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MultiWii MicroWii ATmega32U4 Flight Controller USB/BARO/ACC/MAG

MultiWii MicroWii ATmega32U4 Flight Controller USB/BARO/ACC/MAG
MultiWii MicroWii ATmega32U4 Flight Controller USB/BARO/ACC/MAG

The MicroWii is a complete multi-rotor flight controller. It is based on the ATmega32U4, which is the processor of the Arduino Leonardo. The MicroWii incorporates an MPU-6050 chip, which is a combined gyro and accelerometer plus a precise MS5611 barometer and HMC5883L magnetometer.

This is the ultimate solution for powerful flight performance with your multi-rotor project. The possibilities are endless with the MicroWii, only limited by your imagination!

• USB on chip (no FTDI or UART needed)
• Free serial port (it's possible to use a DSM2 satellite together with the GUI)
• 6 receiver inputs
• 6 high resolution (11-bit) PWM outputs
• Supports all configs up to OKTO with cam-stab support
• 2.5kB RAM
• ATmega32U4 based with Leonardo Bootloader
• 10DOF sensor array
• MPU-6050 (GYRO/ACC)
• HMC-5883L (MAG)
• MS5611-01BA03 (BARO)
• Bluetooth/GPS connector (on bottom; only GPS or DSM2 satellite can be used at one time since the 32U4 only has one UART)

Main chip: ATmega32U4
CPU speed: 16MHz
Flash size: 32kB (3.3kB are taken by the Bootloader)
Input: 6 x high-res RX inputs (2 AUX channels)
Output: 6~8 motor outputs (motor 1-6 are 11-bit PWM)
Dimension: 50x50x16mm
Weight: 14g

PRODUCT ID: 9387000008

Weight: 34g Quantity: 

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Total of 159 discussions.
muhammad  1 points - 4/7/2014
Hobbyking Lipo to USB Charging Adapter
Rob  1 points - 4/7/2014
I have a question about powering this FC. I have 5v ESCs which can supply power but I am not sure how many to use for this purpose. I have heard of cutting the red wires off some of the ESCs, but is this necessary or can I plug in all 4 just as they are? (and nothing goes in the bat - pins) There's probably an obvious solution but just in case, I don't want to fry it.
 Moochasas 1136 points
There is a couple of ways to power this board.........what I did was just hook up the signal (white) wire to the FC Board...... and power the board with a UBEC........ have you read the manual in the purple tab section on how to power this board........
muhammad  1 points - 4/6/2014
How do I connect this GPS module to the control board because the Gps module has 4 pins but the board only has 3?
 tricopterY 871 points
This board does not support a Serial GPS module like NEO-6M. If you enable the GPS in the firmware, it will not load, as the Flash Memory has only around 28K of free space, and the compiled code will be around 32K.
Arnaldo  105 points - 3/25/2014
is possible to place cam stab? if possible, which exit to use?
 Sebastian 6 points
Yes. The connector for the servo is shown in the manual
 Sebastian 6 points
use a0
Sebastian  6 points - 3/23/2014
My ESC don#t work with the multiwii board. Heard that there are fails with 480Hz support so there is a new Output file for 400Hz. If I want that these work with my multiwii quadcopter schould I download the Output 400Hz file? I don't know how to install this ino.
 ESPIE 135 points
Don't you have enough knowledge to modify sketches by yourself ?
 Sebastian 6 points
no sry. I'm not very familiar with the arduino system. I think I shouldn't copy Code from the new 400hz file into my existing Output.cpp or what should I do?
 Sebastian 6 points
But you should know I'm a programmer but I don't knwo how i should combine the two .ino? It would be easy if I have the 400Hz output cpp file. I don't know how to handle these Arduino ino files.
 ESPIE 135 points
Okay. So let's see how your programing knowledge is fair enough to solve this problem. Any ESC have a bandwith control throught PWM signal. What you have to do is to set your ESC to governor mode first with a regular receiver. Then to input enough bandwith on each line to be seen by the quadricopter controler. And these, to calibrate it with the controler procedure. Skecthes are availlable for this hardware. Juste have a look on it and do it well. It might only be a simple understanding problem of what procedure should be applied to set the ESC controler range throught the stabilization program. Sorry if i was late to answer, lot's of work around here...
 Sebastian 6 points
hmm already have calibrated the ESC but maybe I should do it again.. what timing mode should i choose. currently it's programmed fast...
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Unfortunately, this board does not work too. If you set "# define A32U4ALLPINS" so you otherwise transform function on pins 'input'. Also in version 2.1 MultiWii not work "common setting ESC". The problem is also with the USB driver in W7 (the problem is already described on the Internet). Tile not responsible Flyduino board layout components and thus not working.

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I uncommented #define FREEIMUv043 and #define A32U4ALLPINS. (the first define identifies the FC and makes sure the new sensors are all made active, and the second one clobbers all the receiver pin-outs, if you want to use all pins) The receiver inputs change from what the labels say on the board to the followings: Throttle remains Throttle, Roll becomes Yaw, Pitch becomes Aux1, Yaw becomes Pitch and Aux1 becomes Roll. I don't use Aux2, but intuitively it should remain unchanged. I am using it on a scratch built Tri-Copter and it flies very well, using the stock PIDs. The sensors on this board are really good. I am very happy with this board. Make sure you install USB driver for Leonardo, in order to be able to connect to this board on Windows.

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It is a good value. But the minimalistic manual is wrong. either you do not uncomment //#define a32u4allpins or you uncomment it and connect the corresponding channels from the receiver to the Flight Control in the right order (you can watch it in the MultiWii-Config Utility). When connecting the board to PC, try to connect it to an USB 2.0 Port, not USB 3.0. That can save you a lot of trouble. My Quadrocopter is flying pretty well. Check Video 61745350 on vimeo.

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Uncomment #define A32U4ALLPINS #define FREEIMUv043 and #define RCAUX2PIND17 for AUX2 It works! sequence pins from thr: thr, yaw, aux1, pitch, roll, aux2

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Ho montato questa Multiwii sul x230 mini quadcopter, finalmente sono riuscito a fare funzionare tutto. Ho usato il software multiwii 2.2, per fare andare la scheda e poter usare tutti i canali bisogna attivare questi valori nel file config.h #define FREEIMUv043 // same as FREEIMUv04 with final MPU6050 (with the right ACC scale) #define FORCE_MAG_ORIENTATION(X, Y, Z) {magADC[ROLL] = X; magADC[PITCH] = Y; magADC[YAW] = Z;} #define A32U4ALLPINS #define RCAUX2PIND17 facendo questo la pinnatura dell'input della rx sarà modificata risultera la seguente partendo dal THR: Thr - Yaw (Coda) - Aux1 - Pitch (Elevatore) - Roll (Alettoni) - Aux2 Cosa molto importante è anche mettere la scheda nel verso giusto, il senso della freccia e la lettera N serigrafata sulla scheda indicano il verso di montaggio, in pratica la scheda andrà montata col connettore USB rivolto nella parte posteriore del quad, e cmq non di spigolo come altri fight controller. Prossimamente montero anche un GPS, ma adesso devo prima affinare i settari, anche se con quelli di default il quad vola gia abbastanza bene.

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