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1:10 Scale Wheel/Tire Set (2pcs) White/Solid RC Car 26mm

1:10 Scale Wheel/Tire Set (2pcs) White/Solid RC Car 26mm

1:10 Scale Wheel/Tire Set (2pcs) White/Solid RC Car 26mm
Weight: 32g each
Width: 26mm
Hex size: 12mm

PRODUCT ID: 157000007

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David  2 points - 9/4/2013
What is the overall diameter of these tires?
Fabio  2 points - 8/18/2013
It fits in a Rustler VSL
Nikolay  73 points - 5/7/2013
Low grip,these tires are suitble for park driving,not for racetrack racing. Still price/quality ratio makes the a good purchase.
 Txat16v 14 points
1 agree, and bought foam hard compound for more grid. i put the included foam and hard foam in the same wheel for more grid and more stable but in 2 hours the tyre K.O
nukii  91 points - 4/23/2013
great set..i use it on my tt01 and am very satisfied.
luiz  1 points - 4/15/2013
hi how diameter this wheel
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Bought a pair of this for my hpi sprint 2. Before i say anything else LOOK AT THE PRICE. For the price of a set of similar ones at my LHS i could buy like 3 to 4 sets of these. THEY ARE DIRT CHEAP. Not very grippy on tracks but perfect if ur looking at just bashing around. Only gripe is the inserts. They of a sponge material and really soft. Would have been better if they had harder rubber inserts. But at this price i really can't complain. GD JOB HK!!!!

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