helicopter - Replacement Canopy

    Combo Price: $0.91   IN STOCK

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vern tanny  5 points - 11/20/2014
why does my page show the prices in HKD money. What is HKD??? How do I change it to US dollars??/
 vern tanny 5 points
I'm answering my own question. I am some what lame when it comes to computers. So for some reason my computer was pricing everything in HONG CONG dollars. Being of sound mind and body, I thought the HK stood for Hobby King. After a lot of frustration, I accidentally came across the currency calculater, and changed to SU dollars. Please every body that reads this have a good laugh and If you can't laugh at yourself, you really should. Embarrassed and still Lame.... Gregory
Denis  1 points - 10/20/2014
Hi all, I would be very happy if someone can answer - is there any chance that stock can be available within next 30 days? really appreciate.
 Samuel 25 points
Stock available now! When stock it is not available, there is an option before the comments, where you can be informed by email when the product is available. Hope it helps!
Puvi  1 points - 10/10/2014
What is RTF mean ?
 Alex 38 points
RTF means ready to fly, and this means you don't need to buy any additional parts to get it in the air.
Denis  1 points - 9/5/2014
Is there any chance stock can be available within next 30 days??
LeoLed  1 points - 7/18/2014
When will be able to order from Euro warehouse?
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Like it?
Excellent little heli. a real pleasure to fly , easy stable and most of all
fun . it's the best small Heli I flown very . the video is very good and
simple , comes with a 1 g mirco sd card and the video is clear and
smooth just as in the HK video .
A couple of minor things you can take photo's and video , but you need
to hit the start/stop very quickly or the heli will spin , I'm getting better
at it . the other is it charges well from controller but ,It didn't from
USB , this could be because I'm in a hub . but other wise a great deal
A great fun ,Item at a great price

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Bought two of them. Both fly incrediblily stable. The remote controller (IR but this toy deserves a radio controller to fly outdoors in no wind) has the throttle control on left stick (mode 2) and yaw/pitch control on right stick (mode 4). Beware heli pilots: there is NO roll control (but the bird flies well anyway). Heli's frame is nicely strong and appears solid. Time flight with video recording on is 7..8 minutes (in my experience); didn't test without. Video quality is good but I found it non as good as the one in the video you can see over here. Photo frame is 1280x1024 pix; video frame is 720x480 pix, 30 fps (varying from 26 to 30). Video compression is MJPEG and encapsulation is AVI. I had to use VLC conversion before editing with Premiere. The final video is clear enough in 640x480 pix and very clear in 320x240. The camera is not HD indeed but works well for the price you spend. One of my two items recording was clearer than the other and one of the two SD card was faulty. I've ordered two more for freinds who saw it because the overall rating is super!! ;). Mauri

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Overall Rating
Like it?
In general: a well-balanced, stable, durable (not afraid to inexperienced hands), high-quality assembly and soldering, handy remote ... the right price! Positive aspects: Large number of metal parts (I would say 75 percent metal, 25 percent of plastic) Flexible blades (strikes on the wall and falling to the ground leaving very little (or do not leave) trace of either the blades or on the helicopter) High-quality manufacture and assembly of all parts, good soldering (wires and / or small electronic parts do not fall off at the first "heli-crash") Good quality camera (if desired, the camera can be removed - to be fixed by 4 screws) Excellent transmitter rests comfortably in the hand (users will immediately recognize SonyPS easy grip) Flight time 8-12 min | Charge time 20-30 min The negative side: - no negative side (most importantly do not forget to re-lubricate all moving parts) Easter Eggs (undocumented features): A. The camera on board, but the photo and video recording we WILL NOT launch - Helicopter flies stably and quickly, instantly climbs and fast turns on its axis. B. The camera on board, the video-rec WORKS. The helicopter is flying steadily, but much more slowly, makes gently turns, slow climb up ... "Heavy (as from the words of weight) the control" (as if put on weight) C. The camera is removed (unscrew 4 screws) Clearly - Helicopter became lighter, con

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Overall Rating
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Great little Helicopter!!
I'm a bit of a fan of these little Co-Ax heli's. Easy to fly from your armchair, tough, and cheap. Takes a good beating!!! Flies perfect right out of the box!!! Almost no trim needed!!! Wow!!
This little guy is no different. Looks to be a Syma S107 ( Parts available everywhere!!!) with a little camera underneath. The remote is modelled after the PS2/3 controller.. awesome touch, feels great in the hand and the sticks are quite well sprung and weighted for such a cheap heli!! The chopper flies around smooth with lots of power to spare. Forward movement is fairly relaxed compared to some clones like the XY902, however it more than makes up for sheer steady hovering ability. Trim works great too!! The flashing lights are switchable on and off, The camera is pretty basic picture quality wise, but takes great snap shots, and quite good footage. Kinda funny when you chase the hosehold pet around the house!! The USB charging cable is great too.. when charging the red light is off, when complete the light glows bright. The micro SD card USB adapter is a welcome inclusion too. Everything works as it should, and the best bit.... It's ALL black!!!! About 12 minutes flight time without the camera being on.
Shipping was a little steep but I think the Helicopter is well worth buying!!!

Bottom line.. buy one. Another solid product from HK!! Thank

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Overall Rating
Like it?
a very well built helicopter (Syma 107 clone with extra's). very stable flight. copter act slightly different when the camera is in use (acts slower, but that's a good thing for good video imho).the angle if the camera can be adjusted. if you are looking for a fun copter with camera this is the one! if you are looking for a Syma 107 clone who has a long flight time this is the one to! remove the cam (4 screws and 1 connector) you have a fast and long flying (13-15 min.) copter due to the 220Mah lipo. it outperforms all syma clones once the cam is removed!the demo flight is a fun function to, you can use it to teach someone hovering. overall a great product. if you are a hobbyist, you can order some 1s 300Mah lipos from hk and make connectors so you can swap out lipo's for longer flight times. (desolder the charge board from the copter lipo and re-use)

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