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HobbyKing™ HKSCM9-5 Single Chip Digital Servo 1.4kg / 0.09sec / 10g (US Warehouse)

HobbyKing™ HKSCM9-5 Single Chip Digital Servo 1.4kg / 0.09sec / 10g (US Warehouse)
HobbyKing™ HKSCM9-5 Single Chip Digital Servo 1.4kg / 0.09sec / 10g (US Warehouse)

HKSCM9-5 Single Chip Digital Servo (5V)
Torque: 1.4kg 
Weight: 10g
Speed: 0.09 / 60deg
Voltage: 4.8v
Plug: JR 
Operating voltage cannot be higher than 5V.


Weight (g) 10
Torque (kg) 1.4
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.09
A(mm) 30
B(mm) 23
C(mm) 27
D(mm) 12
E(mm) 32
F(mm) 16
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Weight: 17g
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Price  $3.22

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bobby  2 points - 9/15/2013
hii can i use HKSCM9-5 Single Chip Digital Servo (5v) servo with 11.2v lipo .my main motor is Turnigy 2730 2s . is 7.4v lipo is sufficient for both or have to use 11.2 v lipo plz help me out.
 RobtC 3 points
The BEC on your speed controller (ESC) will provide the correct voltage to your Rx and servos. The BEC rating needs to be at least 3 amps if running 4 or more servos.
the innovator  14 points - 8/11/2013
one of my servos is freaking out and whenever i plug it in i keeps spinning in circles. If its toast i'l use it for an rc ornithopter:)
 Starbuck1 36 points
Assuming you have the signal wire plugged in to the correct side of the receiver, I'd say your servo is toast. I had one like that brand new. There isn't much you can do about it but keep a couple of spares on hand. Please post a photo of your ornithopter when you've completed it *-)
the innovator  14 points - 8/9/2013
what is the standard wait time for orders assuming that there is still plenty of stock on the item
 mfa157 44 points
From the US warehouse, for me it has taken from 1 to 3 days to ship usually depending on how big your order is and if you order during the weekend or not. Once it ships it depends what shipping you paid for (2-3 day, 4-5, etc). Average about a week to a week and a half total
the innovator  14 points - 8/9/2013
i have two emax es9251 servos. could anyone tell me the category of servo (sub-micro, micro, etc.) and if this particular servo will work on the same receiver as these
 mfa157 44 points
This servo is micro which seems to be bigger than the servo you mentioned (I'm assuming its sub micro?). Also the connector on the emax looks like its different than the standard servo connector but you could always replace it by cutting it off and resoldering a standard one, or find an adapter
cptcowboy66  1 points - 6/20/2013
excited and somewhat frustrated... in a good way. just got my HK 450 Pro... decided i like the power of the TT, better than the belt drive. but now i have this problem, once i get to lift, and i still need to adjust my pitch curves (any sugguestion on this as well) but once i get to lift, the heli wonts to nose left. even when i try and correct nothing happens. my setup appears to be centered mechanically, tail servo 90d, trim all at 0. Digital Spektrum tail servo... HkT6a HK 450 Pro ZYX Gyro 3- HKsch9 Digital 1- Spektrum Digital so close i can taste it...... Thanks for help....
 dbest325 91 points
that sounds to me like the gyro is freaking out on you try adjusting the gyro but it is definitely not a servo issue if it would pitch to the left it could be the servo but just nosing left sounds like the gyro is in rate mode and needs the gain adjusted on or switch it to the heading hold mode
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The case mesurments of this servo are basically Identical to the Hitech HS-55. Yet this Servo has more Torque. 1.4kg to 1.1kg Speed is a tad slower 0.09 to 0.17 at 4.8v. This servo is two grams heavier. This servo is more noisy. Their centering is very good given its a sub $3 servo. But for the money - considering the HS-55 is around $18 (USA) each. This HK servo is a Super GREAT BUY !!! I usually buy them 6 at a time. Thats $17.70 for 6 Servo's instead of $18 for ONE.... :)

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These are almost the same as the "always sold out" HKSCM12's except 1.5 kg verses the 1.4 kg (The size is almost identical to the 12's). I haven't noticed the difference in my foamies in comparison to my higher cost Hi-tec 55's except a little noisier. Who's going to notice the noise difference in the air anyways? Buy them in bulk to make sure you don't run out or to replace worn units. I currently have 3 foamies all running the HKSCM9's for the last four months without any problems and the units seem to be functioning fine even with my constant crashing into obstacles in my flight path.

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Work great for the price. One is a little noisy around center, but it doesn't affect it's function.

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These servos are super responsive but not durable if even having a little hard landing the gears strip out. I know plastic gears are going to break with hard use eventually but having hxt900 before these with multiple crashes and no problems till about 4 or 5 crashes then of course they would strip which is fine. I installed these servos and am good enough to fly around without crashing so maybe i chop the throttle 2 ft off the ground nothing breaks landing gear is fine but these servos just stripped. I have to say these are my first digital servos and I was pretty disappointed. Do yourself a favor if you fly helis and arent superb yet stick with analog servos like the hxt900 s and youll be in shape

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I don't see any difference between the 6V and this one, I think I'll prefer to use the 6V in case that I have the option of a better BEC

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